A Bit of Backlash to AP Propaganda

These guys must read the air vent too.

Scientists Call AP Report on Global Warming ‘Hysteria’

Scientists skeptical of the assertion that climate change is the result of man’s activites are criticizing a recent Associated Press report on global warming, calling it “irrational hysteria,” “horrifically bad” and “incredibly biased.”

They say the report, which was published on Monday, contained sweeping scientific errors and was a one-sided portrayal of a complicated issue.

This mirrors my post earlier.

AP Drinkin’ the Global Warming Coolaid

Listen to some of these quotes from this article.

“If the issues weren’t so serious and the ramifications so profound, I would have to laugh at it,” said David Deming, a geology professor at the University of Oklahoma who has been critical of media reporting on the climate change issue.

“He says global warming is accelerating. Not only is it continuing, it’s accelerating, and whether it’s continuing that was completely beyond the evidence,” Deming told FOXNews.com.

“The mean global temperature, at least as measured by satellite, is now the same as it was in the year 1980. In the last couple of years sea level has stopped rising. Hurricane and cyclone activity in the northern hemisphere is at a 24-year low and sea ice globally is also the same as it was in 1980.

Well sea ice today is actually equal today which is a hidden point from my last post but it is a single point measurement – An inconvenient truth for sure when considering the claim global warming is accelerating.

“Reporters, as I understand reporters, are supposed to report facts,”Deming said. “What he’s doing here is he’s writing a polemic and reporting it as fact, and that’s not right. It’s not reporting. It’s propaganda.


Michael R. Fox, a retired nuclear scientist and chemistry professor from the University of Idaho, is another academic who found serious flaws with the AP story’s approach to the issue.

“There’s very little that’s right about it,” Fox said. “And it’s really harmful to the United States because people like this Borenstein working for AP have an enormous impact on everyone, because AP sells their news service to a thousand news outlets.

Like Deming, Fox said global warming is not accelerating. “These kinds of temperatures cycle up and down and have been doing so for millions of years,” he said.

Nearly everyone who looks objectively at the data comes to the same conclusion.  It is only the extreme leftists who are pushing this so hard.  Even if AGW is true temps have not accelerated upward and it would be prudent to let the data be collected before hacking our global economy to death.

James O’Brien, an emeritus professor at Florida State University who studies climate variability and the oceans, said that global climate change is very important for the country and that Americans need to make sure they have the right answers for policy decisions. But he said he worries that scientists and policymakers are rushing to make changes based on bad science.

“Global climate change is occurring in many places in the world,” O’Brien said. “But everything that’s attributed to global warming, almost none of it is global warming.”

The dissent is certainly there.  Despite what the leftist media would have us believe, the science is far from settled.  This article was so bad and it was picked up by so much media it is disgusting.  If you think it’s about science anymore, ask yourself why is it so often pushed by the political parties which support government services expansion over spending control?

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Backlash to AP Propaganda

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  2. Jeff, good post on this!! The home site I go to when I start up my Computer sponsors AP. I HAD a lot of respect for them number of years ago but not now. I’ve gone to their home page and told them so and you wonder why their subscriptions are going down. People don’t believe in there BS. It’s sad because I always thought that news reporters had a decree to follow and to give a partisan opinion, not to take sides! It is just as bad on TV. I spend more time on the Internet than watching what is on TV. I changed local station for news and even then I only see them maybe 3 times a week. Keep up the good work Jeff, I see your posts on CA! I go there every day to get the latest from Steve and Friends.


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