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Fantastic High Resolution Video of Sea Ice

Posted by Jeff Id on July 9, 2009

This link is provided by Bremen Universtity and utilizes the ASMR-E sensors to compute the sea ice.  I recommend right clicking and downloading to your harddrive for viewing.  The files are only 20mb in size so the download time isn’t that long.   The advantage of these videos over my own is a much higher resolution which really reveals the flow patterns of the sea ice.   You can see the currents in the Arctic push in through the Bearing strait melting away the ice in the summer.    Thanks to DeWitt Payne for emailing the link.

Arctic Sea Ice Video

Antarctic is below.

Antarctic Sea Ice Video

These guys deserve some credit for putting up such excellent videos.

4 Responses to “Fantastic High Resolution Video of Sea Ice”

  1. Jim said

    Here is a good map of the ocean currents.

  2. timetochooseagain said

    Off topic, but I feel like raising Jeff’s blood pressure:

  3. curious said

    Interesting sounding paper flagged up by Adam Soereg comment 22 on CA “Christy et al 2009: Surface Temperature Variations in East Africa” thread:

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