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UAH Anomaly Video

Posted by Jeff Id on October 22, 2009

Chad at TreesfortheForest lit a fire under me to get the gridded data from the major temperature metrics downloaded. Here I’ve created a less than perfect video of UAH for the whole record length. Still it’s pretty cool, there will be more improvements to come.

UAH Anomaly 1979 Month - 4

UAH Anomaly Video - Complete LT record - You Tube Link CLICK TO PLAY.

11 Responses to “UAH Anomaly Video”

  1. Chad said

    Nice animation. How did you make it? I figure you had set up a for loop and had R save the image each time step and then used an external program to piece it all together.

  2. Ryan O said

    What’s weird is the fact that the Antarctic and Arctic are almost 180 out of phase. It’s not a seasonal thing, since it changes from month-to-month with both positive and negative modes in a given season.

    The anomalies kind of look like standing waves, TBH.

  3. hey Ryan, that would fit Svensmark very nicely – esp. if the pattern fits (a) cloud cover (b) incoming GCR. Another two projects…

    Jeff that’s a fantastic video, never seen one so well-done. Let Roy Spencer know if you haven’t done so. And, maybe, Svensmark – if Ryan’s pattern is holding up. Shall look again.

  4. actually it looks as if there’s a beat that takes about one second, clockwork regular, suggesting something in the mechanics, either yours Jeff or the satellites or something. But there’s Arctic and Antarctic different anyway that is not the one-second beat.

  5. Aslak said

    It looks like the months have been sorted alphabetically… 1, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4, …, 9

  6. Jeff Id said

    #5 Yeah it got messed up. I’ll improve it over the next couple of days. Yesterday this computer got some kind of worm in it. I’ve got no idea from where but so far it’s been difficult to remove and preventing me from doing any work.

  7. Joel Heinrich said

    And could you please change it to an equal-area projection?

  8. wattsupwiththat said

    This video doesn’t look quite right to me. There seems to be some sort of background oscillation in it. I can’t tell if it is data or rendering induced.

    Jeff could you bundle up all the still images and send them to me? I’d like to try an experiment.


  9. wattsupwiththat said

    OK figured out what the problem is. You have an error in putting together the animation to video. The images are out of sequence. You can see this if you single step through the video. It looks like a sorting artifact on the numerical portion of the file names.

    In your video, years advance, but then months step backwards. This needs to be re-rendered. It will make more sense then.

  10. Jeff Id said


    You’re right. I got my computer running again and am working on re-rendering and verification. Also, I’m going to have an RSS version soon.

  11. it goes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,10,11,12…

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