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Know Your Data — Antarctic Temperature Stations

Posted by Jeff Id on July 19, 2009

I’ve been working on an area weighted version of the Antarctic reconstruction, mostly unsuccessfully. In doing that, I needed to redo my previous work using Ryan’s software and data to insure everything matches. As part of a quality check, I had to make a video of the surface station availability per year which gives a good feel for when ground data is available. This video includes both manned (pre-1982) and automatic surface station data. Click to play.

The video is made by looking at the satellite grid points and finding the nearest active surface station data. The result is a set of polygons representing the closest distance to a surface station.

temp stations


One Response to “Know Your Data — Antarctic Temperature Stations”

  1. SecureUser said

    Maybe it should be narrated by Sesame Street’s “The Count”.

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