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Obama’s Expansion of Control

Posted by Jeff Id on November 23, 2008

The new US sentate has big plans for next year on fighting the emission of plant fertilizer. The first item is a new program with a budget equal to Nasa. A 15 Billion dollar bill to expand research into clean energy and Biofuels.

Biofuels are the biggest waste of money for energy. Biofuels are simply an inefficient expensive form of solar. If you take even a cursory look at how much of the earth needs to be covered just to power our US cars you find that a huge

Here’s some text from a previous post I did on the subject. — Link HERE

For corn and soy a generous amount of biofuel per acre is 150 gallons of ethanol (you can find many sources on the internet). It takes considerable power to make corn and soy beans into gas. For some time there was a debate as to whether it took more fuel to make the ethanol than it produced. Today some report a reasonable number of 1.35 gallons of ethanol to 1 gallon of processing fuel. So we net .35 gallons/gallon actual. For 150 gallons we get 38.8 gallons of usable fuel per acre.

If we assume 1 gallon of bio-fuel is equal to 1 gallon of gas (it’s not) but it is close. We need 390million gallons/day or 142.35 billion gallons per year. This requires 142.35billion/38.8 gallons/acre or 3.67 billion acres which equals 14.85 million square kilometers. Unfortunately the entire US is only 9.1 million square kilometers.

This simple calculation should completely end the debate on biofuels but it doesn’t. Every honest engineer knows biofuels don’t work but what is worse are the subsidies from the federal government which have driven up fuel prices and created shortages across the poorest parts of the world. The inane policy of our government is actually killing people not to mention costing us money by increasing food prices and taxes.

We have to cover the entire country nearly twice over with corn or soy just to power our cars that drive on the same land! The government knows this yet they pretend ignorance, it’s good for the people. Biofuels are a method for further socalizing farming, nothing else. Yet these cold people shamelessly push these policies which are currently causing starvation in the poorest countries in the world. All in the false name of climate change.

The second policy is even more pointless. A cap and trade system will be set up by the EPA. This will do nothing except add unplanned cost to already existing industries which power our ever weakening economy, it won’t do a thing to stop people from heating their homes but it will cost them more. The unwanted side effect of these increased loads will be to slow technological innovation because the companies large enough to create these advances will have less money for funding them. Just what we need, more spending, higher taxes and more load on our economic system. It really burns me up to think that it’s all based on weak science funded by the same people making the rules.

5 Responses to “Obama’s Expansion of Control”

  1. pyromancer76 said

    Thanks for the passion, the anger, and the clearly articulated figures about the immorality — actually, evil — of those taking away freedoms, food, space, and livelihood of people around the world. This is a tragedy of immense proportions. And, yes, the people making these dastardly rules are paying themselves (and their corporations)to implement them.

    I have stopped my membership in most environmental organizations; they have become mouthpieces of the lies and they give our hard-earned money to Democratic-AGWers, now Climate Changers. To name names: Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, National Resources Defence Council, American Rivers, Environmental Defense Fund, even my beloved Audubon Society. The list goes on and on. They used to be for protecting resources and health and safety of people, animals, and nature; now they have taken a diabolical turn. In addition, Nature, Science, Scientific American, Science News, etc.

    Do your readers know of organizations with integrity that can help us readers of your blog (and those of Anthony Watts and Steve McIntyre, etc.) get out the word — the true science?

  2. Phillip Bratby said


    Here in the UK, the only organisation that publishes anything counter to the AGW alarmism is the Sunday Telegraph (Christopher Booker). You’ll see him in WUWT and CA and his reports get picked up around the world. He is open to receiving information – see his latest at

  3. Jeff Id said

    Thanks Phillip. I think I will send some future stuff there to see if it gets picked up.

  4. Richard M said

    I believe there is some hope for one bio-feul … algae. It has significantly better output than does corn, soy, etc. There is a new tecnology currently being test marketed that uses a vertical arrangement to get more output. They claim 33,000 gals/acre/year.

    If a technology like this could be placed around coal and gas plants around the world it would significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Even those of us who don’t think carbon is necessarily bad can see where this is a better approach than some of the others being proposed.

    It would also reduce the dependence on foreign oil. Couple this with pluggable hybrid technology and the overall carbon produced per capita would drop considerably.

  5. Jeff Id said


    I just did a whole post on your comment. It was a pretty interesting company.

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