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Jones – depends on what the definition of is is.

Posted by Jeff Id on November 24, 2009

At CA – Phil Jones spinmaster. H/T Alberto

CA Post

I don’t think adding more dishonesty on will help their case do you?

19 Responses to “Jones – depends on what the definition of is is.”

  1. TurkeyLurkey said

    hey Jeff;

    what were the roles of the ‘let’s all delete AR4 mail’ team?

    Did IPCC contemplate ‘sidebar’ discussions of AR4 shaping?

  2. Jeff Id said

    #1 The boys were involved, I’m not sure what roles.

  3. Jeff Id said

    Palaeoclimate Ch 6
    Coordinating Lead Authors:
    Eystein Jansen (Norway), Jonathan Overpeck (USA)
    Lead Authors:
    Keith R. Briffa (UK), Jean-Claude Duplessy (France), Fortunat Joos (Switzerland), Valérie Masson-Delmotte (France), Daniel Olago (Kenya),
    Bette Otto-Bliesner (USA), W. Richard Peltier (Canada), Stefan Rahmstorf (Germany), Rengaswamy Ramesh (India),
    Dominique Raynaud (France), David Rind (USA), Olga Solomina (Russian Federation), Ricardo Villalba (Argentina), De’er Zhang (China)
    Contributing Authors:
    J.-M. Barnola (France), E. Bauer (Germany), E. Brady (USA), M. Chandler (USA), J. Cole (USA), E. Cook (USA), E. Cortijo (France),
    T. Dokken (Norway), D. Fleitmann (Switzerland, Germany), M. Kageyama (France), M. Khodri (France), L. Labeyrie (France),
    A. Laine (France), A. Levermann (Germany), Ø. Lie (Norway), M.-F. Loutre (Belgium), K. Matsumoto (USA), E. Monnin (Switzerland),
    E. Mosley-Thompson (USA), D. Muhs (USA), R. Muscheler (USA), T. Osborn (UK), Ø. Paasche (Norway), F. Parrenin (France),
    G.-K. Plattner (Switzerland), H. Pollack (USA), R. Spahni (Switzerland), L.D. Stott (USA), L. Thompson (USA), C. Waelbroeck (France),
    G. Wiles (USA), J. Zachos (USA), G. Zhengteng (China)


    Observations: CH3
    Surface and Atmospheric Climate Change
    Coordinating Lead Authors:
    Kevin E. Trenberth (USA), Philip D. Jones (UK)
    Lead Authors:
    Peter Ambenje (Kenya), Roxana Bojariu (Romania), David Easterling (USA), Albert Klein Tank (Netherlands), David Parker (UK), Fatemeh
    Rahimzadeh (Iran), James A. Renwick (New Zealand), Matilde Rusticucci (Argentina), Brian Soden (USA), Panmao Zhai (China)
    Contributing Authors:
    R. Adler (USA), L. Alexander (UK, Australia, Ireland), H. Alexandersson (Sweden), R. Allan (UK), M.P. Baldwin (USA),
    M. Beniston (Switzerland), D. Bromwich (USA), I. Camilloni (Argentina), C. Cassou (France), D.R. Cayan (USA), E.K.M. Chang (USA),
    J. Christy (USA), A. Dai (USA), C. Deser (USA), N. Dotzek (Germany), J. Fasullo (USA), R. Fogt (USA), C. Folland (UK), P. Forster (UK),
    M. Free (USA), C. Frei (Switzerland), B. Gleason (USA), J. Grieser (Germany), P. Groisman (USA, Russian Federation),
    S. Gulev (Russian Federation), J. Hurrell (USA), M. Ishii (Japan), S. Josey (UK), P. Kållberg (ECMWF), J. Kennedy (UK), G. Kiladis (USA),
    R. Kripalani (India), K. Kunkel (USA), C.-Y. Lam (China), J. Lanzante (USA), J. Lawrimore (USA), D. Levinson (USA), B. Liepert (USA),
    G. Marshall (UK), C. Mears (USA), P. Mote (USA), H. Nakamura (Japan), N. Nicholls (Australia), J. Norris (USA), T. Oki (Japan),
    F.R. Robertson (USA), K. Rosenlof (USA), F.H. Semazzi (USA), D. Shea (USA), J.M. Shepherd (USA), T.G. Shepherd (Canada),
    S. Sherwood (USA), P. Siegmund (Netherlands), I. Simmonds (Australia), A. Simmons (ECMWF, UK), C. Thorncroft (USA, UK),
    P. Thorne (UK), S. Uppala (ECMWF), R. Vose (USA), B. Wang (USA), S. Warren (USA), R. Washington (UK, South Africa),
    M. Wheeler (Australia), B. Wielicki (USA), T. Wong (USA), D. Wuertz (USA)

    Jones is at the top of the pile.

  4. TurkeyLurkey said

    Rightio, so that’s ‘phil’ and ‘keith’.
    Still looking for the other amigos.


  5. Morgan said


    You’ll also find “Peck” (Johnathan Overpeck), Tim (Osborn), and Kevin Trenberth.

    Caspar is Caspar Ammann, who works at NCAR and is listed as a “contributor” to the IPCC report (see Annex 2). It looks like all the authors Jeff Id listed above are also listed as contributors (based on checking for a few), but I’m not sure that all the contributors are also authors.

  6. TurkeyLurkey said

    Ok that Willis thread
    has a lot of details.

    So far,

    Phil ‘coordinating lead author, chapter 3 AR4’
    Keith ‘ lead author, chapter 6 AR4 paleoclimate’

    (eu)Gene Wahl Author of pivotal paper accepted after deadline
    Caspar Amman Co-author with Wahl

    AR 4 official roles uncertain

    Tim Osborne ?
    Ray Bradley

  7. Jen said

    just following this story, saw this blog, and wanted to share:

  8. Layman Lurker said


    “Gene Wahl Author of pivotal paper accepted after deadline”

    Good point. I read that post but the Wahl / Jones / AR4 thing never clicked until I read your statement. Jones tells Mann to tell “Gene” to delete his AR4 emails. Gee, you don’t think there was any conversation about shoehorning that paper into AR4 do you? Nah. Such an unethical practice would undermine confidence and integrity.

  9. […] the contrary Phil Jones denies he deleted emails. As the Air Vent says “I don’t think adding more dishonesty will help their […]

  10. Wansbeck said

    Remember this response from Michael Mann when a poster shopped me to realclimate for questioning his hockey stick on the Richard Black blog:

    “ [Response: Disgust is a more appropriate emotion, recognizing that the errors in reasoning aren’t so innocent, and that there is a willing attempt to deceive involved. -mike] “

    I’ll second that.

  11. crosspatch said

    The sad thing about this statement from Jones is that it outs him as a liar. The only question now is which one of the statements was the lie. He claims to his colleagues that he has deleted “loads” of it but tells the public that he deleted nothing.

    And so if he would lie to his close associates and colleagues, why would I believe he would tell the truth to strangers? That “stop digging” rule is a pretty good one, maybe Dr. Jones should take heed of it.

  12. tty said

    Well, maybe he isn’t lying technically speaking. By now he has probably realized that deleting the emails on your own computer doesn’t delete them elsewhere (like on the email server).
    So it all depends on the definition of “lying”…..

  13. TurkeyLurkey said

    Thanks for the reinforcement.

    I think there must be some mighty tawdry history of Phil/Mike stage-directing their ‘boys’ (respectively, Keith and EuGene/Caspar)
    about what to say in their Hockey Stick Rescue paper,
    and how to squeeze it in to AR4 before the deadline.

    Whatever it was had to be worse than flauting the FOI laws by directing deletion of things for which FOI request had been received.

  14. Jeff Id said

    Someone in the UK sign this for me.

  15. Chris S said

    Re #14.


  16. Wansbeck said

    Re #14

    Done but concerned about the closing date: 24 Feb 2010.
    Let’s hope it happens a lot sooner than that.

  17. Someone in the UK sign this for me.

    ditto – keep up the great work guys!

  18. BOTO said

    Where is Judas?

  19. vg said

    Your say at The BBC
    do it it might get through somehow.

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