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Elightened Carbon Neutral Shipping

Posted by Jeff Id on October 8, 2009

Consumers are increasingly looking for companies that are enlightened about their climate impact and are doing something positive about it. Using UPS carbon neutral shipping lets you demonstrate your environmental commitment, and enables you and your package recipients to share in that commitment.


UPS carbon neutral shipping

Gain more control over your climate impact with UPS carbon neutral shipping, a UPS shipping service that offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) associated with the packages it transports.

Ship carbon neutral

Package shipping you can feel good about
You probably realize that transporting your goods and shipping your packages produces emissions that many believe contribute to global climate change. What you may not realize is that there is now a way to mitigate those effects. UPS carbon neutral shipping empowers you to take action to offset the impact of carbon emissions that results from your shipping.

Additionally, UPS will match the carbon offsets purchased for the first $1 million through 2010. It’s a deeper commitment toward managing our climate impact.

How UPS can help you reduce your climate impact
Whether you ship hundreds of packages daily or only ship occasionally, you can use verified carbon neutral shipping to offset the climate impact.

Want to do more? Check out other ways that UPS helps individuals and businesses become greener, from reducing paper and greening up packaging to making supply chains more efficient.

Projects that positively impact the planet
We purchase high quality Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), and Climate Action Reserve (CAR) verified offsets, as well as European Union Allowances and Certified Emission Reduction offsets.

When you choose UPS, you are selecting a company that has already made great strides to reduce its own impact. Check out our comprehensive commitment to sustainability.

Understanding your CO2 impact
Measuring your climate impact can be complicated. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are produced directly by some of your actions, such as driving your car. But other activities produce emissions indirectly, like using electricity in your home, or shipping goods and documents. Learn more about different types of emissions and how UPS calculates how much CO2 is produced by your shipping.


Send your guilt money to the carbon credit market, no it has no effect on CO2 output.  Save the earth.

7 Responses to “Elightened Carbon Neutral Shipping”

  1. Jeff Id said


    Your comment went to the spam filter and I accidentally deleted it. I was able to copy and paste from the cash below.


    Just remember- UPS=Unionized, FedEx=Not.

    And since I’m in line commenting already, my company called fed ex to switch from DHL. We received 3 callbacks telling us they would call back. They never did. – really!!

    We spend plenty of money shipping, these guys should have called.

  2. Gordon Ford said

    Carbon Offsets are now $0.10 per tonne on the Chicago Exchange. How much is UPS charging its customers?

  3. rephelan said

    If someone is stupid enough to pay for carbon-neutral shipping, then by all means, let him pay for carbon-neutral shipping. Just don’t try to charge me for it.

  4. AEGeneral said

    This is obviously a direct response to Fred Smith’s endorsement of — not cap & trade — a carbon tax.

    I lost all respect for him several months ago. I don’t know that this was widely reported:

    I don’t believe for a minute that he actually believes the bs he’s spewing. He said this because it would give Fedex a competitive advantage:

    “We would support, if the Congress in the United States wants to do it, a carbon tax,” he said. “It’s straightforward. It’s clear. It’s directly related to the sin, which is the production of CO2, the burning of carbon. I agree very much with former vice president Al Gore, who said, ‘Tax carbon, which you don’t want to have, and reward work, which you do want to have.’ Tax carbon and reduce the payroll tax.”

    It’s getting to where I can’t even boycott anyone anymore. I’ve purposely boycotted Fedex at my job since Fred Smith had the audacity to utter these words for the sole purpose of profiteering. Nevermind the effects a carbon tax would have on the middle class, eh Fred? But you’ll get your money because that’s all you’re concerned about.

    Sheesh, no one has the guts to stand up to this fraud.

  5. Adam Gallon said

    Nice to see how deep there commitment goes, just to the first million bucks.

  6. Hal said

    I didn’t think the Nobel Peace prize could be devalued more than by giving it to Gore. But this takes the cake, the idiotic Norwegian parliament gave it to B. Hussein Obama, in hope of enticing him to shift even more left (if that is possible).

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    BTW title needs he letter N in place 2; the link to chiefIO is i before e (the link works fine)

  7. Jamie said

    Ok, well, one more reason to use FedEx.

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