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Anti-Science, Supression of Speech – Bush’s Fault?

Posted by Jeff Id on June 26, 2009

The Obama administration is in full socialist form. In our last post we saw the internal emails where the Obama administrations EPA boss refuses to make an internal report critical of global warming public.  Alan Carlin attempted to put the report in the comments open  to the public and was told the following – in a PDF email exchange link link here..

The Administrator and the Administration has decided to move forward on endangerment.

Take a look at that wording it should of course read “have” decided, now you could say this is the result of a simple typo, however it’s more likely that it was an edit where one of the Admin’s was not present in the original typing.  It likely read ‘ the administratioin has decided’ not ‘the administrator’.

Either way the decision goes against the governments own laws for function.  Imagine what would happen if Republicans or Bush attempted this type of chicanery.   Do you think the leftist media would let it go?

The thing I’m coming to understand about this is that nearly all the leftist blog sites have the same mentality as the scientists.  Suppression of dissent or real questions, we know consensus is not a reasonable outcome in humanity – anywhere.  We probably don’t all agree that we breath oxygen. Anytime a consensus exists I’m  aware of it’s been through force by governance.

When people voted for Obama, very few recognized his extreme leftist background.  A testament to American public schools.  If you did and you knew of it, at least you went in with open eyes.  However, Obama is a Chaves era Socailist Marxist through and through and we are reaping the results already.  I shudder to think what  America will become in the next 3 years.

My point is that it’s par for the course that the EPA would act in a manner more suited to Venesuela, Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.  Suppression of real information in favor of their conclusion.  Why people want to import that sort of governance is beyond me but 30 years from now when we’re at war with our own socialist regime it will have started in the last 20 years.

Here’s the link to the supressed science.

Read the censored report here:

Blame Bush.

7 Responses to “Anti-Science, Supression of Speech – Bush’s Fault?”

  1. JAE said

    “Blame Bush.”

    LOL. They will undoubtedly try. BH Obama will say something to the effect that “I inherited this Agency.”

    You are DEAD ON about BH Obama’s Marxist leanings. Here’s a great explanation:

    I tried to talk to several of my liberal relatives before the election about Ayers, Wright, the Birth Certificate question, etc., and they would not even LISTEN, let alone think about these things. BH Obama won because of a hatred of Bush.

  2. Hoi Polloi said

    I wish Obama was that radical with GoldmanSachs…..

  3. woodNfish said

    I called both my congressmen and my senators today. The only good thing is that if the idiots in the house of morons do pass this dumbass bill, the senate shitheads won’t take it up for about 5 months. So we still have some time to kill it.

    30 years from now when we’re at war with our own socialist regime it will have started in the last 20 years.

    I don’t know that we can have a revolution in this country. The USA is a police state. I don’t follow conspiracy theories or any of that, but if you just look at the number of police-power enforcement agencies that we have it is obvious to any objective person that the government is scared shitless of the people and will do whatever it takes to control us including kill us. Waco was a perfect example of government butchery.

    I don’t think any kind of real anti-government resistance would ever stand a chance here.

  4. timetochooseagain said

    “Obama is a Chaves era Socailist Marxist through and through”

    I disagree…he is a Mussolinian corporatist more than anything.

  5. Mark T said

    No, he is a Marxist. It’s just that he cannot go directly for the throat, i.e., he can’t directly implement Marxism, without first taking control over everything ala Mussolini. Fascism first, socialism second, anarchy third. 😉


  6. timetochooseagain said

    Well, I personally see very little difference between those scenarios apart from anarchy…

  7. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said

    BO already said he IS going to build AN SS type of police force!
    what he call it? national police force? links


    [source unidentified]

    Triremes full of captives of every age,
    the weather good for evil, fair for bitterness,
    being prey to the Barbarians, shall hurry too quickly,
    anxious to see the feather wail in the wind [which way the wind will blow].


    [on the disintegration of the times, by contrast with those of Joan of Arc]

    The bright splendour of the joyous Maid
    shall shine no longer: long shall no sense abide,
    with merchants, ruffians, odious wolves,
    everything upside down, [and] omens everywhere.

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