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Obama’s Load

Posted by Jeff Id on January 30, 2009

global-warmingsmallBarak Obama is keeping his promises, well some of them. Not the ones about not hiring lobbiests to the top of government or coming clean on where the original stimulus money went but the other ones, the green policy and increased load on American business.

Obama launches task force on middle class

It should say – Obama launches task force AT the middle class but whatever.

Reporting from Washington — On a day when the nation’s gross domestic product suffered its worst slide in three decades, President Obama ordered the creation of a task force on the middle class and signed executive orders aimed at strengthening labor unions.

That’s exactly what an american economy struggling to compete with world markets needs, stronger unions. The same unions already strong enough to crush their victim companies.

In signing orders aimed at protecting access to federal contracts for companies with labor unions and informing workers of their rights to organize, the president said, “I also believe that we have to reverse some of the policies” toward organized labor.

“I don’t see organized labor as part of the problem,” Obama said. “To me, it’s part of the solution.”

Citing record unemployment claims as well as the overall economic decline, he said, “This is a difficult moment. But I believe … if we act swiftly … it can be an American moment.”

Um’ er, yeah. Increased load is the solution. I see it now. It just what problem are you trying to solve. If the assumption is that he wants greater liberty, freedom and success for the individual, it doesn’t make sense. But if you actually want poor huddled masses so that they need government to support them, uh huh see it makes sense.

“When I talk about the middle class, I am talking about folks who are currently in the middle class, but also folks who are aspiring to be in the middle class,” the president said. “You cannot have a strong middle class without a strong labor union.”

You can’t have a strong middle class without a labor union, why not? I would say you can’t have a strong middle class with a strong labor union. Ask GM or delphi or ford.

One of the executive orders prevents federal contract dollars from going to companies that try to prevent the formation of unions. Another requires workers to be advised of their rights to organize.

How do these companies which try to prevent unions from forming get picked out? What if they already provide good insurance and compensation but prefer to reward people based on performance and not just whether they show up for work. Oh yeah, yesterday Obama made it law that companies now have to pay the same money for people in the same position, nearly eliminating the ability of a company to reward performance.

Members will include the secretaries of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Commerce, as well as the directors of the National Economic Council, the Office of Management and Budget and the Domestic Policy Council and the chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.

Remember my posts pointing out how the common thread in Obama’s cabinet posts was twofold, all candidates are liberals and global warming extremists. Well look where the jobs are coming from.

The White House says it will hold its first meeting Feb. 27 in Philadelphia, focusing on “Green Jobs: A Pathway to a Strong Middle Class.”

I can’t tell you how pissed I am that Americans fall for this, the liberal schools and media sure paid off this time. Green Jobs are additional load, not new prospects. The whole concept is ass backward but it is done with intent. A rich successful population, neither needs nor want’s socialist government.

I challange anyone to find something wrong with this prediction. I predict every one of Obama’s policy decisions with regard to the economy over the next 4 years will be stated as improvements but will actually add more load to the market. Predictions like this should be avoided but I have a high degree of confidence in this one.

Thats what the public gets for not listening to the words comin’ out his mouth. What a load.


By the way, Obamas recent outburst on ‘outrageous’ payments to wall street execs, was made right after his meeting with our new Treasury secretary who claimed (IMO lied) about not knowing he needed to pay self employment tax. Something that would have landed any other American in jail, rather than treasury secretary. Well right there next to obama was a man who just received a half million dollar payment from the federal reserve bank of New York, recently funded by the taxpayer bailout.

Geithner receives large severance sum

They’re all in this together (both liberals and pseudo-conservatives), and they’re robbing us blind.

8 Responses to “Obama’s Load”

  1. Chris H said

    Dunno if you can view it outside the UK, but you might find this an interesting “outsider” perspective of Obama & health care/insurance:
    (I’m also not sure how long this link will be valid for – BBC’s iPlayer usually expires video after 7 days.)

  2. mikiwud said

    US voters have only got themselves to blame. They only had to look at the UK over the past 10yrs to see the result of a Socialist government. We got to the point of thinking that no-one can be consistently that incompetent with their policies they must be trying to destroy the British way of life deliberately. If you look, our government is full of crooks as well.
    After the ecconomic turmoil will come the control freakish petty restrictions on personal liberty and silly laws.
    Looks like you voted in a brown Brown. And, you gave teflon Tony a medal!! The only medal he deserved is for being the worlds biggest Creep. Perhaps one for the smarmyest smile also.
    We are stuffed as a nation, looks like you are next.
    One thing the Brits beat the Yanks to…..desroying ourselves first.

  3. Jeff Id said

    Chris, I found the link on youtube. I got through 70 percent of the first third (it was broken into 3) before I quit. This is nothing but socialist propaganda.

    My parents live in michigan where I grew up. I’ve been to detroit several times, the problems are real there. Houses are for sale everywhere, they are cheap and the economy stinks. The $1 house likely came with a pile of back taxes so when it was auctioned according to law, nobody would bid more. Also, it likely needed to be torn down by govt. regulation at not too small a cost. –Propaganda.

    Here in the Chicago area, housing prices have gone down a bit but things are better than Michigan. If you have a baby without health insurance the govt. pay’s everything in Illinois, no cost at all. If you need medical care you just go to the hospital, they treat you and try to collect money later. My mom is a nurse, I have two aunt’s that are nurses and my cousin’s wife is a nurse who just began her career maybe 5 years ago in the E-room. They turn away nobody, but they do bill them! — It’s just propaganda.

    The big line they showed for health care, I have never seen anything like it but it exists in this case not because these people can’t get health care but rather because it’s free. How early should a poor person get up to save a thousand dollars. A friend I have overseas got sick in the US and spent over a week in the hospital, he racked up 40,000 dollars in medical bills before he was released. He had no insurance and never paid a penny. — Propaganda.

    I can’t even listen to the BBC news, the American national public radio is just as bad.

  4. Chris H said

    @Jeff Id
    How is it possible to get a $40,000 bill & NOT pay it? If you got a bill like that over here (for some non-medical service), I’m sure that the debt collectors would soon be knocking, and if they failed then you’d probably get taken to court. In such a situation, if you don’t have sufficient assets to pay it, declaring bankruptcies might be your only solution (which has problems of it’s own).

    Your Illinois example sounds like it might be a state-specific system, rather than a country-wide one?

    Of course the big line is because it is free – but the whole point was that many of those people could not AFFORD medical treatment. They may have had to choose between food & medical care. Or worse, were too ill to work to pay for (say) cancer treatment. Coming from a British perspective, this just seems wrong.

    The NHS is by no means perfect, but it does basically work, even if non-essential treatments may have 6 months or more queues (unless you wish to pay for treatment privately of course). I don’t agree with many of the “socialist” policies enacted by our Labour government, but the NHS is one which I do agree with.

  5. Jeff Id said

    Chris H.

    Life threatening illnesses like cancer are treated immediately by law money or not. My point was the US system is widely misrepresented and the truly poor get free medical already through dozens of different avenues. I believe it is not perfect but by far the best system in the world. It’s biggest problems now are the liability associated with medical practice in the US and the massive paperwork insurance companies go through to try and cover the minimum their contracts require.

    I can’t even imagine your statement “if non-essential treatments may have 6 months” I can see a doctor on anything today although specialists have queues up to a month long, if you really need them you can see them now. I know several Canadians who save money just to have access to the US system if they need help.

    We can get any medicine we want, say one drug works better with you than another, in many government systems there are shortages and you are forced to take an alternative. Taking the profit incentive out of the system guarantees hospitals will have shortages of one type of treatment or machine or bed sheets or something. Hell if I don’t find a hospital clean enough I go to another. Hospitals are concerned about that because less customers means less money.

    This is the same reason so many medical advances come from the US. Our doc’s ain’t smarter, they just make more money if they do something new. Hospitals compete for them in pay and the people benefit. It’s this fundamental way of thinking that created a better way of life for the US.

    Anyway, I like hearing your perspective on things. I’ve heard similar comments about our system from my travels to Europe before. America is so often bashed in the news and so widely hated, it is difficult to describe. Remember, the majority of the media outlets have a single political goal in mind. The news fed to the Europeans (last time I was there) is almost singularly socialist which I believe misrepresents the American people with intent.

    Even if you prefer a NHS, please don’t make the decision about health care based on the BBC propaganda piece you linked to. There were a half dozen lies in the first third. Lie means deception with intent. Even one should be enough to turn off the program, but six is absolute proof of intent.

  6. page48 said

    Chris, you wrote:

    “but the whole point was that many of those people could not AFFORD medical treatment. They may have had to choose between food & medical care. Or worse, were too ill to work to pay for (say) cancer treatment. Coming from a British perspective, this just seems wrong”

    We actually do have socialized medicine in the US in the form of Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the indigent. We also have Welfare and food stamps for the indigent. Some people no doubt fall through the cracks, but that is true under any system.

    I got this message when I followed your link, “Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programmes are available to you. Why?” so I didn’t have a chance to see the commentary you provided, but based on your comments, I can just imagine what it says.

  7. Jeff Id said

    Page 48, if you search for the title on google and try a couple of links a youtube clip will work, you won’t like it. I didn’t post it here because it is the opposite of what I want to say on the Air Vent. It is the worst piece of propaganda about our health care system and financial state I’ve ever seen. Of course I haven’t seen michael moores latest work which supports the cuban health system. — Why people believe this crap is beyond me.

    Like it’s some kind of random accident that America has the best health care system in the world, or most medical advances came from here.

    What do people think, America just got lucky?

  8. page48 said

    Hi Jeff,

    I’ve already taken my blood pressure medicine for today, so I’ll try to find the U-tube version.

    Thanks. Really enjoy this blog, but the way.

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