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Who’s the Mann, a Skepics Sarcastic Rant on AGW Scatology

Posted by Jeff Id on September 29, 2008

A great article from the cultural and scientific center of the universe Pakistan.

The last sentence just hurts to read. Ok, you mean the same pattern I just spent the last two weeks extracting from random data. The same pattern which can be so easily produced from random noise it happens on accident! How flat does that sentence ring now.

I just want to translate that last sentence into “Reality speak”

Now the scientists who studied randomly chosen graphs and produced the original and now defunct hockey stick have done a new study using more randomly chosen graphs from anywhere they could dig them up and using similarly flawed statistical processes produced a shiny new hockey stick.

I like my sentence better.

Out of possibly legal obligations to the stenographer disguised as a reporter who wrote the original article here is the stupid LINK.

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