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Only 98 Months Until the End of the World

Posted by Jeff Id on November 22, 2008

Just a silly post, sometimes it’s good to point out the extremist viewpoint just to see how far they have gone. I did a post on this site when they declared “conservatively” that we have 100 months until global warming doom well after Nov we will be at 97 so feel free to sell your stock and party like it’s 1999.

The link is here but it is guaranteed to steal a couple of IQ points from you if you read it so be warned.

98 months, and counting

Governments moved quickly to rescue our banks. Why does it take any longer to act to save the planet from runaway warming?

This guy is so far gone that he advocates breaking the law to stop global warming of course he does it indirectly through our buddy Al Gore who’s up to his ears in money from his little global warming project.

“I believe we have reached the stage,” said Gore, “where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration.”

His comments followed the extraordinary emergence in the UK of case law that is beginning to legitimate previously illegal environmental direct action.

I feel bad for our friends in England after reading this next quote.

But at the trial, the jury refused to convict them after hearing expert witness evidence on the threat of climate change. They accepted the “lawful excuse” defence, which allows property to be damaged if it is done in the name of preventing damage to property elsewhere.

Oue good English friends are much further along in accepting socialist enlightenment than those of us in the United States — but we were the riffraff when we moved out so they shouldn’t be surprised at our slowness.

Comparing like with like (the data sources and methodology are continually being improved), this year the world ran into ecological debt on September 23, five days earlier than last year.

They are much better than us naturalists at choosing buzzwords. Ecological debt has a nice ring to it don’t you think.

There was an odd point made at the end of the article which really surprised me.

With talk of new runways and coal-fired power stations, the government is engaged in the environmental equivalent of promoting unguaranteed sub-prime mortgages with no credit checks and telling banks with no assets to keep lending.

Sure he’s talking about CO2 but he is comparing it to the US Democratic party policy of forcing banks to make loans to unqualified borrowers at subprime rates with preferential treatment for minorities. This was a democrat policy which Clinton bragged about and directly led to the recent crash in housing. The republicans had their chance to fix it but chose to accept contributions across the board (much smaller than the Dem’s) to ignore the situation. Make no mistake people we have been fleeced by both parties. Fleeced isn’t a strong enough word.

The surprise is that this guy doesn’t realize he is biting the hand of the biggest $$$ supporter of his cause. Perhaps he needs to follow US politics more before he makes these claims.

Well Andrew Simms proudly states that he happens to be on the board of greenpeace UK so what can you expect.

I’m going to put a link on their blog to this article. $5 says it will be deleted.

Update: Darn, comments are closed.

I guess the reason for this post is simply because I can’t understand these people.  There is no objectivity whatsoever.  They are so convinced by their own dogma they become lost from reality.  It’s a form of extremism I suppose.  When it bleeds into court systems and is supported by Gore who is selfish enough to give them credibility for his own personal gain it becomes a bit frightening.  Like Europe adopting Muslim law.

It’s a bad dream where unreasonable positions are supported ahead of the reasonable.   Just nuts.

5 Responses to “Only 98 Months Until the End of the World”

  1. Phillip Bratby said


    Good little vent there! But you don’t need to feel too bad about your friends here in England (you should say Britain or the UK – we English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are all in it together). We brought it upon ourselves for voting New Labour (socialism) three times in a row (I didn’t). However, the Guardian is a left paper and can be relied on for publishing all sorts of nonsense. My feeling is that the majority of people over here either don’t care about global warming (we have enough worries with New Labour’s economics and impending shortage of energy) or don’t believe it (politicians are the least trusted section of our society) and I think the tide will soon turn against all the plans to tax us to death to ‘stabilise the climate’ and ‘save the planet’!

    It’s not obvious what these cretins think can be done in the next 98 months. A good dose of winter will help to put these idiots back in the asylum. What you can be sure of over here is that, as we have become so complacent after a long period without any severe winter weather, the country will grind to a halt if we get just a few inches of snow in England (they are a bit more used to it in most of the rest of the UK.

    Keep up the good work; we are all in this madness together. I must go and put a few more logs on the fire and keep my emissions up.

    Best regards,


  2. Phillip Bratby said


    just a bit more. I looked up the CV of Andrew Simms and surprise surprise, he’s another of these people who’ve never had a proper job (BA in film and photographic art, for God’s sake), including working for the Green Party, The Other Economic Summit, Oxfam, International Institute for Environment and Development, Christian Aid, NEF and Greenpeace (not sure what most of these actually do, presumably all left leaning). And that career makes him an expert in energy and Climate Change. I don’t judge people on their education, but heaven save us from the influence of people with CVs like that.


  3. Jeff Id said


    Interesting point. It seems that this group’s voice is an individual who is likely incapable of reading a scientific paper. Unfortunately, it looks like they are pretty well known and funded to me.

  4. DJ said


    I was beginning to believe something happened to you. Good to see you back! Found a Site that Believes what the “Right” believes in. Check these articles out and take time to see the Thoughts of this Man, Thinking Man!


  5. Jeff Id said

    Thanks DJ,

    I’m not gone yet. I spent some time on the backside of the planet where internet speed is is directly proportional to your agreement with the local government.

    I will check out your links tonight.

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