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Lucia VonStorch post

Posted by Jeff Id on November 26, 2009

Hans Von Storch is one of my favorite climate scientists, simply due to VonStorch and Zorita 04. The paper had problems because they attempted to replicate a Mann paper and completely blew it — by doing it the right way. They didn’t cover anything up and addressed the issues head on – unlike Mann’s upside down proxies. Anyway, the working parts of the paper ends up showing the same results as my hockey stick posts above.

Lucia has a good post on her blog from VS:

Von Storch CRU Reaction

3 Responses to “Lucia VonStorch post”

  1. Steve Noland said

    Von Storch CRU Reaction link is broken.

  2. Jeff Id said

    Here’s the link again, I think the blackboard is having traffic problems.

  3. Grival said

    Hans von Storch is a nice man but is he a climatologist? He studied mathematics, physics and received a diploma in mathematics in 1976, at:

    Spencer Weart about climatologist?
    ____At the middle of the 20th century the study of climate was a scientific backwater.
    ____People who called themselves “climatologists” were mostly drudges who compiled statistics about weather conditions in regions of interest — the average temperatures, extremes of rainfall, and so forth.
    ____Climatology could hardly be scientific when meteorology itself was more art than science.
    _____Typical was the situation at the U.S. Weather Bureau, where an advisory group reported in 1953 that climatology was “exclusively a data collection and tabulation business.”
    MORE: Spencer Weart, at

    Hans von Storch observes (24 Nov.2009; “We need to publically discuss the ethical norms, science is to operate under.” .
    Climate science and terms and definitions? Can one expect anything useful? There was a posting recently: <<Open Letter on Climate Legislation<<, The Air Vent, 13/Nov/09:

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