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Ten things Everyone Should Know About Climate Change Science

Posted by Jeff Id on August 30, 2008

  1. The UN organization called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC is the prime driver in world government research, recommendations and ultimately policy on climate change.
  2. The IPCC was formed in 1986 by the UN governments for the purpose of understanding the risk of human induced climate change, assessing observed impacts of climate change and methods for adaptation and mitigation of human induced climate change. This is well before human induced climate change had been established.
  3. The IPCC scientists are almost exclusively supported through government contracts which pay for research. The IPCC activities, hotels and travel to exotic locations and drafting authors are paid by government funds.
  4. There are 3 divisions to the IPCC one which assesses whether there is global warming, one which assesses the impacts of man made climate change, and one which assesses the methods of mitigating (preventing) climate change.
  5. The IPCC creates reports- four so far on climate change from scientific research presented around the world and compiles it into a single huge report. The main report is reviewed by researchers selected by the government to “peer review” the report for recommendations on publication.
  6. Rejected or modified text by the reviewers is accepted or rejected by the government panel including bureaucrats and hand selected chief editors who wrote the reports.
  7. After science data is collected from around the world, the IPCC bureaucratic panels write a second, summary for policymakers report with recommendations to world governments as to results and policy. “Independent” yet still government funded scientists are NOT allowed review.
  8. In 1990 the IPCC’s First Assessment Report [IPCCFAR1990] concluded that the observed temperature changes were “broadly consistent” with greenhouse models. Without much analysis, it gave the “climate sensitivity” of a 1.5 to 4.5º C temperature rise for a doubling of greenhouse gasses. Most people today consider this report to be highly suspect due to the information available at the time.
  9. The second and third assessment reports were even more extreme due to the proliferation of government funded research and research organizations with the same purpose as the IPCC. The “summary for policymakers” report is issued with each main report and is presented to governments of the UN. These reports have with impressive regularity picked out and presented the worst case scenarios with unsupported certainty. This is how the “hockey stick” graph was popularized and has since been very widely discredited through the science world.
  10. The IPCC is considered to be extreme in many of its views throughout the science world yet its reports drive much of the media, current research, future research and government policy on energy, oil, conservation and taxation.

If the IPCC didn’t find global warning in 1990 there would have been no reason for its existance, hundreds of government organizations around the world face the same situation. By having multiple divisions who’s survival depends on a positive result the most extreme views are expressed.

IPCC working group 1 assesses the physical scientific aspects of the climate system and man made climate change. — If there is no climate change then there is no reason for this group

The IPCC Working Group II assesses the vulnerability of socio-economic and natural systems to climate change, negative and positive consequences of climate change, and options for adapting to it. — No need for this group unless climate change causes severe problems.

The IPCC WG3 assesses options for mitigating man made climate change through limiting or preventing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing activities that remove them from the atmosphere. — No need for this group unless government can help us fix it.

It is pretty clear that this government structure like so many is corrupt in its very inception and cannot possibly generate good science. The purpose of this organization like so many government organizations is not environment but rather is expansion, regulation, control and taxation.

This represents only the tip of the melting iceberg, I will post more in the future.

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