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Posted by Jeff Id on December 11, 2009

Lord Monkton presentation on Commuhagen and climategate.

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9 Responses to “Commuhagen”

  1. Kondealer said

    Yes nice to see a back to basics approach-exposing the scam and stated so eloquently.

    PS sent this to Surrealclimate in response to their “14 days to save the world”

    All the GCM models that are used to make these projections rely on 2 basic premises.
    1) That there is a positive water vapour feedback
    2) as the Earth warms- causing further greenhouse gases to accumulate in the atmosphere, more long wave radiation (heat) will be trapped.

    In fact Tropospheric water vapour levels are falling, or at best have remained constant. Whilst actual measurements of outgoing long wave radiation show increased amouts escaping into space.

    These real-World observations seriously undermine the basis of GCM projections.

    What’s the betting this will be “snipped”

  2. John Bowman said

    A must read

  3. Here’s Bishop and Steve McI (and many others) on the BBC:

    [audio src="" /]


  4. Sonicfrog said

    I saw this the other day. I was going to write a post about something in the slide show, but got pressed for time. There is indeed an email that confirms Monkton’s assertion that “lord” Gavin used bogus info to debunk one of Mockton’s point, about CO2 levels in the atmosphere I think. I had remembered “lord” Gavin’s post, and went back to Bishop Hill’s excellent e-mail breakdown… and yep! It’s there. The dates line up.

    Lord Monkton 1, “lord” Gavin 0

  5. Magnus A said

    Yes, Commiehagen, or Pyongyang:

    Here’s author Bruce Bawers reflections. He also visited the alternative climate conference:

  6. Bernie said

    Thanks for posting the audio.
    All in all the BBC piece was pretty good. Black clearly was kept off this project – Thank God. One would need to be deeply steeped in the history of the Hockey Stick to even get close to SM’s reconstruction. Even then SM could easily be gainsaid by Mann et al – who were in the room.
    It is now down to the code and what that says about how the data was handled. In a way, this is how it should be. SM’s and even John Daly’s work was about the data and how you process it and how you present it. The emails show that there are many reasons why a detailed and independent reassessment of the temperature and paleoclimate data sets are in order.

  7. Paul Z. said

    I think by now most Netizens are aware of Climategate – that’s at least 1.6 billion people online.

    Why is Obama pushing for this bogus treaty? Why is using EPA to strongarm congress on cap and trade? Seems like political suicide?

    I have lost all respect for him. Furthermore, his Nobel speech was really hard to swallow. His attempt at false humility comparing himself to people like Mandela made me almost puke.


    You want to be remembered as a good president, then open a full and independent inquiry into Climategate instead of labelling it “silly.” This is tactic number one of charlatans, to trivialize the issue without giving any straight answers based on facts.

    IPCC – Idiotic Power Crazy Communists.

  8. […] Jo Nova, 2009 science review, Commuhagen […]

  9. Can we trust politicians to care for the environment?

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