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Climate hottest for 1300 years – The Second Coming?

Posted by Jeff Id on September 3, 2008

Ok, Mann is at it again. The hockey stick guy who created the graph used by Al Gore and the IPCC to create the widely discredited hockey stick graph. Already caught one time by Steve McIntyre cherry picking the data to create false statistical values has gone one step further. To read about how the scientifically corrupt IPCC brought the hockey stick back from the dead go HERE. I took the text below from an article HERE.

The data has been long-term problem for scientists because older trees produce narrower rings and when combing this information with that from younger trees, information regarding long-term temperature trends can be lost.

“Ten years ago, we could not simply eliminate all the tree-ring data from our network because we did not have enough other proxy climate records to piece together a reliable global record,” Mr Mann said.

What an amazing admission, he is eliminating data to make his conclusion. Not only is this an admission that his data was not good ten years ago, but now he has applied the power of ‘selective reasoning’ to eliminate data which don’t fit his conclusions.

“With the considerably expanded networks of data now available, we can indeed obtain a reliable long-term record without using tree rings.”

Now instead of writing unreasonable algorithms and making up his own statistical analysis, he simply eliminates data which doesn’t fit his theory. If I don’t miss my guess this is going to be much harder to disprove and will again resurrect the JESUS GRAPH.

Good Luck Steve!

2 Responses to “Climate hottest for 1300 years – The Second Coming?”

  1. mike said

    There are bloggers all over commenting on this and I think that this will be picked apart in short order. Steve McIntyre is looking at this as well of course.
    Personally I think this is a last ditch attempt to save his reputation. If this fails he may as well retire.

  2. Terry Ward said

    Utterly scornful of considered opinion – he should have been indicted and fired for the previous debacle. Just goes to show that if you are on the team anything goes. This needs to be sorted out quick time.

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