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Holy Schmidt

Posted by Jeff Id on December 9, 2009

h/t reader Bernie and WUWT

Well I’m becoming a bit of a fan of John Christy. He’s always answered my questions, they always make sense and he pretty well wiped the floor with Schmidt. In addition when I independently checked his results on the difference between RSS and UAH satellite datasets in 1992 (there is a step at this point), he seemed to be correct. On the other hand, Schmidt has censored way over 80 percent of my reasonable questions, and I did ask on topic, polite, non-leading and real questions which deserved answers. He’s very cocky with readers and has made many a point which is difficult to balance with fact. I’ve had similar experiences with Grant Foster’s blog (tamino-another political extremist). It’s clear that they get that I understand the issues and see me as a threat to the consensus – which is cool, but the spin fit’s a political agenda more than a scientific one.

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17 Responses to “Holy Schmidt”

  1. Bernie said

    It is astounding to visit RealClimate and read some of the comments on Gavin’s performance. The only surprise was that there were so few.
    I have to hand it to Gavin though he does seem to have boundless energy. He is now moderating.

    I posted the following in response to what I thought was an unwarranted slam of SMc

    9 December 2009 at 11:26 PM
    ATHiker says:
    9 December 2009 at 3:51 PM
    Steve McIntyre lied on CNN about CRU withholding the tree ring decline from the IPPC. Third assessment mentions it Page 131 Chapter 2.
    You (and by default the moderator) have to be kidding that the tree ring divergence problem is addressed in TAR3. The page you cite says this: “There is evidence, for example, that high latitude tree-ring density variations have changed in their response to temperature in recent decades, associated with possible nonclimatic factors (Briffa et al., 1998a).” P131 That hardly says the tree data suggests the temperature goes down when the local temperatures actually goes up.

    McIntyre did not misrepresent what Mann had done. Mann’s trick is to both statistically smooth curves by replacing the tree ring measures with the actual temperature record from 1960 and by visually creating an overlapping set of curves. In one of the emails from UEA CRU, Keith Briffa the first author of the cited reference above calls Mann to task on his overall approach particularly the suppression of the MWP.

    Gavin edited out the entire second paragraph and added the following comment about the first paragraph (#150):

    [Response: Yes, it says exactly that. – gavin]

    I guess if you know there is a divergence problem then one could infer that this is what is meant by “high latitude tree-ring density variations have changed in their response to temperature”. But, if so, the authors of this section of Chapter 2 of TAR3 come from the Alice in Wonderland school of science writing.

  2. Alan Wilkinson said

    Bernie: “The only surprise was that there were so few.”

    Obviously most got banned.

    Re the manipulative editing: utterly disgraceful as per usual for RC.

  3. WhyNot said

    RC = Real Crap

  4. Bobophobe said

    I can’t bear Schmidt lies, always pretending emails are quoted out of context.

    BTW, here’s what I think to be a well argued blog post that contradicts Gagavin’s position

    Here in continental Europe, there is no climategate coverage in the MSM. We just know people are meeting in Copenhagen to save the world, as I heard it in the news from a journalist.

    Even if it’s to see Mann’s clone delivering some non-sense on CNN, you people out there can be glad to at least hear about it. Thank god we have the Internet…

  5. P Gosselin said

    I see you’ve posted this lame interview too.
    I think Christy had golf more on his mind than defending the survival of science.
    Okay, maybe it isn’t Christy’s nature to play hardball – too bad!
    Hardball players are what’s needed now.

  6. P Gosselin said

    Post this:

  7. Bernie said

    I think you are being too hard on John Christy. IMHO he made his points clearly and crisply – though he could have been punchier in responding to the Arctic Ice question. Compared to Gavin, he came across as being a cool calm professional. Gavin rambled and dissembled – see Jeremy’s post at WUWT for a transcript and good summary. The key for me is what did Wolf end up thinking. The slow pitch atthe end around fundng from Big Oil to John CHristy suggests he recognized Prof Christ’s objectivity.

  8. Bernie said

    #2 Alan
    I should have been clearer. The comments were pro Gavin. The surprise was that there were so few supportive comments.

  9. dogslobber said

    “Thank god we have the internet.” Correct. We get to see all the loons and their opinions. Also proof of what I’ve said since I was a child. Most of the world is misinformed,they don’t read about an event just react to it and most of us are crazy. When someone starts a comment with “finally a real scientist” we all know it means “finally someone with an iota of credibility that supports my conspiratorial view.” The internet is valid evidence that the human race quit thinking independently about 100 years ago. So I’m a misanthrope! Sue me! This “evidence” of a conspiracy to quell the opposition of global warming wouldn’t stand up in a kangaroo court.

  10. Scott said

    Christy did fine, IMO. He was unwilling to engage Gavin directly on the Climategate subject and therefore allow Gavin to get away will boldfaced lies.

    Christy and McIntrye are not the frontman needed to get dirty and call the Team out on their lies and obfuscation.

  11. nukemhill said

    That was lame on both sides. I agree that hard ball needs to be played at this point. Christy missed a golden opportunity when Gavin basically called him a liar for pointing out that “hide the decline” is in the code as well as the emails. Christy should have pounced on that one. That would have been game/set/match right there.

  12. nukemhill said

    Christy and McIntrye are not the frontman needed to get dirty and call the Team out on their lies and obfuscation.

    I think you’re right. If there are telegenic, charismatic scientists who really get the depth of the deception involved, then they need to get out front and be the face of the skeptics’ camp. There needs to be a coordinated effort, on many fronts, with in-depth discussions/presentations. Obviously, this involves the MSM to a great extent, but the fact that CNN has been willing to discuss the issue gives me hope.

  13. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Come on, we surely do not expect to get definitive answers in a few minutes of “debate”. My only noted observation was that Gavin spent more time off subject in attempts to spin an answer.

    I suspect the players on all sides of the AGW issues realize the futility of these “debates” and are motivated to join them only by the media being able to note that they were asked to appear and did not.

  14. Mike said

    I like that the coolist is wearing a shirt and the warmist is wearing a sweater.

  15. timetochooseagain said

    14-That’s the difference between Alabama and New York this time of year.

  16. Phil Howerton said

    Don’t take this as an ad hominem attack, but Schmidt and Mann are both really wierd looking dudes.

  17. Calvin Ball said

    I think that one reason why Christy always comes across well is that he’s unusually comfortable in his own skin. Maybe it’s his previous career as a minister. Climate scientists on both sides of the issue, in general, don’t come across well. It’s not necessarily that they’re hiding anything (thou Schmidt sure sounded that way), but they’re just poor public speakers. Wegman was horrible. They all need to go to law school or something.

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