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How Government Drives the Global Warming Science

Posted by Jeff Id on August 27, 2008

Glaciers are melting, huge storms, drought, CO2 is skyrocketing, sea levels are rising so what are we going to do about it.  Everyone with a clear head is worried about climate and what it will do to our future.  That is exactly what the world governments want.

In 1988, only a decade after the global cooling debacle of the 70’s the new thing was some people were claiming global warming was coming.  After some temperature measurements and climate models were released and some impassioned speeches by researchers, funding for further investigation was approved.

Then the politicians stepped in and decided the UN needed an organization with global scope with the following mission statement.

“for the purpose of assessing “the scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change.”

It seems reasonable to study these things after all, however the organizations continued funding depended on finding a big issue.  We all know, global warming was chosen.

This group is tasked with  bringing researchers together to form recommendations to the governments of the world on addressing human-induced climate change.  Whether there is change or not!

By 1990, this is 18 years ago, they had already begun addressing CO2 reduction and climate mitigation.  This is well before the “consensus” was reached.  They formed a group called. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  This group was allegedly designed – “to begin to consider what can be done to reduce global warming and to cope with whatever temperature increases are inevitable.”

Temperature increases were “inevitable” already in 1990.  This is when dos was still used on computers.  They had already determined that global warming was inevitable and human induced.

Ok, so now we have two organizations who’s survival depends on man made global warming being right.  Recommendations from the IPCC accelerated funding through an amazingly complex network of organizations claiming autonomy from the funding dollars.  However, many of the organizations which were formed have exaclty the same goals, study the impact of human climate change.

Today, a significant amount of organizational funding for climate change research is absolutely dependant on the confirmation of man made climate change, durring the decades it has taken to get to this point scientists and projects have had their funding rejected because they don’t or in some case didn’t completely conform to the government organizatons needs for survival.

The net result is that we hear over and over from people who have already published their opinions.  Today these scientists are the ones with the funding and big names.  The governments are happy because their funding keeps increasing so no problem.

– Except for the fact that every climatologist knows the earths temperature varies by 3 degrees C.  From the ice core data it happens quite often.  (Our current warming is 0.4. )

– Nobody (reasonably) denies that global warming has happened.  It is just very small compared to recent history and cannot be linked to CO2 directly.  CO2 global warming is  ultra simplistic computer modeling which was specifically designed to point to CO2’s effect.  These models are highly unreliable as major parameters driving the result are estimated very very crudely.

Today, governments around the world are using a method of CO2 and energy control in the name of environmentalism to continue their never ending struggle to grow and control.  Of course its for our own good though.

As the earth temperature has cooled for the past 10 years the IPCC has not backed off its extreme predictions but instead has become more shrill in its conclusions.  Scintists have quit over the politics, reviewers have demanded that the extreme conclusions in the IPCC summaries be cut back to no avail.

My conclusion is, climate change is about government not about environment.

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