Dismissal Request Approved, the Biden Conspiracy

The Hunter – Joe crime team is now fully exposed. This should be national news and we should be looking at impeachment and removal right now. These emails show that Joe Biden and Hunter traded national secrets, and influence for money into their personal coffers.

Gateway Pundit, exposed it again.

Basically burisma head Vadim Pozharskyi, Burisma executive asked for help from Hunter on May 12, 2014, with an investigation into Burisma activities including ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES WE AMERICANS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT. Transfer of Burisma money in exchange for favors.

Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion or property by malversation

Pozharskyi was very worried and used numerous exclamation points in his email — “and stop the business!”

The point he was making is that it was a political attack on Hunter’s gravy train and they needed help.

We urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc .to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions bearing in mind the following

Begging Hunter to use influence to help stop Burisma investigations as all of Burisma would be ruined. Whether the investigations were political or not, makes no difference in this matter. What matters is that US influence was used to create value such that money would come from Burisma to the Biden family.

This link seems to reference the billion dollars in 2014.

This was a description of the response by the braggart Joe Biden:

I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion dollars.  I said you’re not getting the billion.  I’m going to be leaving here, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: We’re leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.

Well son of a bitch, he got fired.

Here though, is a statement from leftist rag Bloomberg:

“There was no pressure from anyone from the U.S. to close cases against Zlochevsky,” Kasko said in an interview last week. “It was shelved by Ukrainian prosecutors in 2014 and through 2015.”

In 2016, the prosecutor was fired by Ukrainian parliament.

The whole story is a confusing mess, mostly because of fake news reporting on the matter and lack of actual documents for us to read. The mix of nonsense in the public was absolutely distorted with intent to protect Democrats, including the coverup by the big-tech, the fake news reporting and the government cooperation with industry to remove Donald Trump. What is not distorted is the request to hunter to use influence, of which the crackhead only had one option DAD, and then the final result which was the IMMEDIATE dropping of the investigation and the idiotic BRAGGING by Joe Biden DAD as to how he got it done.

It is no coincidence that the Michael Carpenter “senior director at the Penn-Biden center”, that Joe was bragging to in the infamous video, gave Joe a 1 million per year salary for doing nothing, an office, and just recently Ukrainian top secret documents were found in that same Biden Penn center office.

Makes watergate look like chickenfeed.

Senate Presentation Arizona #1

Arizona We The People voting integrity organization gave sworn testimony to the state senate on ballot fraud. Links to their presented evidence are here.

One claim they made is that you physically cannot verify the signatures of that many voters with he resources given.

This is a poorly written slide, however – the 449 per workstation per hour means that nobody is validating the voter. It simply isn’t being done. You can stuff whatever you like into that system and it will not be checked. This lack of actual identification is a huge theme in vote fraud and in the presentation to the Arizona senate.

From the independent review, just about half of the signatures don’t match. Exhibit 3 is the result of a second review of only 380,000 ballots confirming that 181,000 were not matched — just under half of the ballots were not identifiable as the voter. This is not unexpected when we have images of individual people placing stacks of ballots in to drop boxes.

There is so much obvious fraud revealed in these sworn reports, had I not seen the statistical results years ago, I would be very upset.

Near-Space Travel. No Man’s Land

When I started the Air Vent, back in 2008, one of my main thoughts was to simplify real science for the public. I have a very unique personality regarding learning, in that I’m ridiculously curious about how things work. I even admit I’m wrong when convinced, which is a very unusual characteristic for a human. I like almost every thoughtful endeavor and will try learning most anything. I’ve likely done something in most every field from medical, robotics, computers, law, music, engines, math, optics, electronics. On and on and on.

I write real science because there is a lot of fake science in this world and the math makes its assessment inaccessible to most humans. If you use words like stochastic, people shut off. There is no communication with anyone except those who have studied the field, however without the word, you are really unable to communicate the concept. In other words, that particular word is of ‘almost’ no use unless you are actually doing work in that field and communicating to people who live in that field. The key for tAV, is to avoid using it, until it is needed.

Another Ian stuck me with a new link to Balloons. Balloons are apparently are eternal and to my chagrin, will apparently never leave the blog. The link shows, in different terms, what I was trying to explain in previous posts. This recent China balloon is the farthest thing from benevolent. It has uniquely superior and also inferior characteristics to spy satellites and anyone who tells you different (MATTIS) is a liar. A flat liar. It was designed to spy on a very specific set of criteria AND it was expected to succeed despite knowing whatever jamming abilities America possesses.

Ian’s link contained another link which is very interesting. China is in an all-out development of near space vehicles that Mattis claims to think reveal the same information as satellites.

Cool china “near space” balloon development company. Designed to be too high to shoot down, and 10x better resolution than a satellite AND can hover over a specific location for an extended period of time. ALL things I told you guys the other day. Because they are obvious to a technical person.

Now of course a spy balloon would be made by a military contractor. This is what the Author wrote at the second link above.

I can’t imagine why common-or-garden weather balloons, used all over the world, should be manufactured by a military supplier in China.  Nor can I imagine why that company should suddenly scrub all information from its Web site about its military connections when they learned that their connection to the military had been publicized.

I’m likely going to check out the authors books at the link as well as they may be fun.

P.S., the F22 just anticlimactically exceeded its publicly rated flight altitude to shoot it down.

Not a Surprise

We can get the naughty Chinese folks back. Earth geology makes it easier for them though. Interestingly, balloons seem to tend to stay in the general latitude region they start from. I think of the colored gas bands on Jupiter.

Check this out. I did a hindcast the other day using the HYSPLIT model, from a mouse-clicked point in Michigan to see how Beijing could get my own state. Balloon path hindcast also originates right in Beijing but does a great job circumnavigating the globe.

Reader beng135, left a link to this site. I grabbed the image below of the jet stream at 500hPa. It is not too hard to see where the Beijing balloon will end up.

Swamp Things

I don’t like General Mattis, if rumors of his overstepping decisions with respect to Trump are true, he deserves something very severe. I’m thinking apple tree style severe – after a proper trial. However, he made a comment – while lying about China’s spy program to the press, which aligns with what I wrote before. Before he said anything truthful, he said this:

I don’t mean to make light of it, but don’t worry that it suddenly was able to find things out that satellites up in lower orbit weren’t spotting already.

Now this is a lie, we know it’s a lie and I have explained why it is a lie. Balloons are closer to earth, can separate radio signals better, and have longer time over target. These are things satellites will struggle with. In addition, they are naturally stealthy. The general gets this part right when discussing historical radar signals but he gave away a little more than he may have realized.

Now, if you go back and look, that isn’t an ice storm over the Aleutians. That was a balloon.

The balloon travels with the weather and ice storms also reflect radar. This makes them naturally stealthy because they are nearly impossible to discern from weather patterns.. That comment represents the general admitting that the problem is so severe, they may have to go back and review the radar records to find historic spy balloons from China.

Do you know when fighters were first scrambled? Over Montana is the best information I can find. Why wait until Montana?

That is because they didn’t know the nice Chinese balloon was there!!

This thing appears to have traveled over Alaska, over Canada, into Montana’s ICBM ranges before it was reacted to.

They claimed they were jamming it

They claimed Trump did it too

Then the whole swamp filled Trump admin denied it

Then they claimed Trump wasn’t informed

Then they claimed they just discovered it after Trump left office

Now they claim it is only a balloon

I’m telling you that WE have no reason to believe that anyone outside of China knew it existed until it reached Montana.

Tucker Carlson did a good piece on it yesterday.

Hopefully, we are done with Balloons for a bit. It’s boring and stupid.

Not a lot of opinions this morning

Balloons are interesting problems for military detection systems as the thinness and non-conductivity of the lifting body is completely transparent to radar. Thin solar panels are likely also difficult to pick up as they are flat and angled. Then, in the case of the china balloon, there is some goofy aluminum structure which will reflect radar, but if you recall, they used to describe stealth bombers in terms of their size – the radar signature of a bird or something. If the actual size of the structure you are trying to detect is small, then it is naturally stealthy.

The other bit which makes them difficult to detect is the speed. A lot of radar installations rely partially on a heavy Doppler shift to note incoming objects. We think of Doppler shift as light related, but you can hear the effect when a car or train passes. The sound pitch changes from high to low as it goes by.

An aircraft, even a stealthy one, with a minimal signal but solid doppler shift will light up nice and bright on detection radars. A weak signal with small movement might just be a flock of seagulls. A weak signal with movement correlated to the speed of surrounding weather could easily just be weather. A balloon is naturally stealthy to these systems.


Capitalism is a function of physics,

That one might consider Capitalism is something humanity invented and implemented, is to own the hubris of a god.

Altman also expressed that he’s a capitalist but that the AGI (artificial general intelligence that thinks like humans) could possibly disrupt the current economic system. “I think capitalism is awesome. I love capitalism,” said Altman. “Of all of the bad systems the world has, it’s the best one — or the least bad one we found so far. I hope we find a way better one. And I think that if AGI really truly fully happens, I can imagine all these ways that it breaks capitalism.”

It is an oxymoron to deny the nature of Capitalism and yet believe in evolution. The most we can do with capitalism, is distort it with non-physics based forms of production control. Good luck with that kids. By the way, everyone else who thought themselves god, has performed poorly.

Paper Tiger Hidden Dragon

Misdirection is a key to politics. When you see politicians yammering on a topic (misdirecting) that some news person didn’t ask about, we all know that is what is happening. When it is done by Gubmint, only Democrats believe.

In this post, as a non-spy but technically educated person, I am attempting to explain both the false message from the globalists and the reason this is important. There is some conjecture that will surely incite the troll class, but if you are an edcuated reader of care, this will make perfect sense.

The Chinese ‘Spy Balloon’ Story As Manufactured Crisis: An Alternative Reading

Read the story at risk to your own IQ, because it will cause damage. This is the kind of thing you don’t want to read if you vote left.

So the author wants you to believe that the air currents cannot be predicted a week in advance. It turns out that the concept is patently false. In fact, the general air currents circumnavigate the globe. A small bit of control to obtain the right altitude or a slight shift can make a huge difference.

Using this free online NOAA model available across the globe, you can even do it yourself!! After seeing this, I gave it a shot for a half hour. Not too hard to figure out.

Here is the bit from the fake, lying US defense department through the Washington Compost.

Payload wouldn’t offer much.

No serious intelligence threat.

This is what I wrote yesterday, and it makes more sense.

radio signals of all kinds are far less inter-combined when you are at 12 miles vs 300. This is probably a communication interceptor.

Jeff Id


The central hub in the best image appeared to me to be an optical telescope. This may or may not be the case but I don’t think that was the important bit.

A satellite will really struggle to pick up significant amounts of multiple regional radio communications. A parabolic dish can help over a small area, but if you want to see what is going on over a specific area at a distance of 300 miles altitude, you are definitely limited in time – satellites whip by quickly in orbit, and space — parabolic antennas (radio collimators) at that distance need to be very focused to pick up a couple of watts.

In this image, I see the potential for a nice long-wave antenna across those solar panels. A wide band receiver/transmitter setup on a balloon has a significant advantage to move quite a lot of relevant data. For instance, how will US ICBM sites react to an overfly? What communications do you pick up and what wavelengths need to be jammed?

If you want to decode the most encrypted military channels, you need a lot of data to practice with. A short message doesn’t provide enough pattern to run even the best decryption systems. Now China has a lot of that from military niceties in the Pacific region, if you think we use the same encryption and communication in the aging ICBM facilities, you are not paying attention.

The point is, that you can’t get certain information from a satellite. That is why all countries have layered intelligence gathering methods. Parabolic dishes are focused and ground-based horizontally focused line-of-site type transmissions could be nearly impossible to detect without a dedicated 22,000 mile station keeping satellite.

Even if I’m completely wrong about this particular spy balloon’s actual radio interception function, no nation would let a spy balloon (described by the Pentagon), overfly their main strategic defense facilities. Except for the US when run by an un-elected, corrupt potato.

From our side, we certainly have our own US dedicated giant parabola satellites in geostationary orbit which is at a MUCH higher orbit (22,000) miles, than most optical spy satellites. These satellites hover over the same point at all times and when positioned by the launch vehicle, directly over the US, are likely used primarily to spy on US citizens cell and radio transmissions. This is also conjecture but would be impossible to not be true and I wrote all of this before finding this link. Guess what you can do with a 100 freaking meter parabola? That type of satellite would be able to intercept sub-watt transmissions from a balloon and allow the defense group to potentially decode them. Also, if you know which China satellite is intended for receipt of the balloon info, you could actually overwhelm the receiver fairly easily from a ground station parabolic antenna transmission array. That kind of warfare is highly secret at this point, but pretty obviously exists as it is well within our technology to do so. Obviously, China knew all of this before consideration of building the balloon.

So… say you are China and you know you might get jammed. You need to send the data back home. You would use high power burst (short) transmissions on different frequencies with balloon level data storage and multiple retransmission from the balloon etc.. Perhaps if the balloon passes into an area where jamming is not possible, you may get successful receipt of your data. All done with huge parabolic antennae in geosynchronous orbit to receive the data. Maybe you drop a package for later pickup. EDIT, the video of the bright flash over Montana two days after the balloon passed seems to have disappeared from the internet. Odd. The contrail video is all that is left.

The whole time, data is being collected by both sides. What is the US response to spy overflight, what is China’s encryption style, what satellite do we think is picking up the signal? To call it not-serious and irrelevant, is a lie for the chicken brain citizen class to feel good, nothing more. Don’t be one of them.

All of this is conjecture based on my own understanding of technology and has nothing whatsoever to do with top secret documents I’ve ever seen or found in my garage. It all seems pretty basic, and I’m sure the real story is much bigger than my own imagination. After all, this was a high-visibility operation.

This was a very bold move by China, and it was in no way benign. I hope top secret Chinese spy balloon code name was ‘Paper Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ because otherwise, they missed a great opportunity. If you fall for the story of this being a big NOTHING, you are an idiot. That is not my fault.

Statistics On Arizona

Patrick Byrne Brilliantly Explains Why It’s Mathematically Impossible That Katie Hobbs Won Arizona

In Detroit, (point at the far right below) we had to get to 23:1to get to 1×10^114 in a similarly close election. Now the adjudication at something like 1.66x off the curve is significant (250k/150k), suspicious and would be election changing. It should also be a sampling of the entire voting base, but his claim of 1×10^-115 assumes an equal distribution of adjudication rather than allowing for a potential bias in sampling of the ballots for adjudication.

Were all rejected signature validations considered adjudicated when they were accepted by the next of 3 levels, or was adjudication only applied to ballots?

Were inner city Democrat voters more likely to require adjudication?

Was there some unstated problem with mail-in ballots being read by scanners causing a bias toward mail-in adjudication?

As an example of what I mean, Pima county in my previous post on election fraud had 1.7:1 Biden/Trump for mail in ballots which places those very close to the ratio of 1.66:1 reported for Hobbs/Lake adjudication. If the adjudication were primarily mail-in, that would be an expected ratio for Pima county. NOTE: There is no reason we should assume that ONLY mail ins would be adjudicated, this is only conjecture.

Below is what Detroit looked like – the point on the far right at 23:1 and it is patently ridiculous fraud. This distribution was 14 times more severe than Katie Hobbs adjudication ratio in the video, and I came to almost the exact same probability claimed in the video. Basically, I think the Byrne has missed the mark by a bit and while I didn’t see his methods, his comments indicate that he didn’t look at sub sampling of the statewide distribution to look for sampling bias.

In the Georgia example below, I look at the change in elections over 8 years and found that every single newly added vote, voted Democrat. Now if they hadn’t added 400,000 more voters that wouldn’t be as problematic but when you add an entire city sized block of voters and 100% of them vote Democrat — you have statistical proof of obvious fraud. Instead of 1.66:1 of Hobbs/Lake, this is basically an infinite ratio. Again, in this Georgia example, there can be no sampling bias as 100 percent of the change in vote is used, and the ratio was basically infinite. This is still the best statistical proof of vote fraud I’ve seen anywhere.

And those are examples of proof of vote fraud.

In the video, rather than proof of fraud, I question whether the video is proof of some bias toward Democrats needing adjudication for mail-in or some other leftist special-needs reason. Perhaps a significant quantity of the known-fake signatures were sent for adjudication, I don’t know. Fraud is definitely implied however.

This is another reason why ballots and voters should not be treated differently. Besides the unconstitutionality, it makes fraud detection even more difficult. Identification free mail-in is a crime waiting to happen and there is a reason that only one party likes it.

It is Hard to Not Have an Opinion on This

Conservatives have repeatedly warned that the Democrats, Washington and some RINO Democrats are 100 percent bought and paid for by China. Citizen free press has this image of the Chinese spy drone.

I see solar panels, a central scaffold structure to support them toward the edges of the balloon. Potential air fans to rotate the array on the tips of the solar arrays. and a central sensor/battery suite.

While an optical telescope from 12 miles is obviously much lower cost than large space-hardened ones on satellites orbiting at 300 miles, radio signals of all kinds are far less inter-combined when you are at 12 miles vs 300. This is probably a communication interceptor.

Why wouldn’t the US shoot this thing down immediately? Grab the parts and sanction China in the UN??

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

We have a lot of public evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden are guilty of taking bribery in exchange for state secrets to Ukraine’s Burisma company. The emails show clear sharing of classified information for payment and implicate Joe and Hunter quite explicitly. We know that China also paid lots of money to the Biden’s for something.

Now it appears that the sale of access, extends beyond classified documents, to full access to our airspace. This doesn’t protect anyone and again Democrats find themselves defending the indefensible.

Gosh, it would be nice if we still had the right to vote.

The Slope Should NOT Exist

The Air Vent reported on the whistleblowers report in Pima county Arizona some time ago. I can’t find the post or comment but I remember writing about it. The letter is here:

Please be advised the Pima County Recorder, located at 240 N. Stone Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, 85701 in Pima County, Arizona, and the Democrat Party added fraud votes. In the initial count of the vote by mail (VBM) totals released at 8 pm on November 3, 2020, There are approximately 35,000 fraud votes added to each Democrat candidates’ vote totals. Candidates impacted include County, State, and Federal Election candidates. Through the utilization of the automated ballot count machines in Pima County Elections, My understanding is that 35,000 was embedded into each Democrat candidates’ total votes. Below are the meeting notes.

In a meeting I was invited to by the Democrat party in Pima County, Arizona on September 10, 2020, no phones or recording devices were allowed. A presentation was given including detailed plans to embed 35,000 votes in a spread configured distribution to each Democrat candidate’s vote totals.

When I asked, “How in the world would 35,000 votes be kept hidden, or from being discovered?” It was stated that spread distribution will be embedded across the total registered vote range and will not exceed the registered voter count. And the 35,000 was determined allowable for Pima County based on our county registered voter count.

It was also stated total voter turnout versus total registered voters determined how many votes we can embed. The embedding will also adjust based on voter turnout. Because the embedded votes are distributed sporadically, all embedded votes will not be found if audited because embeds are in groups of approximately 1,000. This is so the County Recorder can declare an oversight issue or error, as a group of 1,000 is a normal and acceptable error.

Maricopa County’s embed totals will be substantially larger than Pima, due to embeds being calculated based on the total number of registered voters. When I asked, “Has this ever been tested, and how do we know it works?” the response was, yes, this has been tested and has shown significant success in Arizona judicial retention elections, since 2014. Even undetectable in post audits because no candidate will spend the kind of funds needed to audit and contact voters to verify votes and the full potential of the total registered voters, which is more than 500,000 registered voters. This year our Secretary of State has removed precinct level detail from election night releases, so candidates can’t see precinct over-votes.

This is what I have from this meeting. Just thought I’d report this. Not sure if you can do anything since I was unable to have a recording device at this meeting. Thank You.

Dr Walter C. Daugherity did an online video with Lindell TV, that I didn’t know was even a thing. His video is extremely convincing.

The line in the graph below shows vote return ratio’s over time. This line should not have a continuous slope moving to a target number but if the whistleblower above were correct, it absolutely could. Again, the line from the left, up until election day should start and end at a similar ratio. That it has a continuous slope is evidence of ballot injection based on a controlled process. e.g. We know what is needed at the end, let’s make it look right.

The whistleblower above is obviously correct.

After the first 10 percent of votes come in (where the black error bars start at the first gray line on the left) we know how the early vote returns WILL come in. They cheaters cannot dump ballots all at once or they would get caught. To create a downslope, you need an insanely favorable start, followed by a continual ballot dumping to maintain the ratio on the correct slope for to meet the correct endpoint.

As I have repeatedly explained based on other statistical analysis, the Democrats have access to the vote counts as they are coming in and they are determining the correct amount of fake ballots to insert into the system to make it look close.

Now I think the control system is quite a bit simpler than the doc does but it result is the same. We don’t have to be as smart as he thinks. The first 10 percent of all votes went 3:1 for Biden, this is not representative whatsoever of the 1.7:1 ratio the early vote ended at. This is a very big problem statistically as it is completely unreasonable. Again, there should be no slope at all as we are simply sampling voters so the ratio should be a relatively fixed number.

This same graph was seen in multiple counties, but it means that the Democrats started out with a ridiculously high injection of Brandon ballots.

At about the 3.5th gray line from the right, the slope is too downward but they had a 30% sampling of the total vote. At this point, you can predict the outcome of the election for Trump. See graph below. Something needed to change but with this data, we would have an excellent projection of the election result at this point.

The cure was to inject more ballots over time at an easily calculated rate. No big sophisticated thing required.

Here is the link to the video from June of 22. Lots of great information.

Truly though, the slope should not happen naturally. It is a record of a significant over-representation right at the beginning of an election.

Edit: The method used to stuff ballots is by entering physical ballots. Note the quote from the original letter.

Even undetectable in post audits because no candidate will spend the kind of funds needed to audit and contact voters to verify votes and the full potential of the total registered voters, which is more than 500,000 registered voters.

If the ballots did not exist, they would be detectable and we know they do exist from count audits. You also need the voter name with the fake signature to contact the voter. Something very much impossible when you are not given access but canvassing efforts did reveal the problem.

Ballot stuffing looks like this:

They Still Think This Is a Question?? COVID 19 is/was a US – China Developed Gain-of-Function Virus

Wuhan Lab Leak is Breaking. — fourth post today and now I’m getting grumpy.

I don’t know what is wrong with people. The Wuhan lab was funded by the US to crate COVID 19. That’s it. End of story. Why the media doesn’t figure this out is an indictment of their own stupidity.

Here is the application to create the virus by Dokkktor Peter Daszak, whom I’m sure sees himself as a good human.


Specific Aim 3: Testing predictions of CoV inter-species transmission.  We will test our models of host range (i.e. emergence potential) experimentally using reverse genetics, pseudovirus and receptor binding assays, and virus infection experiments in cell culture and humanized mice. With bat-CoVs that we’ve isolated or sequenced, and using live virus or pseudovirus infection in cells of different origin or expressing different receptor molecules, we will assess potential for each isolated virus and those with receptor binding site sequence, to spill over.  We will do this by sequencing the spike (or other receptor binding/fusion) protein genes from all our bat-CoVs, creating mutants to identify how significantly each would need to evolve to use ACE2, CD26/DPP4 (MERS-CoV receptor) or other potential CoV receptors.  We will then use receptor-mutant pseudovirus binding assays, in vitro studies in bat, primate, human and other species’ cell lines, and with humanized mice where particularly interesting viruses are identified phylogenetically, or isolated. These tests will provide public health-relevant data, and also iteratively improve our predictive model to better target bat species and CoVs during our field studies to obtain bat-CoV strains of the greatest interest for understanding the mechanisms of cross-species transmission.

Sequencing a spike protein onto a bat covid using the same techniques they have used for a decade. Yeah, sounds like bat-human covid GAIN-OF-FUNCITON research. Why people can’t figure this out, is way beyond me.



From the link at the top:

A note from professor and microbiologist Robert (Bob) Garry, Ph.D.,14 reveals he had similar concerns:

“… I aligned the nCoV with the 96% bat CoV sequenced at WIV. Except for the RBD [receptor binding domain] the S proteins are essential [sic] identical at the amino acid level — well all but the perfect insertion of 12 nucleotides that adds [sic] the furin site.

S2 is over its whole length essentially identical. I really can’t think of a plausible natural scenario where you get from the bat virus or one very similar to it to nCoV where you insert exactly 4 amino acids 12 nucleotide [sic] that all have to be added at the exact same time to gain this function — that and you don’t change any other amino acids in S2?

I just can’t figure out how this gets accomplished in nature. Do the alignment of the spikes at the amino acid level — its [sic] stunning. Of course, in the lab it would be easy to generate the perfect 12 base insert that you wanted.

Another scenario is that the progenitor of nCoV was a bat virus with the perfect furin cleavage site generated over evolutionary times. In this scenario RaTG13 the WIV virus was generated by a perfect deletion of 12 nucleotides while essentially not changing any other S2 amino acid [sic]. Even more implausible IMO [in my opinion]. That is the big if.”


EcoHealth Alliance was awarded $8 million in Government research grants between 2014 and 2021, which it subcontracted to research facilities. The WIV was one of eight teams awarded grants at that time.

Today’s audit said there was a lack of oversight by the NIH and EcoHealth at the Chinese facility and other labs that benefitted from Government grants.

The report said: ‘Despite identifying potential risks associated with research being performed under the EcoHealth awards, we found that NIH did not effectively monitor or take timely action to address EcoHealth’s compliance with some requirements.

‘Although NIH and EcoHealth had established monitoring procedures, we found deficiencies in complying with those procedures limited NIH and EcoHealth’s ability to effectively monitor federal grant awards and subawards to understand the nature of the research conducted, identify potential problem areas, and take corrective action’ …

Investigators say EcoHealth also did not submit proper progress reports on the use of its fund in a timely manner, with information coming in two years late. It also says the NIH failed to terminate its grant with EcoHealth after the non-profit broke protocols.”

Climate Change Summary

Climate Scientist: We must implement economic changes to stop sea level rise.

JI: Sea level rise hasn’t changed in over a century and a half of industrialization.

Climate Scientist: You are not listening to what I told you.

JI: You said we must implement economic changes to stop sea level rise. I pointed out that sea level rise hasn’t changed due to human activity?

Climate Scientist: You are ignorant. All of climate science indicates that sea level rise will accelerate if we do nothing. There is consensus.

JI: First, many climate scientists disagree, but the big problem is that we are still waiting for sea level rise to change — even a little. We are supposed to be disappointingly underwater by now but there is no change.

Climate Scientist: Capitalism is destroying the planet, the environment is fragile.

JI: I understand your concerns for the environment, however there is no observed evidence of a change in the rate of sea level rise.

Climate Scientist: If we don’t change economically, hurricanes, droughts and floods will wipe us out.

JI: Since there is also no observed trend in hurricanes, droughts or floods for all of recorded history either, don’t you think more evidence would be needed to determine whether they would wipe us out?

Climate Scientist: OF COURSE more study is needed. That’s what I’m telling you, you idiot.

JI: So, economic change means more government money for study?

Climate Scientist:That is what I just said!!! And also we need to end capitalism.

JI: Ah.

It is time to end university study at this point. I have two boys who deserve proper education but I have no idea where to buy it. The propaganda these leftist morons absorb is simply too great to overcome. It has destroyed the single greatest government on Earth and it is only a short matter of time for you denier type folks to figure it out. The highly educated, know themselves to be amazingly open minded, super-scientific and yet they almost universally come to conclusions which do not represent reality, even in the slightest form. Very poor intellectual performance on gross display.

This is the history of our species. People literally cannot learn things they start out not believing.

Case in point.