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Watts Up Recognized by the UK Telegraph

Posted by Jeff Id on February 21, 2009

As predicted here on the Air Vent the climate change experts, faced with reduced temperature trends are ramping up the hot air to compensate. WUWT was recognized for catching this over the top reporting.

Climate change rhetoric spirals out of control

It was another bad week for the “warmists”, now more desperate than ever to whip up alarm over an overheating planet. It began last weekend with the BBC leading its bulletins on the news that a “leading climate scientist” in America, Professor Chris Field, had warned that “the severity of global warming over the next century will be much worse than previously believed”. Future temperatures “will be beyond anything predicted”, he told a Chicago conference. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had “seriously underestimated the size of the problem”.

To promote its cause the BBC website even posted a video explaining how warming would be made worse by “negative feedback”. This scientific howler provoked much amusement and derision on expert US blogs, such as Anthony Watts’s Watts Up With That – since “negative feedback” would lower temperatures rather than raise them. The BBC soon pulled its video.

Al Gore’s ally Dr James Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. In The Observer he launched his most vitriolic call yet for the closing down of the coal-fired power stations which are the world’s main source of electricity, repeating his claim to a British court last year that the new coal-fired plant at Kingsnorth will alone be responsible for “the extermination of 400 species”.

“Coal-fired power plants are factories of death,” wrote Hansen, “the trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains”. This deliberate echo of the trains carrying Jews to Nazi death camps recalled how the more extreme warmists like to equate sceptics on climate change with “Holocaust deniers”. But such overheated language seemed somehow at home in the newspaper which in 1996 solemnly predicted that by 2016 half a million Britons would be dying each year from having eaten BSE-infected beef.

This has to be in the running for quote of the year. Hansen is like a rhetoric god or something. How can anyone even compete?

Later in the week sceptics were struck by an admission from Professor William Schlesinger, a lead author for the IPCC. Since one of the enduring myths of our time is that the case for global warming is supported by “the world’s top 2,500 climate scientists” on the IPCC, Schlesinger was asked in a public debate how many of its contributors are in fact climate experts. The best he could come up with was that “something on the order of 20 per cent have had some dealing with climate”. (This will not of course stop the BBC calling any old evolutionary biologist or economist who supports its views a “leading climate scientist”).

That last sentence pretty well says it all. The leftist BBC with know nothing reporters running the show can’t help but report consensus and any other rubbish which supports their views. The problem is they report their views like there is authority in their knowledge, yet there is clearly nothing but air.

This next paragraph concerned me a bit.

Finally there was the strange case of the vanishing Arctic ice. Just how far Arctic sea-ice is melting or growing is one of the issues which arouses most passionate interest in the global-warming debate. Observers were therefore startled last week to see the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) showing a very dramatic drop in sea-ice cover, 500,000 square kilometres of ice suddenly disappearing in the depths of the Arctic winter.

When this was queried by a puzzled Anthony Watts, the NSIDC somewhat shamefacedly admitted that a problem had developed with one of its satellites. The data for the previous 45 days was found to be so faulty that it had been withdrawn. But inevitably this provoked the question as to why quality control seemed to be so poor on one of the world’s leading official sources of climate data that it had taken an outside observer to point out that something was wrong,

There could be unfortunate consequences from this. The NSIDC is very very open with their data and methods, by over criticizing the release of realtime data which is full of disclaimers on their site we may get a different result than you would expect. NO REALTIME DATA. This will give plenty of time for the QC. It would be an unfortunate result in my opinion.

When politicians plan measures to “combat climate change” costing tens of trillions of dollars, we can at least expect them to ensure that their figures are halfway believable.

This is for sure the truth, however it doesn’t have anything to do with the near real time data from the NSIDC. It does have to do with the complete absence of Data and Code for the Antarctic paper sitting prominently on the cover of Nature.

Congratulations and a huge thanks to Anthony Watts for the recognition of his efforts .

4 Responses to “Watts Up Recognized by the UK Telegraph”

  1. Page48 said

    “Hansen is like a rhetoric god or something. How can anyone even compete?”


  2. Serendipitron said

    One of the weapons in the rhetoric battle is the label. “Denier” has been slapped on legitimate skeptics, in essence lumping them with those like Iran’s Admenijad, who deny the Holocaust. As a counter, I like the label “warmists” as a descriptor for those who are “now more desperate than ever to whip up alarm over an overheating planet,” but I think we can do better. “Awarmists” would be quite fitting. This word captures the fundamental nature of their pontification, and, thanks to Elmer Fudd, a bit of its silliness as well.

  3. Michael Smith said

    Hanson and his allies, by contrast, are only interested in the extermination of 1 thing: human civilization.

  4. Tim L said

    Jeff Id (15:33:14) :

    What stinks about this is that the other sensors don’t match the historic data as well for trend. So our future trend will be further affected by rematching the data.

    things will get worse yet, it’s coming.
    some links i find.;_ylt=AqlhSN_KiNXSeliW.y6jOrZxieAA;_ylu=X3oDMTE5ZHFqZnJkBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bi1tb3N0LXZpZXdlZARzbGsDbWFzc21pZ3JhdGlv

    The Fermi telescope and NASA’s Swift satellite detect “in the order of 1,000 gamma-ray bursts a year, or a burst every 100,000 years in a given galaxy,”;_ylt=AgMlEZoKo9cB4K9JUXloNxVxieAA;_ylu=X3oDMTE5djBmdHJiBHBvcwMzBHNlYwN5bi1tb3N0LXZpZXdlZARzbGsDaHVnZWdhbW1hLXJh

    100,000 years matches the large temp. swings.

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