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Underwater Carbon Observatory

Posted by Jeff Id on February 24, 2009

carbon-observation-satThe aerodynamic shroud covering the new carbon orbital observatory failed to separate permanently altering the slated mission to study atmospheric carbon. Following it’s predetermined flight path the sophisticated device switched to it’s backup mission to measure carbon underwater. Unfortunately our doomed little friend failed again on landing, the apparent cause was RUD (rapid unplanned disassembly) due to landing at speeds over mach 5. Even this secondary ‘backup’ mission was doomed to failure.

Seriously, this satellite would have been a dramatic help in tracking CO2 emissioin areas and concentration levels globally. Unfortunately it would have been used as a political tool for bashing the US and even a little bit for China just for producing the evil CO2 despite the fact that these two countries produce the worlds goods. If you don’t believe that, you haven’t been paying attention. Still the net effect of improved data quality would have been positive. There would have been some very interesting possibilities with better data.

This is the updated JPL artists rendering of a typical 270 million dollar satellite shortly after experiencing RUD.


Conspiracy theories anyone?

9 Responses to “Underwater Carbon Observatory”

  1. Matt Y. said

    Official statement: The observed trajectory is not inconsistent with NASA model predictions.

  2. AEGeneral said

    Conspiracy theories anyone?

    Little green men?

  3. Jim Owen said

    LOL!!!! Good quote, Matt.

    If I were still working, I likely would have been in the OCO Control Center. I’m glad I wasn’t. Been there, done that for a failed launch before and it’s really depressing to watch years of your life take a swim in the Santa Barbara Channel or the Indian Ocean.

    Every launch comes with some probability of failure. It’s part of the package. But this is a real loss to the entire science community – the program had the potential to get some real data and settle more than a few questions. And raise a lot more.

    Thanks for the humor, Jeff. I have some friends who’ll appreciate it, too.

  4. Brisk said

    RUD love it, the name of our Australian Prime Minister and it is exactly what he is doing to our econnomy with an extra disassembly thrown in to make sure.

  5. AllenM said

    No conspiracy theories, my understanding is that GISS has “nailed it” for NASA. The failure is due to AGW.

  6. Tim L said


  7. Amabo said

    There’s no way that shrapnel came from a satellite. First of all there’s not enough of it. And what about the impact hole? You should see a clear outline of a satellite, yet all we can’t even see a hole. Are we to believe that its sturdy wings, carrying several kilograms of solar panels simply FOLDED UP on impact, and followed the satellite body inside?

    Clearly NASA is ineptly trying to cover up an obvious missile impact.

  8. Jeff Id said

    #7 I was joking with the junk pile, sorry about that. The impact of the satellite hitting the ground was far far more violent than this shows. Imagine a really big doghouse made of wood striking a granite cliff with the speed of a bullet.

  9. TonyS said

    It subsequently re-entered the atmosphere and crashed into the Indian Ocean near Antarctica.

    Talk about man-made warming there, huh?

    (And I think Amabo made fun of the 9/11 conspiracy crowd…)

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