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Hillary was Great! Wow!

Posted by Jeff Id on August 27, 2008

By far the best speech, I have seen in a long time. She was all over this one. I knew it would be more about her than Obama but I didn’t expect her to upstage his admittedly amazing oratory skills. I am absolutely astounded.

The speech serves her interests perfectly. I bet $5 we’ll see her in again 4 years. Did you see Bill C’s face, he showed genuine pride watching her.

It’s too bad I don’t agree with 90% of what she said, but really … wow.

2 Responses to “Hillary was Great! Wow!”

  1. AEGeneral said

    Only 90%?

    Obama sealed his own fate when he let the Clintons make this convention all about them….which reveals even more about his experience, or lack thereof.

  2. Jeff Id said

    Someone owes me $4 — don’t know who.

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