Arctic Ice Grew in 2008 – AGW What they don’t want you to know.

Ok, I exposed the false reporting of the media in my previous post HERE but it didn’t help me feel better. This immoral reporting and junk science deserves a full on rant.

The Arctic ice has GROWN from last year not shrunk. It is BIGGER not smaller, LESS polar bears are swimming not that it matters. We just didn’t have our polar bear RADAR activated yet.

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Arctic Ice has Actually Grown? All the Data Agrees?

The arctic ice hasn’t grown, how is it possible? You would have to be an idiot to believe that. We have been reading everywhere in the headlines that the arctic ice is disappearing. Headlines like this from the first page of a google news search-

Arctic ice melting and not coming back: scientist

Melting Arctic Ice Imperils Polar Bears

Arctic Ice On Verge Of Another All-time Low

Meltdown in the Arctic: Polar icecap shrinking at an alarming rate

North Pole ice cap melting faster than ever

Melting polar ice hits ‘tipping point,’ nears record loss

How can this be true? Here is the data directly from the scientists reporting the melting.

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The Death and Resurrection of the Hockey Stick – “The Jesus Paper”

A great article on the history of the hockey stick temperature reconstruction and the great service that Steve McIntyre has done for climate science. This is a well written clear example of how climate change science is political rather than scientific.

Bishop Hill blog HERE

Ten things Everyone Should Know About Climate Change Science

  1. The UN organization called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC is the prime driver in world government research, recommendations and ultimately policy on climate change.
  2. The IPCC was formed in 1986 by the UN governments for the purpose of understanding the risk of human induced climate change, assessing observed impacts of climate change and methods for adaptation and mitigation of human induced climate change. This is well before human induced climate change had been established.
  3. The IPCC scientists are almost exclusively supported through government contracts which pay for research. The IPCC activities, hotels and travel to exotic locations and drafting authors are paid by government funds. Continue reading “Ten things Everyone Should Know About Climate Change Science”

Global Warming is Here It is Real and It is Dangerous

Global warming is a serious issue, we are facing the reality that the poles are melting, species are facing extinction, more powerful storms are possible, drought, famine with billions of dollars in cost expected. It can be helped though, we can stop it, we just need to reduce our CO2 by 30% in 25 years. The non-profit intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) has determined that that we must act now to stop it before it reaches the tipping point.

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Putin on Georgia – Bush may Have Started War to Help McCain

It’s real, absolutely incredible

If my suppositions are confirmed, then there are grounds to suspect that some people in the United States created this conflict deliberately in order to aggravate the situation and create a competitive advantage for one of the candidates for the U.S. presidency. And if that is the case, this is nothing but the use of the called administrative resource in domestic politics, in the worst possible way, one that leads to bloodshed.

Read the rest HERE!

Absolutely incredible, if this really can be demonstrated to be true .. … . wow.

There is also the possibility that Putin wants Obama who supports weaker stances on international policies. Read the Georgian president’s comments HERE.

Consensus? A Partial List of Experts Who Don’t Agree

From this link here.

Does this sound like consensus?

Believe global warming is primarily caused by natural processes

Individuals in this section conclude that the observed warming is more likely attributable to natural causes than to human activities.

Obamas Speech was Awful

Obama’s speech was awful, I guess I am nearly alone in this opinion from reading the media response today.  I hated almost every bit of it.  The pageantry was great, the delivery was moderate and the message was awful.  Listening to huge crowds cheer while he talked down Americas situation as much as he could left a cold sick feeling in my stomach.  It’s just not true about how bad America has it, this is just a sales pitch.

He follows that with one socialist big government proposal after another while his adoring mindless minions cheer raucously.  Stop global warming, give health care to everyone, pay billions for false alternative energy plans.  The bitter comments toward McCain comparing his own commitment to America to what McCain being shot at and nearly killed several times followed by years in a prison camp where he was tortured to the point that he can’t even raise his arms.  What an F….ing joke!

Change, change, change, over and over while promoting socialism in America.  These policies are the same as China, Austria, France, and Russia.  Why do we want that kind of government, it sure hasn’t worked for them.  His ideas aren’t new, they are the same pitch we’ve been hearing from the extreme left for years.

There’s no other word for his supporters, Ignorance. Raising taxes in our economic situation on anyone makes as much sense as sub prime mortgages.

Study, read, learn you are being fed a bill of goods which will send America right to the bottom of the economic pile.  Once we embrace these policies and we see they don’t work, we will never get rid of them.

Putin is Intentionally Making the Georgia Situation Worse

This could be the #1 issue come election day. Now Putin is going more directly at the US. This of course has no basis in reality so why? The reason is actually obvious, he wants the conflict, he needs it to ratchet up the tension.

While the rest of us are watching an election on TV this guy is doing everything he can to make the situation worse. He needs to turn the European public even further against the US. Their governments have their own intel and don’t even give it a second thought but the populations. Especially the Russian population are going to eat it up.

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How Russia Started the Battle With Georgia

As I have read more about this situation, some things are becoming more clear. Russia claimed they were attacked first and were just preventing genocide.  The comments came almost immediately and overran a huge chunk of Georgia with an estimated 2000 tanks.

I had an inkling that Georgia didn’t attack first through early news reports.  After that I found an interview (speech) by the Georgian president HERE where it became more clear that Russia has been planning this for some time by a large scale military buildup on the border with Georgia.  The Georgians had warned that Russia was constructing huge tank bases right over the border.

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A Link for Global Warming Skeptics – (Why the IPCC can’t be trusted)

These guys echo my Independently researched conclusions with regard to the IPCC but have done a much better job laying out the detail.

This is the Policymakers Summary of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), an international coalition of scientists convened to provide an independent examination of the evidence available on the causes and consequences of climate change in the published, peer-reviewed literature – examined without bias and selectivity. It includes many research papers ignored by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), plus additional scientific results that became available after the IPCC deadline of May 2006.

The IPCC is pre-programmed to produce reports to support the hypotheses of anthropogenic warming and the control of greenhouse gases, as envisioned in the Global Climate Treaty. The 1990 IPCC Summary completely ignored satellite data, since they showed no warming. The 1995 IPCC report was notorious for the significant alterations made to the text after it was approved by the scientists – in order to convey the impression of a human influence.

Read more HERE.

How Government Drives the Global Warming Science

Glaciers are melting, huge storms, drought, CO2 is skyrocketing, sea levels are rising so what are we going to do about it.  Everyone with a clear head is worried about climate and what it will do to our future.  That is exactly what the world governments want.

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Why Global Warming Skeptics Believe

Global warming skeptics are people like me who have a real concern for the environment, yet we feel that the governments of the world are exaggerating even the worst case scenarios for political gain.

– A global warming skeptic believes that the main organization pressing global warming the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate control) formed in 1988 would cease to exist if global warming were not true.

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