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Posted by Jeff Id on May 17, 2009

The New York Times is at it again, their socialist leanings couldn’t be more apparent.  This time its China they are holding in high esteem. I have a nearly impossible time reading their propaganda when it’s free but somehow people still pay money for it.

China Outpaces U.S. in Cleaner Coal-Fired Plants

You have got to have your head so deep in the sand to even write this title it’s amazing, but that is exactly what the NYT’s KEITH BRADSHER wrote.

TIANJIN, China — China’s frenetic construction of coal-fired power plants has raised worries around the world about the effect on climate change. China now uses more coal than the United States, Europe and Japan combined, making it the world’s largest emitter of gases that are warming the planet.

What they don’t tell you is that China still has an incredibly limited power supply level on a per capita basis.  Single 60 watt bulbs for a families home are common and most homes at the latitude of Georgia don’t even have heat or insulation.  People are required to bundle up when it snows for the few days it does in the winter and they spend months bundled against the cold.   This means more production is required and will come.

While the United States is still debating whether to build a more efficient kind of coal-fired power plant that uses extremely hot steam, China has begun building such plants at a rate of one a month.

How frusterating is that.  The very NYT claiming warming from CO2 is lamenting that the US is debating whether we’re allowed to have another more efficient plant.  Quick, I need a wall to bang my head on.

Construction has stalled in the United States on a new generation of low-pollution power plants that turn coal into a gas before burning it, although Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Thursday that the Obama administration might revive one power plant of this type. But China has already approved equipment purchases for just such a power plant, to be assembled soon in a muddy field here in Tianjin.

Ok, Chu might allow us to build one only one.  It’s the liberal government blocking construction creating the energy problem it’s the liberals driving the cost of gas through the roof.  In the next 10 years when brownouts become commonplace in the US remember China, brownouts are a daily occurrence, a fact of life.  This socialistic blocking of construction will eventually result in the same situation here and Tamino will celebrate, as long as his university lab is heated.

Cao Peixi, the president of the China Huaneng Group, the country’s biggest state-owned electric utility and the majority partner in the joint venture building the Tianjin plant, said his company was committed to the project even though it would cost more than conventional plants.

“We shouldn’t look at this project from a purely financial perspective,” he said. “It represents the future.”

Too bad we can’t build them here.

Then the truth comes out.Even among China’s newly built plants, not all are modern. Only about 60 percent of the new plants are being built using newer technology that is highly efficient, but more expensive.

Well, it’s closer to the truth anyway.  I wonder who gave the 60 percent number, the government?

In the United States, the most efficient plants achieve around 40 percent efficiency, because they do not use the highest steam temperatures being adopted in China. The average efficiency of American coal-fired plants is still higher than the average efficiency of Chinese power plants, because China built so many inefficient plants over the past decade. But China is rapidly closing the gap by using some of the world’s most advanced designs.

There we are, even though we aren’t allowed to build any plants at all and most of China’s plants were built in the last two decades the US plant’s are still more efficient!!  Why the hell is the title China outpaces US in efficient coal fired plants!!

I’ll finish this NYT China worshiping post with this very underreported quote.

China is building considerably more nuclear power plants than the rest of the world combined, and these do not emit carbon dioxide after they are built.

I’m not sure why the NYT spends so much time worshiping socialist governments but It gives you something to think about.

13 Responses to “NYT”

  1. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said

    wow… just…wow
    most woman don’t get that confused!!!!! lmao
    first there great…then they are NOT…. then it’s nukes good…but not

  2. Page48 said

    Bradsher’s based in Hong Kong which barely qualifies as realChina, so how does he get his information about the rest of the country? Does the government give him guided tours? Hand out accurate fact sheets?

    The new efficient plant at Tianjin (lots of really hot steam)is currently a muddy field. Would Bradsher recognize a more efficient coal fired plant if he saw one – does the muddy field give him a clue as to what will actually be built there?

    I’m always suspicious of articles by Western (or any) journalists extolling the virtues of closed societies and supposedly quoting “factual” information about their superior progress. How does a Western journalist based in Hong Kong have any real clue as to what’s going on all over China? I always have the feeling they’ll believe anything they are told by the local governments. I’ve never figured out why they’re so gullible, but they are.

    I’m not even going to address the slant of the article. It’s the NYT, after all.

  3. Konrad said

    While I would be cautious about stories in the NYT, I would be able to confirm from other sources that China is in the process building high efficiency coal power plants. An article in the 02/03 09 issue of Engineering World describes the work done by Siemens in Germany on advanced coal technologies. The areas being researched include coal gasification, CO2 scrubbing and using pure oxygen as oxidizer to eliminate nitrous compound pollution. Siemens have several joint projects with Chinese companies. The Chinese are certainly building new coal power plants on European designs. These involve higher steam pressures and temperatures. They also include rifled boiler tubes that spin fluid in the tubes, centrifugally forcing unboiled water to the outer surface of the tube, greatly increasing efficiency.
    The Chinese market for these technologies means they will continue to be researched and implemented. They may therefore be available for the reconstruction of America after the Obama years.

  4. retired engineer said

    During the 70’s and 80’s we were told how the Soviets were far ahead of us in almost everything. When the roof caved in, it was all floobydust. Now we hear that Cuba has the most advanced health care in the galaxy (at least MM says so) yet we don’t see a bunch of sick folks trying to get in to the People’s Paradise.

    I’m sure the PRC will milk Clean Coal for all it’s worth. They are masters of propaganda. But the air in Beijing tells another story.

    Damn the torpedoes (and lungs), full speed ahead.

  5. timetochooseagain said

    2. Indeed. Hong Kong is a capitalist enclave in a Communist country:
    Compare a freedom score of 90 to 53.2. No contest.

    This story is a nosebleed inducing laugh. Until you realize that this is the actual religious belief of these people.

  6. JAE said

    What is REALLY scary is that the NYT reports EXACTLY what the liberal left in Congress and the present Administration think! I’m afraid there is going to have to be a lot more pain, before the majority wakes up and throws out at least 3/4ths of Congress (including many “Republicans.”)

  7. Not Sure said

    That article is so confusing and contradictory, such a lousy collection of unsubstantiated claims and incoherent quotes, that I bet most high school seniors could write a better one.

    As an aside, what are the chances that a “muddy field” in China would be a precious wetland, full of endangered species in the U.S.?

  8. Ryan O said

    I wrote a more coherent article than that one . . . and I didn’t even write an article.

  9. Jeff Id said

    I don’t know why this stuff still pisses me off. It does though. I would boycott the NYT except I did long ago.

  10. Ryan O said

    It pisses you off because it’s blatantly idiotic and none of the rest of the media (the self-proclaimed purveyors of “Truth”) calls them on it – and there’s little to nothing you can do about it.

    Either that, or you just hate science because your malformed conservative brain is simply incapable of comprehending what is patently obvious. At least, that’s what Keith Olbermann says.

  11. timetochooseagain said

    Ryan, considering the “malformed brain” part, it actually sounds more like Janeane Garofalo-Olbermann may have parroted it though (I have an upcoming post on liberal parrots-this will probably be featured).

  12. Page48 said

    RE: #11

    Where will the post be? Be sure to provide a link.

  13. Ryan O said

    #11 I do not mention her name. Ever.

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