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CO2 Currency of Corruption

Posted by Jeff Id on June 27, 2009

[Review & Outlook] Associated Press-Henry Waxman

The ugly face of Global Warming Greed

America has got to wake up. We’ve fed our children too much cool-aid and they’ve grown the critical thinking ability of fish. Their minds rot in our school systems taught by unionized government officials espousing an ever more watered down curriculum which deliberately discourages competition in favor of feelings. Everything is reasonable – always. The rule of law, the right to vote, free speech, how can they learn what made America great?

The government under the not so long in the tooth Department of Education, has succeeded in breeding a culture where everything is reasonable, nothing is ever unreasonable just vote your mind, help everyone. Recently Acorn worked to steal an election, lied about it’s intent and received large contracts from government after the party they worked so hard to put in office got voted in – yet we hear almost nothing. I’m not saying Obama would have lost, but do we really know? Consider that more people registered to vote in Detroit Michigan than actually live there. This did not happen in twenty years ago this was not and is not acceptable, nor is the complete radio silence of the media on this issue. Acorn still managed to ruin their false image so badly they are changing their name, but they still got the money. You rarely hear about it because, everything is reasonable in America and our behind the scenes state controlled media is happy with the result.

When you listen to the news and media both left and right leaning, the message is freedom is what made America great, free speech and the right to vote. Of course this is important and it’s a nice feel-good message but the truth is somewhat different from the sales pitch. In reality, the freedom to compete is what made America great. It’s a much colder and more difficult reality but it’s the truth. Freedom to compete gave us car companies which were unmatched. Freedom to compete gave us a powerful retail industry, plentiful energy and companies which were flexible enough to grow and shrink as needed to supply the world with food and goods, anyone with the will and understanding could start a company and succeed against world competition. Freedom to compete gave us the best medical system in the world.

The government has been eroding our freedom to compete from every possible angle for — ever, it’s what governments do. The erosion takes the form of increased load of taxes primarily but more recently our complacence has brought labor laws which fail to recognize the need of companies to fire bad workers, environmental laws which singularly ignore the cost to industry in the face of what is usually a non-existent problem, tax reporting laws which place large financial loads on companies just to do the paperwork, a defective and corrupt legal system with laws too complex for even multiple lawyers to know the ins and outs of combined with massive numbers of police enforcers who fully believe in their own superior morality and of course the lawsuits which leave business owners in constant fear that their lives earnings will be taken away by an uneducated jury for another non-controllable issue.

These are all loads on our freedom, weights around the neck of our competitiveness. These loads have crept in over the years such that our citizens hardly notice. People always have a pet issue, yeah we need a law about putting trash on the lawn or a law about burning wood or barking dogs. Whatever it is, the laws pile up and never get repealed. What do we get in return, a choice to vote and a chance to blog to the world in the hopes that someone get’s it and one more person realizes our pet issues should not be used to press our neighbors into conformity with every detail of our preferred living mode. In other words, not too damn much.

Claiming that free speech, the right to vote and human rights are what make America great, is a small piece of the story. Economic power, the abilty to manufacture, sell and distribute goods are the real keys. It’s a bitterly cold world and our soft children and young adults are unprepared for the frost-bite realities which will face them in 20 years. When energy taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, medical insurance taxes all become overwhelming, the system will crack completely. Socialism is the word for it, you can apply your own ism’s if you want but that’s not the point. The point is, its been tried hundreds and hundreds of times around the world and it doesn’t work — ever. Not once, not ever, yet our newly socialist government, which has the people so confused they don’t even know it is socialist, is importing illegal alien voters from Mexico because they know these people don’t understand what makes America work. They know these people vote for socialism and don’t have any idea that it might be wrong for the government to not provide health care. It’s beyond them to consider that they might get better health care if it’s not pre-paid.

Yesterday was a historic day for America, one of the largest pieces of tax legislation was just passed by the house of representatives under the guise of fighting global warming. Sure it has to go through the Senate and all that so it’s all reasonable, but if that’s what you are thinking – Wake the fuck up idiot! (Appropriate use of the F bomb). My point does not have to do with weather global warming is real, but rather the possibility that this massive shoot yourself in the foot, over-complex legislation has any chance of fixing it either way. On this, reasonable thinking people can agree, it does nothing for global warming. What it does do, and this is what makes it popular amongst the socialist governments such as the UN, is it provides a very obscure mechanism of quid pro quo where carbon can be allocated to constituents in exchange for campaign money, favors or taken away for dis-favor.

There I put it in bold for those of you who didn’t figure it out. Now in a time where we have the number 1 most corrupt government America has ever seen (both parties people) we are watching as our political leaders create a background monetary system whereby preferred energy providers, preferred manufacturers, preferred shipping companies can receive paybacks in exchange for campaign contributions. You don’t believe me? You’d better, consider this story that I’m making up now. Say the situation was UPS was paying too much for fuel and it’s weighing down their company, they agree to use LED lighting on their vehicles and calculate an enormous and bogus savings of CO2, now the can pay off 20 or so senators and maybe 50 representatives in the house to put an amendment in a bill which gives tax rebates that more than cover the expense in exchange for the CO2 reduction effort. The actual quantification of the CO2 will be the selling point because politicians need sales points and since it’s arbitrarily set, it becomes the arbitrary currency of the corrupt. This currency has value people, a lot of value because it gives energy to preferred business in unquantified units which of course come in exchange for campaign contributions. This is exactly how CO2 trading is being used around the world already.

Yet we have the right to vote still, and we still have the right to free speech and still can own guns. However, in a society without critical thinking skills and a media which is unwilling and unable to report any but State requested news, our vote counts for next to nothing. Our glorious leaders are adding another massive load right on the most critical part of our economy to near silence from the public. The very thing which lifted us from starvation of the 1800’s to the powerful and wealthy people we’ve become. The ignorance of it leaves a bitter taste, the foolishness of the public is stunning, and the reality of it is beyond comprehension.

Warmers and eco-nuts don’t understand that this isn’t about CO2, they’re mad it’s not enough to save the world from a couple degrees C but they are an ignorant group of people raised to believe all ideas are equal, all religions are equal, all governments are equal. Many of you will remember Counters, from the Helicity blog who stopped by to explain his ideas from his ecological governance class. He was convinced that government was new and different now and has our best interests at heart. I guessed his age from his first comments because the brainwashing traces were apparent in his every word. I was very angry with him and did not give him space to discuss his ideas because of his ignorance. People like that don’t recognize the EPA’s pre-decision for the corruption it is, most of the people who read here probably predicted it.

So I end where this began, Wake up America, this is not reasonable, be angry, it’s time! Energy taxation is not ok, socialism is not ok, consensus is not ok. If you want your children to starve – move to Cuba or Venesuela don’t give your ignorance to my children. I want my children to live, I want my children to understand, succeed and be free of massive rules and not live in a police state. This is what you’ve turned America into, not through voting one way or another, not by a lack of understanding but by pretending everything is reasonable. You may think – I still have food today so we’ll just wait and see. This is not an acceptable response, be angry people we need to explain to those around us, why we’re angry, why this is happening. Complacence will be the end of freedom for not just the US but the world. We have shown the way, yet our president spends the first months of his term apologizing to evil little governments. If you haven’t written your senator yet, do it and make sure everyone you know does it also.

Our youth and eco-nuts need to have these details explained regularly. Lead them – don’t follow and whatever you do, don’t treat their ideas as equal. Tell a warmer why their an idiot at least once a week it’s good for your heart and the ignorant idealist tree-huggers have had the stage long enough.

36 Responses to “CO2 Currency of Corruption”

  1. Hal said

    I agree with you totally.

    I’m afraid we are doomed, though.

    My 3 kids are in their thirties and care passionately about completely different things, they make fun of their dad’s concern…as in, “just mention global warming and watch him go”. One of their friends is a real greenie, she gushed about how great she felt about “contributing”, by using recycled toilet paper….I pointed out she could stretch it even further by using both sides.

    So between apathy and misguided green convictions, the futuer doesn’t look promising.

    I contacted my congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, heavily into environmentalism, but I knew she would toe the line of that bitch Pelosi, and that asshat Waxman. (no F bomb here)

    I believe that the Senate will provide sanity.

    May the force be with you,

  2. Page48 said

    I do have some hope. I have begun to notice that more and more African-American leaders, who often vote Yea to government expansion, recognize the damage that this bill – or others like it – will do to their constituents. It’s a large voting block. More power to them.

  3. Antonio San said

    “The actual quantification of the CO2 will be the selling point because politicians need sales points and since it’s arbitrarily set, it becomes the arbitrary currency of the corrupt.”

    Next states, regions, cities and communities will be forced to compete for these carbon credits by turning against each others… delation will be the norm and the eco totalitarism will be in full swing: if you think stalinian USSR was hell, just wait.

  4. ThomasL said

    What I’d like to hear some governor say, if this passes the Senate:

    “The government of X does not recognize the authority of the federal government to establish or impose these limits within our sovereign borders. Any business or individual may comply as they choose, but no business or individual will be compelled by this government, nor will this government assist or cooperate with the federal government in any way toward the enforcement of this new law. I want to make it clear now that the this state will not alter or waver in this conviction based on the ruling of any court. We do not recognize the power of any arm of any government to exert this control over the lives of our citizens. If the federal government wishes to make this law binding within our borders, it must do so by force; and bind us with real chains rather than invisible ones.”

    I still have hope.

  5. ThomasL said

    That said, most governors would sell every one of their citizens into slavery for an extra $1b in stimulus money, and then congratulate themselves for being able to make the tough decisions.

  6. Garacka said


    Outstanding commentary. I will be passing this along… and pinging on my Senator now. My congressman was in the tank.

    I would never have imagined that I would be getting as engaged as I am. The legal/policy battles we should be having should be over whether we bend our path +/- 15 degrees, but instead we’re taking a 90 degree turn.

    I was going to say this is unfathomable, but as you’ve commented, what’s going on can be fathomed. So the better descriptor is massive disappointment, that manifests (in me) as anger and frustration.

  7. EJ said

    Great rant,

    I love the currency based on less than 1/100,000 of our atmosphere. Think science is corrupt now, wait until mere labs are trying to verify 1 or 2 ppm of CO2 or your personal waste stream. The first commodity to ever be based on completely selling off everything you will ever do in this country.

    This market is perverse. It is backwards. It will fail. Any questions?


    ‘Beware the fury of a patient man.’

    Utter idiocy indeed.

  8. EJ said

    PS Jeff

    I have read a few places that engineers are not scientists.

    Being an engineer, I would have to beg to differ. Are engineers now nothing more than chicken bone throwers?

    You go DOG! 2 + 2 should = 4!

  9. Jim said

    The EPA story has hit CNet and Slashdot.

    Cnet story

    Slashdot story

  10. wattsupwiththat said

    Hi Jeff, I know the temptation is to diss people whom have wronged us, as Waxman has, but that photo has been altered. Just look at the crop marks (straight line segments with endpoints, classic photoshop select tool) around the left top portion of his head.

    It appears looking at other photos of Waxman that his nose and ears have been altered.

    You may wish to consider another photo.

  11. Gary P said

    What amazes me about the public is the people near my age who talk about retirement as though that is going to be possible. Between the carbon taxes, hyper-inflation, doubling of medical expenses, collapse of medicade and social security, and loss of jobs and collapse of pension plans they are going to be dying in about 10 years. I try to bring these up and they just stick their head in the sand and ignore whats coming.

    The life expectancy for a woman in Zimbabwe went from 64 to about 34 as their economy was destroyed. I could see the starvation coming as soon as Mugumbee’s thugs started stealing the farms.

    My fear is that the public will never wake up and the politicians will be able to play one power block against another in a long slow slide to oblivion. Its how socialism has always worked.

  12. Jeff Id said

    Thanks Anthony, – I didn’t notice and found another one.

  13. John F. Pittman said

    Hydraulic empire
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A hydraulic empire, also known as a hydraulic despotism or water monopoly empire, is a social or government structure which maintains power and control through exclusive control over access to water. It arises through the need for flood control and irrigation, which requires central coordination and a specialized bureaucracy.[1]

    Jeff, this is the world of CO2 control. In ancient times, who controlled the water, controlled lives. Human’s first and “greatest” civilizations were hydraulic monopolies. In today’s world who controls energy, controls the world. Note that this is an artificial coordination at present conditions. It will not necessarily be artificial in the future. It is artificial now, since, if we were allowed to use the coal, tar sands, and natural gas, already known to exist, the US alone has enough to fuel the world for 200 years. But please note another difference.

    In the ancient world, hydraulic empires worked because they produced more human fuel (food). Also, the specialized bureaucracy was actually successful in ensuring better food levels. I am not claiming the b’crats were especially competent; but they were necessary. Another item of interest, is that such empires were known to be corrupt, despotic, and vengeful. If the despot got angry (for real reasons or not), cutting off the water meant starvation. Many such episodes were recorded. Also, in times of drought, those who offered the most “spoils” got the water, poor or unpopular (with the despot) did not. They perished.

    This is what we will be doing to every enterprise, not just business. Odum brothers wrote a great book about man, energy, and environment. The conclusion was unescapable. It is modern man’s ability to use energy to change his environment that has led to such evolutionary success over the biosphere. Man is the “true king of the beasts”. By becoming an energy monopoly, the government will end up choosing the winners and the losers.

    Though they are trying to deny it already, this is the consequence if the bill becomes law. That we will have a brokered (elected officials) despotic regime, it will still be despotic. As a liberal, I find this intentional refusal to acknowledge, that by defintion, the winners and losers will be government chosen, not chosen though ability thoroughly disgusting. The great liberals of the past, recognized that the freedom to compete on equal footing was not just a law, it was a God given right.

    Veiwed in this light, it is easy to see why there is such a push. It is not that they want the power, or the corruptness, they want the control. No, I do not mean that such a system is what Pelosi and others are trying to establish. In a way, it is worse, they do not realize that this will be their legacy if they are successful. Ignorance in an educated society should be unacceptable. Did you see the agenda for one of the AGW conferences where they outline the problems with implementing CO2 in a democratic society. They compare the ease of implementing CO2 control in despotic regimes. They do not (or at least publicly) connect that if you have a despotic mechanism or government, that spoils and control will dominate and you will become that corrupt, despotic hydraulic empire.

    Today, it is energy. We can even see the beginnings of this in the old communist Russia, and today’s Russia. The tanks and guns control the energy. He who controls energy, controls the government. But the ultimate stable point of the system is not freedom. It is control. Democracies are just too free and unfettered to fit in with the UN despotic system. But it appears that democracies are willing to give up freedom for this assumed security. Unfortunately all who have looked at this legislation agree that it will not cure the problem (See the number of Democrats stating such things as this is just the start, we had to do SOMETHING, etc.).

    As Ben Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Was true then; is true now.

    PS: Unless you meant to caricature Waxman, I agree you should change the picture as Anthony suggested.

  14. timetochooseagain said

    5-Sadly one of the few who tried not to turned out to be an adulterous liar. We seem to be more screwed every day.

  15. timetochooseagain said

    13-Or, as Alexander Hamilton said “Power over a man’s subsistence amounts to power over his will”.

  16. Hal said

    Changing the picture did not require changing the caption.

    All this talk about socialism taking over. Remember you are only talking about the US. There are other nations in this world who are taking a much more enlightened view of CO2:


  17. timetochooseagain said

    16-True, but many of us a happen to actually live in the US. No offense to other countries, but we aren’t so directly effected by what they do…

  18. Squidly said

    I just made a quick trip around the NEWSberry pole (,,,, etc…). NOT A SINGLE HEADLINE CONCERNING THIS BILL!!!

    I wrote perhaps one of the strongest emails to CNN News that I have ever written to anyone. I am sooooo outraged!!! Passage of one of the biggest, most important, most destructive pieces of legislation to ever hit Congress in U.S. History, and not a fricken word from media outlets!

    I am livid!

  19. hunter said

    When the editors choose to ignore something as important as the so-called cap and trade bill, it is clear they are not interested in an informed public or honest debate.

  20. Page48 said

    RE: #18, “Passage of one of the biggest, most important, most destructive pieces of legislation to ever hit Congress in U.S. History, and not a fricken word from media outlets!”

    LOL – The media considered Michael Jackson’s demise sooooooooooooooo much more important than the Climate Bill.

    My mother had a bad night last Thursday so I was up, literally, all night long. The media carried the MJ story live, literally, all night long. I was appalled, literally, all night long.

  21. chris y said

    Jeff Id, I ran across an interesting article today. Power Engineering June 2009, page 6. In it, David Walsh, of Mitsubishi Power Systems, claims that upgrades to existing coal power plants in the U.S. could, without using one more ton of coal, deliver an additional 50 GigaWatts of power to the grid. The upgrades could be done for less than $1500/kW.

    To put this in perspective, that is the equivalent of 50 new 1.1 GW nuclear reactors, which currently price out at $7000/kW. Renewables, of course, are even more expensive than nuclear power on a delivered energy basis.

    So, here sits an additional energy source, located near load centers and transmission lines, capable of supplying six times more energy than all of the existing U.S. wind turbines combined (28.5 GW at 30% availability), or 25 times more energy than all existing solar systems combined in the U.S. (8.8 GW at 23% availability), with ZERO additional carbon or any other emissions, and a reduced thermal footprint on cooling water sinks, for a fraction of the cost of any alternative.

    I will be bombarding my two FL senators with information over the summer months. I think Martinez, a republican who is not running again, is leaning towards supporting crap and tax.

    Man this bill pisses me off. Minority leader Boehner said it well- “Hey, people deserve to know what’s in this pile of s–t.”

  22. timetochooseagain said

    Chris Y-I too will join you in bombarding Nelson and Martinez. I’m not so sure that your info on Martinez is correct (I know that Charlie, who is planning on replacing him, certainly would. Gag.) but it makes me even more motivated.

  23. Squidly said

    Hunter, right your are! It’s just a shame…

    Page48, first, I very much hope your mother is well … as for me, I am sick of the MJ crap more than I can say, and to have that story trump any information about this Congressional vote, is beyond deplorable. I have written to every major media outlet conveying my disapproval and reminding them that I do have a clicker for my TV.

  24. Jeff Id said

    #20 I hope your mother recovers soon, family is everything. Don’t show her the news.

  25. Matt Y. said

    I love how they slipped the vote in on a Friday afternoon… saving themselves the embarassement of a 400 point drop in the stock market. Gutless. If they are so damned proud of this job killing abomination, then don’t hide from it, and it’s consequences. Take a bow and tell us how you are saving the planet. Chicken-shit bastards.

  26. Ron H. said

    Not even Greanpeace supports this disaster for God’s Sake!

  27. Antonio San said

    #11, Gary P. wrote: “The life expectancy for a woman in Zimbabwe went from 64 to about 34 as their economy was destroyed.”

    It is well known those who ignore history are easier to manipulate…

    Few quotes from the Yves Lenoir book:

    “Since these mysteries are beyond my understanding, let’s pretend I rule them” Jean Cocteau, poet

    “politics is a certain way to agitate peoples before using them” Talleyrand, politician

    “The observation of the reality suppresses the so called frontier between meteorology and climatology, between weather and climate” Prof. Marcel Leroux

  28. Ralph B said

    While thankfully this bill looks like it will not pass the Senate, it looks too much like history repeating itself. See this for how 1929 and the present compare.

  29. Page48 said

    RE: #’s 23, 24

    Thanks for asking. My mother is just very elderly. She cut her leg on her wheelchair a few years ago and the wound has grown and won’t heal despite the efforts of the wound care docs. Every now and then it pains her all night and she won’t stay in bed. She’s a chain smoker & falls asleep sitting in her wheelchair, so I have to sit up with her to make sure she doesn’t burn us down.

    An aside about Medicare since we’re on the elderly. A few months ago I had to switch her internist because she just couldn’t get along with the guy. My dermatologist recommended someone he liked but the receptionist for the new guy said flatly he was not taking new Medicare patients when I called. My derm-guy intervened and the internist took her on, but I’m afraid we’re going to start seeing more and more of this is the gov’t keeps cutting Medicare payments.

    In light of the Medicare cuts (which are well known to the public), I’m amazed that so many boomers, who’ll be hitting 65 soon and represent a huge portion of the voting block, still support gov’t intervention in health care. They’re signing their own death warrants, IMO.

    My mother is actually one of the lucky ones. She’ll probably be long gone by the time things get really hairy for the elderly. I don’t know what the rest of us will do if we can’t afford to fly to the Caribbean or Mexico, where American docs will no doubt set up shop, for routine treatment.

    Still don’t get the attitude of the boomers. Never will. Hopefully they’ll wake up to the reality soon.

    Thanks again for asking about my mother.

  30. Jeff Id said


    My mom’s a nurse semi-retired. She started doing home care nursing about a year ago where she took care of surgical wounds. One thing she did (on her own) was to start applying a clear aloe from a bottle to the wounds – and it worked. She healed several people that had lived with the wounds for very long times. Now this wasn’t according to doctors instructions and it drove me nuts for that reason but it got results for people with really serious wounds that weren’t healing. Since it’s just aloe, maybe you could ask her doc if it’s ok. You have to go to walgreens or something, it’s not super-easy to find. – Just a suggestion, I’m an engineer not a doctor 😉

  31. Page48 said

    Jeff – thanks for the suggestion. I’ll ask the doc.

  32. david_a said

    Another plant oil which works very well on burns is lavender oil. Bergamot oil is also a very good bactericide.

    I’ve used these on myself and my kids.
    I am not a doctor.
    Just a finance quant

  33. curious said

    Not sure where the best place is for this but I’d like to flag up this post:

    Seems to read ok to me. Also thanks Chris Y above re: potential improvements to current infrastructure.

  34. Jeff Id said

    #33 I read the link, but I disagree with the conclusions. He’s not seeing the purpose of the carbon tax from the politicians and carbon traders perspective. This gives them a concealable and controllable quid-pro-quo on the most important part of our economy. Its already been used, how did Nancy Pelosi convince alleged Republican Mark Kirk in a closed door meeting to vote for this evil monster of a bill.

    Now his example centered on the electric industry and completely missed the transport, oil, plastics and every other industry which will be much harder hit. This will raise costs on everything in a hidden tax controlled completely by those in power.

  35. Mark T said

    It’s even more pervasive, nay, invasive, than a VAT since the tax is implemented without any need for accounting at every level of the supply chain.


  36. nofreewind said

    regarding the recycled energy post.

    The average household uses 1,000 kWh/mo – so that comes to $14/month, however residential use is only 1/3 of electricity use, the other 2/3 split evenly between industrial and commercial. So the tax is actually $42/household because it will likely be passed on. That equals $500/household per year, which i believe is quite significant, because it will be an enormous tax on our middle class. Also the renewable energy mandates are also going to raise our electricity, in both electricity cost and our national debt with all the Federal tax credit, plus there are also state and local exemptions. It is all very very expensive with very little to show for it, except enormous spinning wheels that damage our environment and scenery, producing very little useful electricity. It takes about 5,000 wind turbines to porduce the MWhours of one two tower 2400 MW nuclear plant, and that doesn’t even do it, because the power turbines produce is erratic, unreliable and non-dispatchable. They simply don’t work.

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