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Climate Chains

Posted by Jeff Id on October 15, 2009

Climate chains is a 25 minute professionally produced show which counters the doom and gloom global warming scenarios presented in so many many outlets.  This video is refreshingly limited in its approach to reporting scientific claims which are so often misrepresented in media.  Instead the producers chose to focus on the known drivers behind the global warming movement along with some of the consequences.


Check it out.

3 Responses to “Climate Chains”

  1. kuhnkat said

    Thank you.

  2. Wm.L.Hyde said

    Thanks Jeff, I thought that was very well done.

  3. j ferguson said

    JeffId, if this is too immoderate, moderate away.

    In an ivy covered hall long ago and far away

    “Thanks for coming, Dr. Emanem.”

    “Thanks for asking me. Good afternoon, Dr. Hathaway, colleagues, Miss Brooks. By the way, what is the subject?”

    “The Ring Trilogy.”


    “No, and not Ballantine’s either. We’re here to discuss some issues with your publications.”

    “Mine? What specifically?”

    “Big Al talked to the Chancellor. She called me and shared not only Al’s concern but her’s as well. And frankly, I’m a bit worried. It’s about these blogs. People are taking your publications apart and making your work look sloppy, ill-founded, and maybe even fraudulent. No, no, let me go on a bit, then you can talk. The chancellor has been reading posts and comments at Climate Audit, Blackboard, and a place called the Air Vent. She says their critiques of your work hold water. She asked me to read some of them. I agree.”

    “But Dr., I published in internationally renowned, peer reviewed journals.”

    “That may be, but aren’t those peers, close associates with whom you’ve published other papers?”

    “How else could they be peers?”

    “The university’s concern, and Big Al’s, is the level of criticism where your work is most vulnerable. Your stuff can be challenged effectively at the junior high school level. The fallacies can be described in language understandable even at that level. This is not at all good for the department’s reputation, nor for the university’s, and even more for our future funding support. Big Al says that even he can understand what your critics are saying and feels that if he can, everyone else can too.”

    “This sounds like you think this is a very serious problem.:”

    “It is. You need to address these blog comments immediately, if not sooner, and force the discussion back to at least a graduate level, if you can’t get it back to post-doc where it belongs. If you can convince the blog-world that your work can only be understood at the post-doctoral level and that any lesser comments or criticisms are specious charlatanism, maybe we can rescue our reputations. We don’t care about the fallacies, we just want them to be discernable no lower than graduate level. Big Al needs this done.

    “But sir, we tried that – at Real Climate, our blog.”

    “Well it didn’t fly.”

    “Surely you don’t want me to go onto one of those vagrant sites and personally argue with those unpatriotic denialists?”

    “If not you, someone. And we don’t care if the arguments are logical, speak to any real point, or have anything to do with anything you’ve published. We want the discussion level raised by whatever means you can think of to one that cannot be understood by anyone outside climate science.”

    “I think I’ve got just the man in mind. Dr. T.P., one of our post-docs, the most effective sophist I’ve ever met, knows his stuff and can confuse anyone with seemingly cogent, well reasoned arguments which completely miss the point of the discussion . Let me turn him loose today.”

    “Well for our sake and yours, I hope he works.”

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