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Biden and Obama -The Campaign with a Lack of Energy

Posted by Jeff Id on August 23, 2008

The biggest issue facing America this year and will be the economy. There are two things loading it down very heavily now, housing and energy. Most of us were wise enough and lucky enough not to own a house which we later couldn’t afford but all of us are paying for broken government policy.

The Democratic party could not be more wrong on the energy issue. After voting against the Bush energy plan in 2005 which supported oil production, Biden is falling right into the party line. See this article here.

“I personally believe that the single most important step we can take to resume a leadership role in international climate-change efforts would be to make real progress toward a domestic emissions-reduction regime. For too long we have abdicated the responsibility to reduce our own emissions, the largest single source of the problem we face today. We have the world’s largest economy, with the highest per-capita emissions. Rather than leading by example, we have retreated from international negotiations.” He said before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

If we don’t start burning coal, building nukes and drilling for oil we cannot remain the world’s leading economy.

Other “environmental” issues Biden supported were listed in the same article below.

  • Cosponsor of the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act, penned both by Sen. Boxer and Sen. Sanders.
  • Calls for raising the fuel-economy standard to 40 mpg by 2017.
  • Opposes subsidizing technology and practices that would only worsen global warming.
  • Introduced a bill to promote the use of CFLs, unlike that other Senator.
  • Active supporter of the U.S. participating in the U.N. climate negotiation

What an absolute nightmare. This is the type of thinking which has led to our artificial energy shortage. We have got to stop these idiotic policies. The UN IPCC was formed for the purpose of promoting global warming policy before science had found any real evidence of global warming. It only took 1 year for them to find out it was man made and a serious problem which of course needed the formation of more government. Read my posts on this issue Anthropogenic global Warming Story #1.

We must stop this idiocy, it is not possible to stop emissions using alternative fuels with today’s technology and nothing we do will stop India and China from building two coal fired power plants every week.

The science of global warming is ultra simple and nowhere near developed enough for us to manufacture the types of policies recommended by the corrupted IPCC. Thousands of scientists disagree with the IPCC and are squelched for political reasons.

Wind, solar, biofuel are all false hope offered to the masses as false solutions. As a scientist I want to see investment in research for these technologies (except biofuel) but to attempt to mass implement them is simply a deliberate obfuscation of the issue with the main goal being to reduce our lifestyle.

If this sounds extreme, it is because it is. We are definitely in trouble with these two.

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