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Class Action Suits to Stop Global Warming

Posted by Jeff Id on December 10, 2008

I am tired of posts on the news but recently there is so much rubbish going on in the climate change world that it is hard to ignore.    The global warming crowd is winning, not because of improved information or better science but because of the greed of politicians.

This is  an article from the Guardian in the UK.

Science paves way for climate lawsuits

The article describes some phd who claims that now after our years of top notch science (sarcasm) we can calculate the damage caused by a storm and how much less the damage would have been without global warming. –No really he said it, I’m not kidding.

He said: “We are starting to get to the point that when an adverse weather event occurs we can quantify how much more likely it was made by human activity. And people adversely affected by climate change today are in a position to document and quantify their losses. This is going to be hugely important.”

Damn I wish I was as smart as them.  How does he do it?

The technique involves running two computer models to simulate the conditions that led to extreme weather events. One model includes human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases, the second assumes the industrial revolution never happened and that carbon levels in the atmosphere have not increased over the last century. Comparing the results pins down the impact of man-made global warming. “As the science has evolved this is now possible, it’s just a question of computing power,” he said.

Oh computer models, it doesn’t make a difference what’s entered it just matters about computing power.  Remember the Santer 08 paper where dozens of computer simulations were run to see if they pass statistical significance on CA and Rank Exploits.  Well they DIDN’T but somehow this F,asdfasdgwv figures he can do it and give us a dollar figure or I guess Euros or pounds or something.  If we buy him a big enough computer.

Allen’s team has used the new technique to work out whether global warming worsened the UK floods in autumn 2000, which inundated 10,000 properties, disrupted power supplies and led to train services being cancelled, motorways closed and 11,000 people evacuated from their homes – at a total cost of £1bn.

He would not comment on the results before publication, but said people affected by floods could “potentially” use a positive finding to begin legal action.

Well if these people who lost so much by the floods need an expert witness at $2000/hr they know who to call.

Peter Roderick, director of the Climate Justice programme, said the most likely route for seeking damages would be tort cases, which deal with civil wrongs. Several have been attempted by US states against power and car companies only to be rejected by the courts.

Roderick said developing countries such as Nepal could also sue for compensation over damage caused by global warming. “As the issue of damages gets worse and worse, the chances of this happening will get greater and greater,” he said. “I hope it happens.”

He hopes it happens.  Doesn’t that say it all.  Taxing your energy with lawsuits and cap and trade makes as much sense as blocking up your heart.  Energy makes the world run, for god sakes how stupid are these people.

If I keep my blood pressure up by reading AGW, my heart will never get blocked.

3 Responses to “Class Action Suits to Stop Global Warming”

  1. AEGeneral said

    “As the science has evolved this is now possible, it’s just a question of computing power,” he said.

    I have to admit I got a chuckle out of that statement. The arrogance of these people is just amazing.

  2. Michael said

    I wish we could figure out a way to sue all these lawyers to recover all the extra costs they have already inflicted upon us as consumers. I’m sure someone could come up with a computer model to make our case.

    Or even better, if we could just get them to sue each other, maybe they would leave us alone.

    Oh well…Dream on, Michael.

  3. Phillip Bratby said

    Perhaps a lawsuit would be good. The evidence would then need to be presented. That should be fun. I have been waiting to see the evidence for AGW for years.

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