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Gone for Several Days

Posted by Jeff Id on November 13, 2009

I’m going north to rid the earth of the most evil of all creatures — Deers. We shall celebrate our victory by drinking beer and eating their charred flesh! Do not dispair though. Lately I’ve been given the opportunity to carry a large number of guest posts which should make for some good reading.

Here is an absolutely fantastic post by Tony Brown on the history of thermometers. As always with Tony, it is well researched, professionally written and a very worthwhile read. In days where trees can be thermometers, why don’t we use actual thermometers?

Little Ice Age thermometers – History and Reliability

My view of this next post is which is an open letter reply to another letter written to the US government. The original letter IMO is a politically motivated letter only. It was written by the leaders (fund collectors) of 18 scientific agencies declaring consensus and urging action on climate change. I consider the original 18 agency letter to be full of flat lies and of political origin only. It is absolutely the most unscientific piece of rubbish you can imagine.

In it, the “scientists”(a generous definition) spent a great deal of time lying about climate change impacts finishing by hinting at socialist solutions to all of our problems. Many of these organizations do not represent their members views. Please understand these are my views and not necessarily represented by Dr. AB. However, he has taken the time to put together an open letter of response which will be sent next week.

Open Letter On Climate Legislation

A third post written by a writer who pens under – A Jones is an interesting engineering perspective on electric cars. It’s a good article for engineers which demonstrates that many of the big problems with electric cars had been solved long ago.

Electric Cars

Finally, in case you haven’t read it my post on temperature significance. When people tell you it really not cooling in the last 10 years because of statistical variation, you can point out then by their logic, it hasn’t warmed in the last 17 or 15 (your choice) and link to this post.

No Warming for Fifteen Years?

10 Responses to “Gone for Several Days”

  1. lucia said

    Gosh… don’t you have to age deer before eating? Like beef? Or do you just kill and eat that day, like fish?

  2. woodNfish said

    Shoot a polar bear for me, Jeff.

  3. Jeff Id said

    mmmmm polar bear.

  4. Carrick said

    Why bother going North?

    Down here in Mississippi, we have more of those damned vermin than we know what to do with. You’re welcome to as many as you want.

    The only please I’ve gotten from them was watching the PETA critters march into town a few weeks ago in opposition to this:

    Informational Meeting & Public Hearing Regarding Deer – The City of Oxford is working with the USDA and the MDWFP to assess the extent and impact of the deer population in Oxford. An informational meeting will be held at 6pm, December 3rd at the Oxford Conference Center. A public hearing will be held at 6pm, December 17th at the Oxford Conference Center to allow for public input.

    Those split-hoofed rat-horses do massive damage every year, whether it to be to farmer’s fields or people’s landscapes, or to their cars (deer make great targets, cause they jump out in front of cars when it’s just a few car-lengths away and then FREEZE in the headlights).

    Speaking for myself of the PETA “McCruelty” campaign This just made me hungry and and this even hungrier. (Mm… I love rabbit. Yeah that’s it.)

  5. rephelan said

    Oh God! No! Jeff, please, not BAMBI!

  6. AEGeneral said

    The deer won’t care what kind of pants you’re wearing.

    #5 Just an hour north of you, myself. No one can appreciate how much of a problem those oversized rodents are until they’ve seen firsthand what a deer can do to an oversized piece of fiberglass traveling at 50mph.

  7. Adam Gallon said

    The plural of deer is………….deer!
    Enjoy that venison with a good bottle of red wine!

  8. Eric Jones said

    Hey dude

    Why can’t you and your fellow beer drinking neanderthals divide into two teams and shoot each other. Nothing a yank likes more than a bit of murder.

    [Reply: Try hopping through the forest- I wasn’t able to fill my jackass tag this year either]

  9. […] Eastern; 9.57 pm blog time). The comments appear to have been unnoticed at the time. JEff Id was away deer hunting on Nov 17 and didn’t notice the link on his return, with the first two posts on his return […]

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