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How Russia Started the Battle With Georgia

Posted by Jeff Id on August 28, 2008

As I have read more about this situation, some things are becoming more clear. Russia claimed they were attacked first and were just preventing genocide.  The comments came almost immediately and overran a huge chunk of Georgia with an estimated 2000 tanks.

I had an inkling that Georgia didn’t attack first through early news reports.  After that I found an interview (speech) by the Georgian president HERE where it became more clear that Russia has been planning this for some time by a large scale military buildup on the border with Georgia.  The Georgians had warned that Russia was constructing huge tank bases right over the border.

So why would Georgia attack an obviously superior force–It now seems that Russian backed insurgents led the attack against Georgia with enough firepower to demand a response.  See this excerpt from an article I found today link here.

No mass atrocities were occurring, or were likely to occur, in Georgia’s breakaway enclave of South Ossetia on the night of Aug. 7-8 when Russia invaded. Later reports by journalists indicated Georgian forces had been attacked first by Russian-backed insurgents. A few hundred civilians on both sides were killed in the crossfire and bombardments.

Later in the article this opinion is given.

The fact that Russia didn’t first use diplomacy or didn’t restrict its forces to South Ossetia only reinforces reports that Moscow instigated the conflict in order to send a message. It really wanted the West to acknowledge its territorial imperium and its ability to command the region’s oil reserves.

I think this is a very reasonable opinion, after all other military interventions for genocide I can think of took months to begin with endless discussion before the start.

This was clearly a pre-planned operation by Russia to claim these territories.  How much farther will they go is the question now.

4 Responses to “How Russia Started the Battle With Georgia”

  1. Pāvels Širovs said

    Jeff, it seems you’re right, writing that it was pre-planned operation by Russia to claim these territories. But it’s very difficultly to answer your question, how much farther will they go. It’s necessary to understand for it, what Russian leaders really want, and I’m afraid they don’t know themselves what they really want. Of course if they don’t want to restore the Soviet Union by such way.

  2. Jeff Id said

    Pavel’s website is a unique resource for understanding the political climate in Russia. He has an interesting perspective on the Russian view politically and publicly. Click on his name above.

  3. hans said

    Don’t take the Georgian President’s word for it. Look for independent verification (not just CNN et al. or obscure lobbyists) At least a variety of Russian AND Georgian suorces. Get translations if you are serious.
    You are doing a good job on the climate stuff (where you don’t take Tamino’s words for granted either). Follow suit with your political analysis or shut up.

    PS I was trying to post my real email with an ‘xxx at’ format to keep out bots. It was not accepted. So apoligies for the mailinator here . However I couldn’t find your details on this site either. Good luck. HR

  4. Jeff Id said


    I put both the Russian president and the Georgian president on my blog. You shouldn’t assume that because I have only two posts that there isn’t substantial background research that went into them. I have read multiple articles with translations and I have found the European media and public to be highly biased on this matter so it is difficult to sort through. The only reason there is not more on this is because I got sucked into AGW math.

    Thanks for the interest.

    I use if I don’t want email 🙂

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