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Michael Mann, Having an impact

Posted by Jeff Id on November 10, 2009

There was an absolutely fantastic quote from the recent Finnish news program including Steve McIntyre on hockey sticks.  People have bent over backwards from RC and elsewhere to accept an upside down proxy as real data.  It’s been entertaining to say the least.  Here is an excerpt which should bring joy to the hearts of anyone who’s been snipped at RC while trying to discuss real science.

From Finland: url


VO: At least two research teams close to the IPCC added the sediment data collected by Finnish researchers as part of their own paleoclimatic model reconstructions. This was done with agreement, but the Finns were surprised to see that in a study published this September, their data and interpretation of its’ meaning had been turned upside down. Here is the millennial temperature reconstruction from Korttajärvi done by the Finns:VO: And here we have the same data presented by the hockey team:

VO: A nice hockey stick has emerged from the Korttajärvi mud. What in the Finnish study signified cold, had been turned into warmth in the IPCC science and vice versa. This interpretation passed the scientific peer review.

Dr. Atte Korhola, professor of environmental change at the University of Helsinki, is an expert in lake sediment studies.

Atte Korhola: “Some curves and data have been used upside down, and this is not a compliment to climate science. And in this context it is relevant to note that the same people who are behind this are running what may be the world’s most influential climate website, RealClimate. With this they are contributing to the credibility of science – or reducing it. And in my opinion this is alarming because it bears on the credibility of the field, and if these kinds of things emerge often – that data have been used insufficiently or even falsely, or if data series have been truncated or they have not been appropriately published (for replication), it obviously erodes the credibility, and this is a serious problem.”

VO: The author of the September study, Darrell Kaufman, admitted his mistake two weeks ago and sent a correction to the journal Science. But the main author of a previous study, Michael Mann, the father of the original hockey stick, still sticks to the claim that a hockey stick was found at the bottom of lake Korttajärvi.

It’s like a breath of fresh air when things make sense.  The full Finnish video is on YouTube now:

My Finnish is a bit rusty but Steve McIntyre and Dr. Lindzen are both in there.  It’s worth listening to.

9 Responses to “Michael Mann, Having an impact”

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  3. snowflakie said

    I didn’t quite get what was the problem with the upside down proxy they presented. After all, it’s just upside down? The values are the same. Both describe a peak of 140 (units?) in the year 1200 for example.


  4. Jeff Id said

    #3 Yeah they didn’t bother to put minus signs on the Y axis. Michael Mann was more thorough on that point though. New data = old data times -1

  5. Keith W. said

    I have to dispute one point by Dr. Korhola.

    “…it is relevant to note that the same people who are behind this are running what may be the world’s most influential climate website, RealClimate.”

    Based upon web statistics, RealClimate is minor league. Wattsupwiththat and ClimateAudit are doing much better business.

  6. vfwh said

    I have the same problem as Snowflakie – what’s with the “upside-down” thing? It’s just presentation. The data is the same, it’s not converted from cold to hot.

    What’s the deal? There’s enough weird stuff in there not to go and make stupid non-existent “gotchas” like this.

    Did we miss something?

  7. vfwh said

    #4 – where do you get that from? What is the unit on the Y axis on the graph? What is it supposed to show?

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