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Climate Gate – Dragging the line

Posted by Jeff Id on November 24, 2009

Oh my god this was tears funny. From Minnesotans for global warming and Watts up With That it’s like having a year of frustrated blogging in a small closet let off your chest.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Michael Mann – Fire for Effect

26 Responses to “Climate Gate – Dragging the line”

  1. Squidly said


  2. Ryan O said

    My wife just shook her head and played Mario Kart Wii . . . but I had tears. OMFG that was awesome. Hahahahahahaha!

  3. Ryan O said

    I especially like the portrayal of Phil Jones. 😀 😀 😀

  4. wattsupwiththat said

    I was laughing so hard I started wheezing and sounded like was sobbing (according to my staff who piled into my office to wonder if I was OK).

    The song is by Tommy James and the Shondells “Dragging the Line”.

  5. Kenneth Fritsch said

    I think the video portrays a happy and funny side of Mann I have not seen before.

    That video did, however, remind me again that I think the tacking-on of the instrumental record at the end of the proxy is or could be misunderstood by some of the more partisan participants in these email discussions. I would hope that they would see it for what it is: a misrepresentation of the proxy series and the sweeping under the rug of the proxy not responding in the predicted way to the instrumental record and what that implies for the validity of the proxy in past times. Unfortunately I think some of the less sophisticated who would comment out there might be interpreting it as a false representation of the instrumental record.

    Now I think the splicing is a totally unscientific thing to do and is very wrong, and thus I would not want the defenders of that procedure to change the subject by pointing to the misconception of these less informed critquers. Unfortunately I think it will happen.

  6. Jeff Id said


    Enjoy the moment, the science will get it’s review soon enough. I’m eager to get back to it and have a nice guest post by Tony Brown on the history of thermometer records several ideas on posts for EIV and can’t wait for SteveM’s interpretation of some of the proxy emails which appear innocuous on the surface. In the meantime the public gets this more than scientists realize.

    Let ‘er rip.

  7. TD said

    Per #6 and a previous post regarding doing the “hard work” of getting the word out. Might I suggest to those who are more versed in the science of this all to challenge claims being made by legitimate scientific organizations. I have done my best on this (dreadful) post at Scientific American:
    I did my best. I hope I did not make any mistakes because I wrote very condescendingly.

    Mr. Biello,
    You might consider rewriting your post.
    Perhaps you don’t understand what the CRU emails reveal. Apart from the unsavory tone of the authors, they reveal an attack on the scientific method.
    I was in high-school when two scientists announced they had invented a process for cold-fusion. Amid the media circus, my wise physics teacher said that the key measure will be if other scientists can replicate the results. He was doubtful.
    The emails show, without any doubt, that the CRU has actively sought to avoid the key step of replication.

    Your post is singularly unpersuasive and poorly written. It would be tedious to note all its problems so I will focus on just a few.
    1. “…opposition here is not grounded in any robust scientific theory or alternative hypotheses…” Was my HS physics teacher required to have an alternative hypotheses for cold fusion before being critical of cold fusion? Did the critics of the steady-state theory have the big bang proven before they wrote?
    2. “Sadly for the potential fate of human civilization, rumors of the demise of climate change have been much exaggerated.” This sentence makes no sense. I think you meant to use the word “gladly”, instead of “sadly”.
    3. The graph you have at the top of the post “smooths” the proxy temperature data with the modern thermometer data. (Even Gavin Schmidt concedes this point.) Thus, it “hides the decline” of modern proxy readings. Apart from its purposeful deception to the not fully informed viewer, do you know why this is problematic? No? I will tell you. If scientists cannot validate tree ring data today, they cannot be sure that pre-modern measurements are accurate. This calls into question that the climate may not have been as stable as Mann and others claim. Hence, they have a need to sequester data.
    4. “There is, in fact, a climate conspiracy. It just happens to be one launched by the fossil fuel industry to obscure the truth about climate change and delay any action. ” I would hope that your analytical skills would enable you to evaluate the quality of scientific claim irrespective of funding source. Furthermore, you must know that not all skeptics are funded by the fossil fuel industry.

  8. Peter S said

    Seriously – they should sell this as a track on iTunes (it’s possible through web companies). It would be TERRIFIC if this song was ‘Number 1’ in the pop charts around the world as the Alarmists had their jamboree in Copenhagen!

    Maybe some of the proceeds going to our tireless blog heroes (no names mentioned 🙂 ).

  9. TD said

    And I continued…

    5. “…but a hysterical reaction to the possibly of what? One-world government?” This is a non-sequitur.

    Candidly, you might consider withdrawing this post. You have embarrassed yourself and Scientific American.

  10. Charlie said

    My wife is beginning (?) to wonder about my sanity.

    This morning I was chuckling while reading the Harry_readme file.

    This evening I’m cracking up over a video.

    And the other day she was looking over my shoulder when I posted over on the Accuweather Global Warming blog:
    If the following makes you laugh, the The Air Vent is a blog should check out

    void function fubar(void);
    {if dataset == hockeystick then plot(dataset); else fudge(dataset);
    return; }

  11. jcspe said

    When explaining to those that can’t seem to grasp the “hide the decline” problem, I try to get them to understand the folly of extrapolating when one cannot reliably interpolate.

    I use the yield curve for structural steel as an example to show them what can go wrong with extrapolations because I understand that curve pretty well. Other choices would work just as well. Choose a curve you can explain well and try it. Most people pick up the difference between the likely precision of interpolation and the wild ass guess work of extrapolation pretty fast.

    Once they get that, the obvious attempt to mislead (lie) by splicing temperature data onto a proxy with a “divergence problem” opens some eyes.

  12. mjt1st said

    now that was funny…thxs for the laugh 🙂

  13. Gary said

    Cruel. Hilarious, but cruel… snort.

  14. Jeff Id said

    Fixed the title per Nica and Anthony

  15. Jeff Id said

    #4 Anthony,

    I hope Steve takes a moment to laugh at this too. Hell I’m only a year+ into it and the fact that people might finally be catching on turned out to be such a huge relief. Blogging is a slow sport, but man people need to wake up.

  16. Jeff C. said

    #16 Steve has been uncharacteristically quiet during all this, I’ve also been somewhat surprised at his very light touch on comment moderation. I hope that means he is sitting back and enjoying it.

    Virtually every criticism he has made for the last 5 years at CA has been born out by the emails. Others also questioned Mann’s MBH98 methods, the divergence problem SM noted over and over is snarkily referred to as a trick, the team’s peer review collusion is manifest, Briffa is mentioned as having “gotten himself into a bind” with Yamal, and they were so worried about him that stonewalling the FOI requests had risen to possible criminal levels.

    Recall the WSJ Europe article from a week or two ago where Steven Schneider claimed the climatology community just smiled when Steve McIntyre’s name came up? The implication being that SM was just some sort of a misguided amateur that constantly embarrassed himself. I bet Schneider would like to have that quote back.

  17. Stewart said

    And yet, they are still merrily hiding the decline: (page 45).
    (Note – Mann is a contributing author).

  18. David Harrington said

    I have created a petition on the UK Number 10 web site to gather signatures for an inquiry into this affair. If you are a UK citizen or resident please add you name to this petition.


  19. Paul Z. said

    C’mon you lazy British bastards, sign the petition!

    Do you want to pay trillions of pounds for a fraudulent cause so that the rich fascist elite can be the only ones to eat meat, drive cars, and have kids? Next, the AGW zealots will tell us “NO MORE SEX FOR YOU PEONS. CREATES TOO MUCH HEAT & CO2. BAD FOR GLOBAL WARMING.”

  20. David, just to let you know, I eagerly signed your petition as soon as it was launched. As a schoolteacher in the UK let me say that my colleagues and I am ( plus a crop of enlightened kids) are following ‘Climategate’ with much interest. The online and very public dissection of those leaked CRU emails is joy to behold, even despite the mainstream media fudging or downplaying its significance.

    Dare I say it, but we may all look back in a few years from now and refer to these moments as the greatest coup of the Internet Age ( thanks to Al Gore for ‘inventing’ it for us ; ) ). Knowledge, debate, transparency and reason will not be suppressed while the blogosphere prevails.

  21. mlsimon said

    I’m thinking of changing my name and gender to Heidi Cline. And if any one steals that name – so help me…..! Heh.

  22. John F. Pittman said

    On holiday, and I needed a good laugh.My wife and sister in law could hear it since I was on a laptop. They were laughing too. They think this is a weird hobby I have, but had to laugh at the hide the decline. They didn’t even see the video, just the song got them laughing. Working on my post. Don’t know how long it will take. everytime I add something, I find two better items on the net from someone else. I can’t wait for Steve’s. I bet it will be funny in that adult manner. This video was good for slap stick routine. Bet Steve’s will be especially good.

  23. Phillip Bratby said

    OK OK I signed. Told everyone else I know too.

  24. Kenneth Fritsch said

    TD at Post # 7: You got it right on the proxy tack-on.

    Unfortunately I think those emails more sophisticated responders/defenders do not know how to answer the dilemma you and others have noted. Any informed person is going to see the tack-on for what it is: a deception. Word smithing the words “hide” and “trick” is not even the point – call it what you want, but it is deception that has been apparent amongst critics for some time. What the email does is point to it for all the world to see – if not completely understand.

    The less sophisticated defenders of the emails have made public statements to the effect that well of course a scientist would remove bad proxy data and replace it with the better proven instrumental data. Which again gives evidence that there are lots of dumb asses out there joining the discussions.

  25. […] Jeff Id found a comic YouTube video by Minnesotans for Global Warming. (The lyrics are not a fair and balanced interpretation of the emails. It was uploaded November 24, 2009; Youtube shows 24,070 views.) […]

  26. Дмитрий said

    Да нет никакого вашего глобал варминга, всё это афера политиков и учёных (так же как и свиной грипп), но если мы, люди, станем меньше выбрасывать в атмосферу СО2 хуже никому не станет.

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