Lost My Code

I’m a little grumpy tonight. I was going to do a post on The multipllication factor between sat and ground data using the code I made for homogenization. The code is gone, something went wrong in the save. I can recreate it but there was a lot of time in verification.


8 thoughts on “Lost My Code

  1. Archiving a saved corrupted file is only going to give you two corrupted files. Doing incremental backups will permit you to restore an earlier version of the file. However, you are still going to lose all the work done after the last non-corrupted version was saved.

  2. Very true. I have two whole-system backups, which I alternated between, which is IMHO the minimum needed for a safe backup system. Plus for major work I may make additional copies, to provide safety between system backups.

  3. I hate loosing work. It happened because I did it on a laptop and R takes quite a while to save if you save the workspace I sent the save commands and closed the lid which sends it into super windows hibernation mode. The machine hung (windowed) when I restarted from hibernation and needed a full reboot but the script file didn’t save for whatever reason. Nutin’ left.

    This ‘full tower’ box has dual raid 4 drive config with server backup for important work. I’ve been working on computers for too long, I really get mad when I loose work.

  4. I am sorry for the windows Blowwwww up
    Well as it goes been there.
    I just had an Idea….Don’t know where have I read that any one has run numbers on jet streams.
    my take would be size (3D?) speed, and Length (miles)
    might make some connections to pdo+amo cycles? sun cycles?
    Any way I will keep an eye open for such work.
    always sad to loose time!

  5. I feel sorry for you Jeff.
    With the R-syntax coloring editor (Tinn-R), I make ctrl+s every 2 or 3 new lines to save the source code. In fact, It’s a habit I have with every editor I use, including Word and Excel and it has spared me a lot of disaster.
    I use laptops with XP and Vista. The sleepdown and restart take 1 or 2 seconds (I avoid the hibernation mode, much slower to wake up). Never have a restart problem that trashes the previous environment.

    Well it won’t get your code back.

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