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Climate Chains

Posted by Jeff Id on August 28, 2009

Being skeptical about the science is one thing but I’m a denier about the solutions. Here’s a trailer which was fun to watch. The real scam of global warming isn’t the exaggerated science, it’s the solution.


Climate Chains Trailer - Click for YouTube

6 Responses to “Climate Chains”

  1. harold said

    I totally agree with the clip Jeff.
    Climate Chains … Coming Soon.

  2. Antonio San said


    “The Spirituality of Eco-Justice
    Saturday, September 5, 2009 @ 9:45 am

    You are invited to join Dr. Christopher Lind to explore the spirituality of eco justice and how Christians can express and act on our faith valuing the earth as God’s sacred creation. Dr. Lind will make a presentation on this subject followed by time for group discussion and interaction.

    Dr. Christopher Lind is a Senior Fellow of Massey College at the University of Toronto.

    From 2003 to 2006 he served as Director of the Toronto School of Theology. The Toronto School of Theology is one of the largest and most diverse ecumenical theological cooperatives in North America. From 1985 until 2003 he was based in Saskatoon, first as Professor of Church & Society and then as President of St. Andrew’s Theological College. A lay Anglican, from 2000 to 2003 he also served as President of the amalgamated St. Andrew’s College and St. Stephen’s College in Saskatoon and Edmonton, sponsored by the United Church of Canada.

    Dr. Lind holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University in Philosophy and Political Science, a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity College and a PhD in Theology from the University of St. Michael’s College specializing in Ethics and Economics. He has authored or co-edited five books in the areas of Ecumenical Social Ethics, Globalization and Agriculture, Mission and Theology. Dr. Lind has distinguished himself as an ethicist and theologian over 30 years of an academic career. His employment and career path are expressions of his vocation as a leader in personal, institutional, and social transformation.

    Vancouver, Christ Church Cathedral”

  3. Carl Wolk said

    That preview featured three members of the Competitive Enterprise Institute – Myron Ebell, Marlo Lewis, and Chris Horner. I interned there over the summer, and CEI has some brilliant, honest guys who do great work on environmental issues. If you’re interested, here’s a piece Myron Ebell wrote up on Jefferson, placed in David Hannan’s collumn.

  4. Todd said

    The full documentary-short will be finished this week and marketed/distributed in the first weeks of October.

    For more questions/inquiries, follow up with me at Cascade Policy Institute.

  5. Jeff Id said

    #4 if you have a link or a short description you would like advertised, email me at the jeffid1 at gmail dot com.

  6. Todd said

    Full documentary is available to be viewed at

    Check it out and send to friends!

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