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The Democrat Convention Solves Energy?

Posted by Jeff Id on August 26, 2008

I just saw the best ad for energy I have seen in a long time. What is amazing is that I saw it watching a Democrat convention on Fox.

T. Boon Pickens, said it perfectly – we need a bridge until our technology can create renewable or practically unlimited fuel sources. We cannot cut off oil now, this guy just sold me big on his ideas because they are the same as my future post which will go like this.

– Drill now, drill as much as we can. Keep prices low and let the rest of the world know we’re serious. Oil futures will react just from the concept–if it’s stated strongly enough. The economy would probably boom on the concept.

– Convert some cars to natural gas – Less refining costs by far, lower costs and easy conversion for internal combustion engines.

– Invest heavily in energy research, I still haven’t bought this wind power thing just because the technology isn’t quite ready. See my posts on energy. This isn’t likely to pay off for 50 years but when it does, America needs to be the leader.

We need to save the economy today and buy time for technology to catch up.

The first candidate/party to get this right gets my vote!

Damn, he did nail it!!

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