Ok it’s blown wide open

I’ve been advised that I don’t need to hide the link. Since this is already being downloaded everywhere, check out the comment at this post:

FOIA said
November 17, 2009 at 9:57 pm e

We feel that climate science is, in the current situation, too important to be kept under wraps.

We hereby release a random selection of correspondence, code, and documents.
Hopefully it will give some insight into the science and the people behind it.


It’s comment #10 – Open Letter On Climate Legislation

37 thoughts on “Ok it’s blown wide open

  1. My belief is that the people behind it do a good job of being reasonable. There are a few ends and means comments but from those of us who know hockey sticks this is much better than anticipated.

  2. If you don’t have md5sum.exe for windows, you should! (If you run linux you probably already use it on a daily basis)

    da2e1d6c453e0643e05e90c681eb1df4 FOI2009.zip

    Accept no substitutes!

  3. I’ve got the CA home page up from about 30 minutes ago. 208 comments on the WSJ Europe thread…. denial of service attack, maybe?

  4. Whomever has the whole archive should post it on a file sharing service like Rapidshare or Megaupload. It appears the FTP link is dead.

  5. “This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector’s Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

    This limit is reached.

    To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector’s Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector’s Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.”

  6. Fascinating reading. Methinks that this is a sign of some member or members on the team trying to do some addition by subtraction. It’ll be interesting to see who is hurt most by these selectively released emails and documents over the next few weeks. Any votes for whom it is? Briffa? Jones? Other?

    1024334440.txt is one of my favorites so far …

    From: Ed Cook
    To: Keith Briffa
    Subject: Re: Esper et al. and Mike Mann
    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 13:20:40 -0400

    Hi Keith,

    Of course, I agree with you. We both know the probable flaws in
    Mike’s recon, particularly as it relates to the tropical stuff. Your
    response is also why I chose not to read the published version of his
    letter. It would be too aggravating. The only way to deal with this
    whole issue is to show in a detailed study that his estimates are
    clearly deficient in multi-centennial power, something that you
    actually did in your Perspectives piece, even if it was not clearly
    stated because of editorial cuts. It is puzzling to me that a guy as
    bright as Mike would be so unwilling to evaluate his own work a bit
    more objectively.


    >I have just read this lettter – and I think it is crap. I am sick to
    >death of Mann stating his reconstruction represents the tropical
    >area just because it contains a few (poorly temperature
    >representative ) tropical series. He is just as capable of
    >regressing these data again any other “target” series , such as the
    >increasing trend of self-opinionated verbage he has produced over
    >the last few years , and … (better say no more)

  7. After doing a lot of reading, I can’t help but feel empathy for some of the climate scientists who are caught in the middle of trying to do climate science while simultaneously having to appease the AGW dogmatists in the field. Being complicit has it’s price and it appears that the price is lately too expensive for at least one member of the team.

  8. WOW!!

    Hey, jeff ya should’a stopped here in the N.L.P.
    I have 5 white tails in my yard! I guess they like the spies.

    I hope this all finishes off the old GW B.S.
    on to more important things like importing oil ETC.

    Thanks, U the Dude!!!!!

  9. Great reading, but also quite disturbing. It is really sad to see Trenberth up to his eyeballs in this. Although he’s a believer, I had thought he was intellectually honest. Turns out he’s just another hack obsessed with message control.

    Notice how many of the emails say things like “I’m packing for the conference in Switzerland” or “sorry I missed your message, I just returned from Hawaii”. Nice work if you can get it.

  10. Another troubling aspect is how these scientists readily scheme back and forth despite their employment by different agencies of different governments. Why is Phil Jones, a UK government employee, sending out marching orders to government hacks in the US, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia?

    I’m very surprised this hasn’t crossed-over to the right-wing blogs yet. I expect that will change in the morning and this will spread like wildfire.

  11. Sounds like MM is a rough person to cross. I found this quote in 1140554230.txt. Sounds like you toe the line or get put down.

    ” I need to diplomatically word all this. I never wanted to criticise Mike’s work in anyway way. It was for that reason that I made little mention to it initially.”

    It’s no surprise some of these folks are following marching orders.

  12. The news is spreading this mourning (pun intended)

    The first human reflex response will be to counter attack and claim e-mails taken out of context. It is extremely problematic for faithfull government employees to abuse trust.
    I don’t have a problem with the claim they must offer that the e-mails having been altered. Send us the unaltered ones and we will be glad to compare.

  13. Number 15, Oh what a beautiful quote.
    I’ll bet there’ll be some very red faces and lots of shuffling & floor-gazing when certain “Climatologists” meet next!

  14. How do you expect real scientists to act when they are assaulted by armchair skeptics? No duh, they get defensive, circle the wagons, talk trash about the people attacking their credibility, and discuss ways to prevent their research being derailed by populist mumbo jumbo and pseudoscience.

    I’m as skeptical as the next guy and then some–I’m still not convinced that AIDS is caused by so-called HIV retrovirus that can’t be isolated in a lab. Yet you guys still sound like flat-earthers to me 🙂

  15. This will get buried just like the Global Warming Scandal video from the BBC last year. Try finding it on the web today. There are just TOO MANY heavily vested interests in AGW to have it exposed as not a real threat.

    Scientists who need grants to keeop their jobs, universities who chip off large portions of those grants for “administration purposes”, university administrators who have a constant continual unrelenting demand for money to run their operations, politicians who have staked reputations on AGW, alarmist groups (GreenPeace, NRDC, etal.) who depend on fear to keep funded, all large corps who (will) have an interest in Cap & Trade, …

    Just skimming the obvious surface of interests heavily vested in AGW.

  16. “Another troubling aspect is how these scientists readily scheme back and forth despite their employment by different agencies of different governments. Why is Phil Jones, a UK government employee, sending out marching orders to government hacks in the US, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia?”

    Most scientists relate better to colleagues in other countries than they do the plumber down the street. They have similar educational experiences, spend their time thinking about the same things, and go to conferences together. The guy next door who likes monster truck rallies and working on his car might as well be an alien from another planet.

    They are educated and acculturated to be “transnational” elites, and with a wink and a nod “enlightened” far beyond primitive national issues … or so believe themselves to be. Thus they automatically work to coordinate enlightened agendas around the world.

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