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Obamas Speech was Awful

Posted by Jeff Id on August 29, 2008

Obama’s speech was awful, I guess I am nearly alone in this opinion from reading the media response today.  I hated almost every bit of it.  The pageantry was great, the delivery was moderate and the message was awful.  Listening to huge crowds cheer while he talked down Americas situation as much as he could left a cold sick feeling in my stomach.  It’s just not true about how bad America has it, this is just a sales pitch.

He follows that with one socialist big government proposal after another while his adoring mindless minions cheer raucously.  Stop global warming, give health care to everyone, pay billions for false alternative energy plans.  The bitter comments toward McCain comparing his own commitment to America to what McCain being shot at and nearly killed several times followed by years in a prison camp where he was tortured to the point that he can’t even raise his arms.  What an F….ing joke!

Change, change, change, over and over while promoting socialism in America.  These policies are the same as China, Austria, France, and Russia.  Why do we want that kind of government, it sure hasn’t worked for them.  His ideas aren’t new, they are the same pitch we’ve been hearing from the extreme left for years.

There’s no other word for his supporters, Ignorance. Raising taxes in our economic situation on anyone makes as much sense as sub prime mortgages.

Study, read, learn you are being fed a bill of goods which will send America right to the bottom of the economic pile.  Once we embrace these policies and we see they don’t work, we will never get rid of them.

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