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Ice Melt

Posted by Jeff Id on September 2, 2009

Well since the ice is melting again, we expect to hear the Arctic alarmism all summer.  It’s been a disappointing year that way leading into the Copenhagen one world festival.  I expected more.

Still as we approach the annual minimum Arctic sea ice.  In somewhat belated fashion a news article this morning like so many others has declared that global warming is worse than expected.  I’m not going to write climate change as a replacement for AGW. Apparently a new study guesses at feedbacks again and finds the same thing everyone else being paid to study global warming.  It’s worse than we thought.

If it’s always worse than we thought, how can it still be unexpected?

GLAND, SWITZERLAND — (Marketwire) — 09/02/09 — The new report, Arctic Climate Feedbacks: Global Implications, outlines dire global consequences of a warming Arctic that are far worse than previous projections. Peer-reviewed by the world’s top climate scientists, this report reinforces that there’s no time to waste in tackling climate change, because this meltdown will have major implications for people around the world – not just in the Arctic.

The reason the article caught my attention was some of the gorgeous quotes from those being paid to ‘study’.

“Think of the Arctic as the refrigerator for the planet that helps keeps global warming at bay,” said Craig Stewart, Director of WWF-Canada’s Arctic program. “Right now, we’re melting the ice in the chiller and the gas escaping is one of the most potent greenhouse gases in existence. Not only are we turning off the fridge, these feedbacks mean we’re using it to heat our house.”

Besides the fact that the ‘fridge’ is a heat pump and does heat your house, how is that for an analogy. The Arctic is the earths refrigerator, and the Antarctic is apparently unrelated.

Check out though what the reporter wrote here.

The Arctic is warming at twice the global average causing the dramatic loss of sea ice. Nearly 40% of sea ice that was present in the 1970s was lost by 2007, which will severely influence atmospheric circulation and weather in the Arctic and beyond. The warming of the Arctic is projected to change temperature and precipitation patterns in Europe and North America, affecting agriculture, forestry and water supplies.

The sea ice was melted by a change in weather pattern and it melts by more than 40% every year??! I put the Jaxa graph below for those like me who constantly follow sea ice. And global sea levels will rise by more than expected, in a First of it’s kind (this year month) assessment that could force people to build new buildings for the second time this century and move all their worldly possessions more than a kilometer inland.

In a first-of-its kind assessment, incorporating the fate of the ice sheets of Greenland and West Antarctica into global sea level projections, the WWF report concludes that sea-levels will very likely rise by more than one meter by 2100 – more than twice the amount given in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 assessment. The associated flooding of coastal regions will affect more than a quarter of the world’s population.


Sea ice extent Jaxa Sept 09 - We still have a chance to beat 05

This one says it all, we’ve heard it before but never straight from the Butt.  It’s nice when people are finally honest.

“People here in Canada and around the world are going to see significant negative change if we don’t act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Gerald Butts, President and CEO of WWF-Canada. “This is why our federal government needs to be a leader in Copenhagen because the future of the Arctic is the future of Canada.”

Lead on great government of Canada, we’ll send you our best from Obama and attach a financial thermostat to the earth. A great big knob that regulates CO2 by increasing poverty at the whims of an unaffected wealthy bureaucrat.

“We need to listen now to these signals from the Arctic” said James Leape, Director General of WWF-International. “World leaders need to take the necessary action in Copenhagen this December to get a deal that quickly and effectively limits greenhouse gas emissions.”

I really do hate the constant alarmism, especially from advocates who pretend to be unmotivated by the millions of dollars and cushy jobs. The alarmists are driven by money and politics does nothing for the science.  I question whether this study actually is science at all, something that deserves serious consideration when all conclusions are on the extreme end of the spectrum.  The whole field seems hopelessly corrupted with government money, all for the true political goal of suppression of the western lifestyle which even the most disingenuous leftist has to admit will lead to increased world poverty.

This from the CEO of Greenpeace in a unique moment of leftist honesty.

Leipold said later in the BBC interview that there is an urgent need for the suppression of economic growth in the United States and around the world. He said annual growth rates of 3 percent to 8 percent cannot continue without serious consequences for the climate.

The article is here :Warming Arctic’s Global Impacts Worse Than Predicted

17 Responses to “Ice Melt”

  1. Jeff Id said

    Some allegedly reviewed study says ice free Arctic in 2015.

    I can’t find the paper but that’s pretty special.

  2. Andrew said

    “The warming of the Arctic is projected to change temperature and precipitation patterns in Europe and North America, affecting agriculture, forestry and water supplies.”

    America is in North America. The Arctic is supposed to have warmed some in the last century. This is what happened to agriculture:

    What a catastrophe.

  3. Andrew said

    Jeff, can you dig that out of the filter? Thanks.

  4. Jeff Id said

    Cool graph, I’ll keep that around for when we discuss the doom of climate change and people suggest we stop using energy. I wonder sometimes where they think food comes from. The real doom of climate change will be the ice age. Hurricanes and flooding even of the magnitudes the advocate scientist suggest are nothing in comparison.

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  6. timetochooseagain said

    Another thing which is ignored, is 1. We can genetically engineer crops to be more drought and/or temperature resistant. Corn and Sugar Cane are closely related, and Sugar Cane grows in much warmer climates.

    There are even existing crops that could easily replace corn. Soy beans. Sorghum. To claim that we can’t easily adapt to climate when it comes to agriculture is just absurd.

    And if you like that graph:

    Is full of great info like that.

  7. stan said

    “Peer-reviewed by the world’s top climate scientists”

    This doesn’t necessarily make it wrong, but that would be the most likely case. Assuming someone wanted an accurate study, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have it reviewed by people with a track record of honesty, accuracy, and quality control?

  8. Ryan O said

    I wish I could say that reporting is “worse than we expected”. Unfortunately, the bar has been set very low. 😀

  9. timetochooseagain said

    8-Indeed. But it is up to us to “intrude with the facts” (to quote Oby Boy).

  10. woodNfish said

    Actually, I don’t think warming has anything to do with that corn and wheat chart (Andrew 12:42 pm)as much as the implementation of modern farming methods using fertilizer and pesticides and the many industrial uses of corn as a sweetener, etc, and for ethanol production. I’m pretty sure corn has many more industrial uses than wheat which is why there is such a large difference – it’s a response to the market. Ain’t capitalism great?

  11. Andrew said

    10-Yes, exactly. But the point is that if there were going to be a decline in agricultural yield from warming, it should have happened by now. And it didn’t. Because to the extent that it did impact agriculture, people easily adapted.

  12. Curt said

    There’s lots of stuff to love in that report. One of the first things that caught my eye was the chart “Minimum arctic summer sea ice extent” in the section “Sea Ice Declining” on page 8. It compares “Observation” to “IPCC Estimate”, with, of course, the observation decreasing much faster than the estimate, and going outside the lower confidence limits.

    But look closely at the graph. The first IPCC report was in 1990, and the graph shows the observations already basically at the lower confidence limit — it looks that for the year 1990 itself, it was well outside the limit. So even if these “estimates” were from the first IPCC report, they were already invalid when they were made.

  13. The Diatribe Guy said

    #1 – I thought all the ice was going to be gone by 2013. They’ve already conceded and pushed the end of the world back a couple years? That didn’t take long.

  14. ahmed said

    i try many time to help other some time i try to help African poor kids other time i help old people and now i try to help my country .

    REPLY: This message is spam, however if you want to help african poor kids get jobs tell them to get rid of their crap socialist governments. duh!

  15. The Diatribe Guy said

    You want to help world hunger? Stop sending them food. Don’t send them another bite, send them U-Hauls. Send them a guy that says, “You know, we’ve been coming here giving you food for about 35 years now and we were driving through the desert, and we realized there wouldn’t BE world hunger if you people would live where the FOOD IS! YOU LIVE IN A DESERT!! UNDERSTAND THAT? YOU LIVE IN A DESERT!! NOTHING GROWS HERE! NOTHING’S GONNA GROW HERE! Come here, you see this? This is sand. You know what it’s gonna be 100 years from now? IT’S GONNA BE SAND!! YOU LIVE IN A DESERT! We have deserts in America, we just don’t live in them!”

  16. The Diatribe Guy said

    Huh. Removed my Sam Kinison tags. And my expletive deleted tags…

  17. Jeff Id said

    #16 I wonder what happened?

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