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Leaked Copenhagen Document

Posted by Jeff Id on December 9, 2009

This thread is for the discussion of Copenhagen policy.  My contention is that the politicians are using global warming as a springboard to global socialist wealth redistribution which has no chance whatsoever of limiting CO2 production except through the crushing of economies.

You might be of the opinion that creation of economic strife in the western world is not what the political intent is, we disagree.

This link to a PDV PDF file provided by a reader to a ‘leaked’ document from copenhagen.   23831690-091127copenhagen

This document apparently pissed off ‘developing’ countries because we aren’t giving enough money to them.

Poor: Leaked climate text shows West imperialism

6 Responses to “Leaked Copenhagen Document”

  1. Antonio San said

    I think this is a PR operation courtesy of the UN: the script is the same simplistic stuff, rich are bad, poors are nice, never corrupt etc… this is a rallying cause for NGOs, adrenaline shot to allow every Vanuatu clowns to do their antics with the entire MSM listening.
    Only a servile media would make a fuss about this without questionning the timing and the content.
    This is what we call a counter fire… imo.

  2. Kondealer said

    If it is real, great.
    It makes a “deal” just that much more difficult.

  3. Jeff Id said

    Played at the open of the Copenhagen heist.

  4. tarpon said

    The UN has been working on this for some time. Google “Agenda 21” …

  5. Bryan H. said

    Bank bailout. Auto bailout. Jobs bailout… Now tiny country bailout?

  6. Amabo said

    Dammit, Bryan, those tiny countries are too big to fail!

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