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Kettle: Hey Pot – You Black?

Posted by Jeff Id on December 4, 2009

You’ve got to love the unbiased press coverage of climategate. First they ignore it for weeks then they switch to name calling and marginalization.

“Those who deny”

So as I’ve repeatedly pointed out here, the friggin emails were discovered on a blog that makes no such denail. The scientists calling for the investigations are not deniers. Even Mann said Jones might have gone too far. Why do you think the media insists on lying about this?

Anyway, what do you think the UN will find whilst investigating itself….. Um yes we’ve discovered there is a pattern of manipulation of climate data prevalent across all of our hundred billion dollar globalization efforts. Please defund us…

United Nations to probe climate e-mail leak

By RAPHAEL G. SATTER – 1 hour ago

LONDON — The United Nations will conduct its own investigation into e-mails leaked from a leading British climate science center in addition to the probe by the University of East Anglia, a senior U.N. climate official said Friday.

E-mails stolen from the climate unit at the University of East Anglia appeared to show some of world’s leading scientists discussing ways to shield data from public scrutiny and suppress others’ work. Those who deny the influence of man-made climate change have seized on the correspondence to argue that scientists have been conspiring to hide evidence about global warming.

UN calls for probe into Climategate

4 Responses to “Kettle: Hey Pot – You Black?”

  1. Andrew said

    And at eleven, Kofi Annan to head up investigation into oil for food scandal!

  2. boballab said

    Actually I expect that the UN is shrper then that (IE better politicans).

    What they will do is make a “fact finding” panel that will then sit around, get paid and basically do nothing all the while waiting for the “independent” investigation from UEA. When that investigation gets done and after that coat of Greenwash is dry, then the UN panel will run out a concuring report. Thus a second coat of Greenwash.

    However this still leaves them wiggle room incase the train veers off the tracks. Lets say the “Independent” investigator (that oh through a strange coincidence gets paid to sit on advisory boards to green energy companies) some how by accindent stumbels over and acorn like a blind squirrel or is forced by some outside event (like hopefully Sen Inhofe being able to get real hearings) to actually spill the goods. In that case the UN panel then comes in with a We concur with that conclusion and then they run out how the UN was lied to and how they relied on the “Peer Review” process, becasue how were they to know they weren’t scientists (What you thought it was an accident they put a Railroad Engineer in charge?). Now we need more funds to go back and find what the real tempature is…

    Either way the UN only gets their hems a little stained and can keep chugging along.

  3. RB said

    I think a Climate Audit poster might have written that the statement does not say “Those who have seized on the correspondence to argue that scientists have been conspiring to hide evidence about global warming are deniers of man-made climate change”.

  4. AJStrata said

    The UN IPCC needs to investigate the CRU lies in August about losing their data to avoid FIO:

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