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Contest- Most Extreme Predictions of 2009

Posted by Jeff Id on January 20, 2009

What is global warming if not fun? With the global cooling going on and public opinion following the graph with perfect correlation, the experts will be clamoring over each other with ever more extreme predictions to maintain funding for their projects. This led me to decide to have a contest to find the most extreme prediction of 2009.

Click on the page bar above for a link to the quote repository. Make sure to copy your quote with the persons name who made it and a link to the source. At year end, we’ll narrow them down and have a vote.

Entries will be rated on gloom, doom, disaster and of course raw insanity with preferential treatment given to experts, politicians and news media.

Global warming most extreme preditions of 2009 – Contest

3 Responses to “Contest- Most Extreme Predictions of 2009”

  1. page48 said

    Well, Jeff, the following statement from Alan Dickinson, Met Office Director of Science and Technology (UK, I think), doesn’t mention gloom or doom, but if you can follow the logic, let me know. He’s talking about their new, energy guzzling, CO2 belching supercomputer:

    “Our next supercomputer will bring an acceleration in action on climate change through climate mitigation and adaptation measures as a consequence of a clearer understanding of risk. Ultimately this will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.”

    It’s from an item on WUWT so you’ve probably already seen it, but I thought I would toss it into the ring, anyway.

  2. Sunspotter said

    Here’s a whopper from no less than the EPA.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Friday released its report on sea-level rise in the Mid-Atlantic region, where coastlines face significant changes and degradation due to a sea-level rise whose rate is expected to increase.

    Jim Titus, the EPA’s project manager on sea-level rise, compared the situation with the Mississippi River basin near New Orleans

    Studies show the pace of sea-level rise could be increasing. Last month, the White House released data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey that estimated sea-level rise at 1.64 to 4.59 feet by 2100. That is nearly triple what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found just two years ago.

    You can read the whole report here:

  3. page48 said

    I can’t resist adding this one. From the Nasa/GISS website. James Hansen talking about data collection:

    “The hardest part is trying to influence the nature of the measurements obtained, so that the key information can be obtained.”

    Things get curiouser and curiouser. This was reported on WUWT, but I thought I would record it here, as well.

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