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Andy Revkin Leaving the Times

Posted by Jeff Id on December 14, 2009

Influential Science Reporter Joining Pace University Faculty
Andrew C. Revkin, science reporter for the New York Times, will step down from his staff reporting position next Monday and join the faculty at Pace University. Revkin took a buyout from the Times as part of the paper’s latest round of budget cuts. (Flickr/Steven David)

MANHATTAN — New York Times science reporter Andrew Revkin, who pens the popular DOT Earth blog, is leaving journalism and getting back into the classroom.

Revkin, who has spent more than 25 years on the front lines of reporting on climate change, will write, teach and help develop the environmental studies program at Pace University, spokesman Christopher Cory told DNAinfo.

Details are still yet to be worked out between Pace and Revkin, who will step down from his staff reporting position next Monday, according to the Columbia Journalism Review.

He took a buyout from the Times as part of the paper’s latest round of budget cuts and is currently in Copenhagen, where he is on assignment covering the climate change summit for the Times.

I wonder who the Times will replace him with. Can we expect a stronger advocate for global warming, they can do far worse, or will a more balanced approach be taken with the consensus.

I received a link to this by email, I’m happy to give credit if the emailer requests.

4 Responses to “Andy Revkin Leaving the Times”

  1. Mark T said

    How many of us told you? 😉


  2. Antonio San said

    I am starting to believe some of these journalists need now to re-assess their position in light of the climategate revelations. Obviously some of them were truly believing what they were fed…

  3. Chris S said

    All credit to Revkin that he now realizes the need to go back to school.

    People have been telling him this for years.

  4. paulvsheridan said

    Revkin is of no social or moral value, let-alone scientific merit . . . the notion that his ilk would “re-assess” anything is at-best naive.

    Nothing this dolt has ever published in the area of climate science was objective or truthful; all of his literary/reporting “style,” which he pathetically thought fooled someone as something other than Talmudic deception, merely confirmed our centuries-old revulsion to this vile agenda-driven, “success-oriented” type of charlatan.

    PACE is now defiled . . .

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