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Satellite Anomaly Video – Know your data pt 3.

Posted by Jeff Id on March 29, 2009

I spent the morning making this video. Click on it to link.

The left side is the raw anomaly from Comiso’s data presented as the original Raw data for Steig O9 the right is the 3 pc data presented as the reconstruction. There are of course some unique differences.

One thing which I noticed from my previous looks at NSIDC AVHRR is that Comiso managed to remove the sea ice contamination from the beach pixels. Not that its a difficult thing for a Jedi.  Another is that the mountain range in the lower left aren’t a great boundary for the weather.  Temperature trends often cross them, an effect which cannot be shown using only 3 pc’s.


Updated per TCO request..  I’ve added a picture showing the locaton of the mountains and how trends are separated according to Steig 09.  The trend’s across the boundary have every possibility to be related to the mathematics used rather than the true temperatures of the area.  This isn’t a shot at anyone and may not change any conclusions, it just is what it is.


4 Responses to “Satellite Anomaly Video – Know your data pt 3.”

  1. TCO said

    I looked at the movie, but honestly have a hard time following your assertion. Not even disagreeing with it. Just simply seeing how the video leads to the comment.

    1. Perhaps draw the mountains on the graphic (since you are making an inference about them).

    2. Not sure how much weather pattern stretching accross the mountains and how much having a contrast is relevant. I think the mountains have some impact in terms of isolating the areas. This is not complete (just as the Rockies are not a complete barrier). Is the partial isolation what is interesting (over a perfect plain) or the non-perfect nature?

    3. Need to expand and explain how the pictures you see make the 3 PCA usage wrong.

  2. Jeff Id said

    #2 I don’t think the movie shows that 3 pc’s is wrong.

    Them mountains extend from the peninsula and in the 3pc appear to slice the second eigenmode in half which shows up in the image on the right. This mode of oscillation is real but it is more complex than the 3pc’s show. The split in the right side image shows on the general boundary of the mountain border which is as much related to spatial autocorrelation as it is to the mountains.

    This is really an intermediate post which shows all the data we’re working with. Problems like sea contamination and unexpected patterns would be visible. The data looks very clean though. Dr. Comiso seems to have gotten a great result in his preparation.

  3. Layman Lurker said

    Actually, I thought that the 3 PC’s did about as good as one could expect. However, in several situations where higher order patterns occured in the raw data (not just west antarctica but other areas), the 3 PC’s were too limited. The higher order PC’s need to be allowed in to bring out the higher order complexity in the reconstrucion.

  4. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said

    I do see it too.

    “Temperature trends often crosses them, an effect which cannot be shown using only 3 pc’s.”

    It also looks like the peninsula “dirty’s up” the left bottom, next to the mountains.

    it appears cleaner, whether or not it is better, not sure.

    I see you posted at CA. they are talking about the stations ratings and QC. what you are doing here maybe ideal for that work as well, I can’t help but think this is what was meant in pissing you off, by eric, gavin and company. this works is for our favor in the long run, and they, CAN NOT BITCH!!! not one iota for you are using THERE program’s!!!!!!!!
    this work should be done on the down low, keep it away from WUWT until it is bullet proof, even TCO’s comments could help.
    if steve and them can hold it down till it is right, then hammer it across all platforms, TV,radio,journals, news print, did TCO or some one say there was a first place for print? they can not have total rights to it as it needs to go out everywhere.

    Ok time to go
    keep up the good work.

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