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Not Developing Nations

Posted by Jeff Id on August 24, 2009

One of the most frustrating terms invented by the progressive movement is the term ‘Developing Nation’. In it implies the obviously false assumption that undeveloped nations have somehow been repressed or unlucky. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, undeveloped nations are almost always the most totalitarian governments in existence. Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Iran, the success is proportional to the freedom of the people. You can’t sell cars to poor farmers making less than $1/day.

Well Africa finally stepped up to the climate change handout bag looking for 67 Billion dollars. Equivalent to 216 dollars from every American man woman and child to support the cause of climate change.

Africa wants $67 bln a year in global warming funds

ADDIS ABABA, Aug 24 (Reuters) – African leaders will ask rich nations for $67 billion per year from 2020 to cushion the impact of global warming on the world’s poorest continent, according to a draft resolution seen by Reuters on Monday.

Environment and agriculture ministers from several nations are meeting at African Union (AU) headquarters in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to try to agree a common stance before a U.N. summit on climate change in Copenhagen in December.

Experts say Africa contributes little to the pollution blamed for warming, but is likely to be hit hardest by the droughts, floods, heatwaves and rising sea levels forecast if climate change is not checked.

From the worlds Rich!!!! That’s you people, and a family of four in the us would fork over $800 for African’s development aspirations.

“This is the time for Africa to aggressively engage to ensure that climate change is effectively addressed,” Jean Ping, chairman of the AU Commission, told delegates.

“Africa’s development aspirations will be destroyed unless steps are taken to arrest the impact of climate change.”

The draft resolution, which must still be approved by the ministers, called for rich countries to pay at least $67 billion annually to counter the impact of global warming in Africa.

Development aspirations, if you have development aspirations, FREE THE PEOPLE!

Developing nations accuse the rich of failing to take the lead in setting deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, and say they are trying to get the poor to shoulder more of the burden of emission curbs without providing aid and technology.

BULL. It’s another opportunity to subsidize communism and Muslims in other countries while simulteneously adopting the same economy crushing policies the US. Well the Africans aren’t stupid are they, — ‘Show me the money!’

Here’s a list of countries working together on this resolution:Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria and Uganda.

All your favorites.

20 Responses to “Not Developing Nations”

  1. Page48 said

    Man – talk about piling on! Didn’t China want the developed world to pay them something for something a while back (it had something to do with AGW and the one baby rule, but I can’t remember the particulars).

    Is the general idea in all of these reparations for anybody and everybody meant to raise up the undeveloped world or just to bring us all back down to the level of the Stone Age? I guess it depends on your perspective.

  2. Jeff Id said


    The thing that winds me up is the assumption that all governments are created equal. Half the governments on the list are dictatorships disguised as democracies, the other half have been mired in tribal wars. Why should we support these people until they get their governments together? It’s like you said, they want to pull us down to their level. Unfortunately, like greenpeace, that’s what Obama wants as well.

  3. Page48 said

    “called for rich countries to pay at least $67 billion annually to counter the impact of global warming in Africa.”

    I guess they don’t understand that once our economic infrastructure is thoroughly destroyed there isn’t going to be any “annually.”

    You usually only get to “spread the wealth” around once with a massive economic revolution (ask the Russians, if they’re talking).

  4. Page48 said

    RE: #2, “The thing that winds me up…..”

    It all winds me up, but I’m too tired to get worked up at the moment, if you know what I mean.

    On the bright side, I just divested myself of my last (that I know of) radically green friend. This condescending woman had sent me annoying literature for a year. Why should I be friendly with people who talk seriously of jailing me and my (to use on of their favorite words)ilk just for exercising free speech? Enough!

    I feel so free. (LOL)

  5. timetochooseagain said

    Is there some better term? I agree that the baggage is bad, but the Marxists control the language now, and have for a long time…how would we possibly replace it?

    I sometimes say “Third World” and get the distinct impression that this is considered a no-no now. Sometimes I even find myself using the developed/developing terminology.

  6. Page48 said

    RE: #5, “Is there some better term?”

    Given that a lot of these nations are/have been in a state of perpetual “development” that never seems to get anywhere, why not just use an old fashioned term and call them POOR.

    Just a thought.

  7. Jeff Id said

    #5, My own preference is probably less PC than you might prefer in a college environment. At least if she’s someone you may want to talk to again. hehe.

    So then my profound thought for the night, or maybe the year.

    Human equality intrinsically states government is not qualified to judge. Government equality does not follow and demands human judgment.

  8. DeWitt Payne said

    Ignoring the fact that this sort of thing has never worked in the past (see the history of the IMF e.g.), why would anyone think that most of the money wouldn’t end up in a few selected individuals off shore bank accounts? That much money would corrupt a saint.

  9. Jeff Id said

    Saint Jeff. We can only hope!

  10. Jorge said

    This is a new national version of the old saying.

    Let´s share out all the money and when I´ve spent mine we can share it out again. Of course, if we all spend our share there won´t be any money to share the second time round.

  11. Amabo said

    People who don’t want to share their wealth with me are egoistical jerks who don’t know what it’s like to be really lazy.

  12. Peter S said

    Nations are like people. So I think ‘arrested development’ would be an appropriate term to apply both to Third World countries and those who are attracted to left-wing politics.

    Finding accomplices is a good way of never needing to grow up.

  13. “Calling for rich countries to pay” – as if US is foolish enough to pay from its own pocket.

  14. Antonio San said

    Why not after all?
    The ecototalitarism needs some cheap soldiers to finish off the deniers…

  15. timetochooseagain said

    7. Hey, Jeff remembers I’m an engineering student! Cool!

    I liked the joke, but I’m not to worried about relationships. The biological imperative is not imperative to me. At least not right now.

  16. I wonder how much of that $67b a year can be skimmed off into the Swiss bank accounts of the various despots running these countries?
    I wonder how the “At least $67b” was calculated and how it breakdowns per country and for what purpose?
    Perhaps something like this?
    “Uganda, $5b to raise level of sea defences to prevent inundation of Kampala”

  17. Jamie said

    Just look at how much Arafat had banked when he croaked. Oh, and his wife living in a $50,000 a month apartment in Paris.

  18. Antonio San said

    Jeff, it is clear to me that a global culling is preparing, with the help of western “democracies”. The polarization “believers” versus “deniers” will culminate with a mondial civil war and the repression of those that will be perceived as an obstacle to saving the planet.
    Beware, just as the French revolution started, one day we’ll read in the newspaper, that a scientist was shot or something of that style. That will be the signal.

  19. Re 5: Terminology: Jeffrey Sachs uses the term “HIPC – Highly Indebted Poor Countries” – of course it’s not their fault.

    Re 13: US foolish enough to pay: When Obama was senator he introduced the Global Poverty Relief Act in 2007 and guess what – that was going to force the US to pay $65 billion per year (I wonder how the AU came up with almost exactly the same amount).

    See for a more detailed look at Africa’s demands.

  20. EWCZ said

    Actually I can’t blame Africans for wanting to get their money share from the anti-AGW lunacy.
    Because the green gurus in fact suggest that the poor and undeveloped countries should remain so for the sake of saving the planet. Forget about industry. Forget about clean water in pipes – we maybe will send you such magic straws through which you may suck the muddy water and survive. No technical solutions for you, just keep it low and “sustainable”. The “FairTrade” projects often contain strings attached in the form of not using any fertilizers or mechanization, just hoes and hands.

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