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GreaseMonkey Controls

Posted by Jeff Id on December 18, 2009

Thanks to Mr. Pete and Greasemonkey you can now use CA style controls when commenting with Firefox.    Firefox, if you don’t know, is a web browser like internet explorer.  It’s free, open source and better than the other guys.  I haven’t used IE in years except for certain technical issues – created by microsoft.

It looks like image insertion doesn’t work but you can try it here.

The very simple installation instructions are here:

With the additional step required to add the Air Vent below – thanks to CA reader Jim.

1. Air Vent Main page
2. Going to Tools
3. Add ons
4. Grease Monkey
5.  (Manage User Script)
6. Add

10 Responses to “GreaseMonkey Controls”

  1. MrPete said

    No need for Tools/Addons/etc… just right click on the Grease Monkey icon (bottom right of your browser.)

    If you are here at the Air Vent, clicking “Add…” will automagically put in the correct Include filter string.

  2. MrPete said

    Image insert should work unless the site doesn’t allow it.

  3. MrPete said

    Bummer. Your site doesn’t allow it 😦

  4. Jeff Id said

    I’m on the free version.

  5. Jeff Id said

    It’s still awesome though.

  6. RomanM said

    I’ve inserted images into my comments on my blog. presumably that doesn’t carry over:

  7. RomanM said

    Nope. Tight ship you run here, Jeff.

  8. MrPete said

    Maybe we need an Open Science WebRing, and can share tools like this among them…

  9. bob said

    Holy Cow, it works!

  10. MrPete said

    It’s been updated. If you have the old version, please uninstall first.

    The new version is much more powerful, and automagically supports this blog.

    See here.

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