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Lucy Skywalker’s Work Get’s Published

Posted by Jeff Id on September 30, 2009

The saga continues with a temperature presentation showing (amazingly) no hockey stick temperatures for Yamal. Check out the post on WUWT, it looks oddly similar to Lucy Skywalkers recent post on tAV criticized by Tamino and his brown shirt attack dogs.

The presentation is” Cumulative effects of rapid climate and land-use changes on the
Yamal Peninsula, Russia
by D.A. Walker, M.O. Leibman, B.C. Forbes, H.E. Epstein. (click link for PDF)

Here’s what Tamino has to say:

As for Steve McIntyre’s latest: I’m really not that interested. He just doesn’t have the credibility to merit attention. I have way better things to do.

I’ll just do him the favor of a translation for those who don’t grasp Tammie’s angry leftist advocacy.

McIntyre is right again, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to publicly admit it.


15 Responses to “Lucy Skywalker’s Work Get’s Published”

  1. MikeN said

    I haven’t done an anomaly chart, but a 5 year average shows no temperature gain at Salehard either.

  2. MikeN said

    I noticed WolframAlpha will plot temperature graphs for temperature stations. It should be able to do smoothing and anomalies as well.

  3. Jeff, you’re too kind with that title. What Anthony did was compare AGU’s presentation to my “Circling the Arctic” page, with a hyperlink.

  4. Jeff Id said

    I titled it like that because they did a very similar graphic to your post and came to a very similar conclusion in the Yamal area. Anyway, after the crap you took, it’s important that people recognize your work was of good quality.

  5. MikeN said

    Lucy, the dragonflytrust e-mail on your website didnt work.

  6. rephelan said

    Gra… sorry… “Tamino” seems to have been laid low with an injury that requires him to request his wife to type in his two-liner dismissals. I guess he broke some of his fangs while reading SM’s work at Climate Audit. I’ve always wondered what it would look like when a viper choked on its own venom…

  7. Paul said

    The same author used Salehard staion when they did an updated Yamal proxy.

  8. John said

    You are quite right Jeff, Tamilno has given the classic response of someone who cannot disagree with the conclusions reached but does not like them…..ignore them is all that is left.

    What a nasty piece of work.

  9. MikeN, email action (at) That was the website contact the last time I looked, others used it ok but I’ll check.

    Jeff, thanks for the support. I thought it was amazing that Tamino deigned to write three pieces against me, it looks like I hit a raw nerve and he’s still recovering. I like Jeremy’s call at WUWT to Tamino encouraging him that even now it would give Tamino (and other AGW addicts) more peace of mind to admit doubts. The Twelve-Step Program, I’d add.

  10. I’ve just updated my Yamal page, adding Francis Turner’s map of treering proxy site locations.

  11. MikeN said

    Is there a closer station in the Russian database at

  12. MikeN said

    The link doesn’t work anymore.

  13. MikeN said

    Graphing annual anomalies shows cooling in the 1960 and warming since then but 1985 on is fairly level. Also the summer and winter anomalies have a huge variation, and summertime does not show the same temperature rises. All show cooling in the 1960s.

  14. Rick Clark said

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