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New Zeland Temperatures Corrected – Just Like the Rest of the World

Posted by Jeff Id on November 25, 2009

I almost ran this post but it came in at just the right time that I had to drive to the folks house and it was difficult to get done.  Anthony Watts picked it up though. What people need to understand – especially the blond headed media – this is standard.

New Zeland Temperature – the original is not the same as the official.

To the MEDIA::  This is the reason we want HadCRUT original data.

_____This is the reason for the FOIA.

__________This is the reason for the blocking of FOIA.

_______________Get it yet???????

8 Responses to “New Zeland Temperatures Corrected – Just Like the Rest of the World”

  1. jnorv said

    I an watching a program on the LIA. Two things popped up. The first was a statement that the temperature during the LIA was 4 degrees colder than now. They must not have consulted Mann. Second was towards the end when someone made the claim that the industrial revolution in the early 1800’s, by adding CO2, changed the climate and warmed it up. They never give up.

    Jim N

  2. Matt Y. said

    Wow. Just wow. Now THAT is a jaw-dropper. If that turns out to really be as claimed in the story, it really would bring the whole field of climate science into question. I always suspected the warming trends were exaggerated due to confirmation bias, but holy crap!

    And the explanation… an example of 1 station that was moved to a higher elevation? Seriously? This story has to be bogus.

  3. NikFromNYC said

    Who cares about New Zealand? New York City calls for similar attention:

  4. Jeff Id said

    #2 I’m not sure why this is any different from the rest of the surface data.

  5. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said

    I hope u and Ryan and team can get on the data and do comparisons of posted vs foia data.
    we are watching with baited breath! thanks.

    P.S. I’d bet there team is shitting hair balls, no?

  6. dearieme said

    Moving a measurement station uphill by about 400 feet would make quite a difference in many climates, perhaps especially in a notoriously windy city like Wellington. But once you start “adjusting”, you have to justify the size of every adjustment, including the “zero adjustments” i.e. the ones you didn’t make.

    If they won’t show, just say “no!”.

  7. Sonicfrog said

    I can just hear the response now:

    “But…. But…. But…. The ice is melting!!!!!”

    Go to the comments at Ann Althouse’s site to see an example.

  8. hpx83 said

    Dear Jeff,

    I don’t know if this is still interesting, but I did an amateur recreation of this thing and it turned out as expected on the first try. Since raw and adjusted GHCN data is now available, I made a “recipe” for reproducing this for anyone that is interested. Since I’m neither statistician nor climatologist I do not know how accurate my calculations are, but I thought I’d post it anyways.

    When this all is over, maybe I can go back to blogging about what I usually do, but for now this thing is to important to let go of though.

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