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Posted by Jeff Id on December 31, 2009

It’s the end of the year of course so it’s a good time to say thanks to everyone who has contributed and read here over the past 12 months.   Commuhagen failed, climategate scientists exposed for what they are, Antarctic temperature trends, sea ice understanding, and a dozen other topics covered.  Below is a collection of a small set of the posts here.  They are not my view of the best ones, but are rather a memorable set of interesting events over the past year.

NSIDC Issues Corrections to Webpage – After screwing up a timeseries plot of NSIDC data the NSIDC issued corrections to it’s main page. 12/24/08

What About Algae Biofuel Hype – a discussion of algae biofuels and the discovery that they won’t ever work to the levels claimed.

Banned Again Life is Hard Banned from Tamino permanently – how much fun is that!

Satellite Temp. Homoginization Using GISS I learned to fix the step in the satellite series using ground stations and that John Christy had done a similar correction using radiosonde data.

Another Kind of Global Warming Warming created by direct heating from energy release, debunked in a single post. This one is here because there’s simply no way this paper makes publication without concluding disastrous consequences of energy production.

Steig’s Code The beginning of the battle to get code from Dr. Steig’s Antarctic warming paper. I was offered lessons in Matlab as a response.

Arctic Sea Ice Increases at Record Rate The realization that sea ice expanded at a record rate for the past 30 years and was completely unreported.

AWS Gridded Reconstruction The first reconstruction of the AWS version of the Antarctic which was able to generate a reasonable continental trend.

Global Sea Ice Trend from Gridded DataThe sea ice trend calculated on on area basis directly from the gridded NSIDC data.

Correlation of Reconstructions Evidence of station smearing by correlation vs distance plots. Original calc. by Steve McIntyre.

Antarctic Sat. Reconstruction Without Peninsula – Still no Sat. Data Antarctic temperature reconstruction, again showing an improved trend and sensitivity to the high density of peninsula stations.

Don’t Eat the Fish Antarctic gridded reconstruction by Jeff C and myself showing a variety of different weighting methods which gradually improved on the original Steig paper.

We’ve got Sat Data! Release of the satellite data used to create the Anatarctic paper months after claiming all data and code were available.

Steig AVHRR Reconstruction from Satellite Data First close replication of Steig satellite RegEM reconstruction

Reading Between the Clouds A post looking at problems with AVHRR satellite data.

Steig et al. a Successful Reproduction Post by Ryan O replicating Steig et al and some verification stats.

Antarctic Coup de Grace Ryan’s post on the Antarctic which prompted an RC thread which then lasted less than 1 day.

Historic Variation in Arctic Ice – Tony B Awesome history of Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice Video- 16000 Views Sea ice video of Arctic – now 33000 views.

Hockey Stick CPS Revisited – Part 1 Redo of Mann08 CPS posts

REGULARIZED LEAST SQUARES RECONSTRUCTION Regularized least squares reconstruction by Ryan O

Snowmen A post on climate scientists loosing their jobs for describing data which did not follow the consensus. Very climategateesque in a pre-climategate post.

Nature of Consensus – Snowmen II A continuation of the saga

The Solution to Future Energy Needs and Global Pollution A fun post by Dr. Weinstein

Yamal- The Dirty Dozen An early post from the Yamal disaster.

Land/Sea Bias In Satellite Temperature Metrics An interesting revelation about sat data which started from Chad at treesfortheforest.

Why Yamal Matters Part IIIOne of John Pittman’s replies to the Yamal saga.

Leaked FOIA files 62 mb of gold The most read post on tAV. Climategate gets noticed. Should have been 61Mb. Climategate may have affected voting on the cap and trade scam (it is a scam) in Australia.

Climate Gate – Dragging the line Hilarious video viewed a half million times already.

There were a pile of other great guest posts, area weighted reconstructions and hockey stick reconstructions which were unmentioned. It’s been a lot of work this year but after climategate it feels like it’s having some influence. At least temporarily people are thinking critically now on the issue of global warming, rather than blathering on about consensus.

Who knows what 2010 will bring.  Thanks everyone.

23 Responses to “2009”

  1. Layman Lurker said

    Have a happy New Year Jeff and thanks again for all of the outstanding blog posts.

  2. Kevin said

    ‘Commuhagen’ – I love it! Happy New Year and much more success.

  3. TerryMN said

    Aw, crap – my internet connection, and/or browser, and/or something else I haven’t thought of – ate my comment and I’m too lazy to type it again…

    Quick summary – who won the 2009 most extreme GW submission????????

    And Happy New Year!

  4. Motorhead said

    I never heard of this site until climategate broke. Thanks, environmentalist wackos!
    Great job! Great site! I also like the links to the other sites and visit all these sites often. Keep up the great work!

  5. dearieme said

    All strength to your arm, and a Happy New Year.

  6. cogito said

    Happy New Year to you, Jeff. Thanks for your continued efforts to keep the temperatures on track with reality … 🙂

  7. Peter Pond said

    Jeff, I suspect our political views are different but our desire for a return to true science is the same. Thanks for all the work. Happy New Year (already 2010 where I am).

  8. Clay Barham said

    Whether it is global warming, cooling, dimming or just plain seasonal deviations, it is apparent that whoever or whatever created the earth and solar system was a poor engineer. It was all messed up and requires Obama and the United Nations to fix it. It is all turned upside down. Heavier-than-air substances rise to blanket the earth and screen the suns rays, or not, as your position requires, and heat escapes (cooling) or does not (warming), and the globe wobbles, creating seasons which we, as communities, must experience, and the whole thing is just annoying. Particles in the air are called smog and allow moisture to condense on them to make rain and snow. How inconvenient. Water forms clouds that blanket parts of the earth and trap solar heat, warming the place up, and when they are not there, cool the place. Oh, my, it’s just not uniform and predictable. At one point, I need a coat and then I’m too hot in a tee shirt. Where is Obama when you need him? Should he not be out passing laws to reduce population, to eliminate cars, trucks and planes, as well as boats, used by the massive non-elite, all of which pollutes? What about non-elite breathing and passing-wind? What about the animals who do the same? We need Obama and Pelosi to reengineer the earth and solar system so everything is always on an even keel, peaceful, passive, the same from moment to moment, totally predictable and comfortable for high-placed Democrats. After all, aren’t they Gods?

  9. Graeme from Melbourne said

    Excellent work all year Jeff. Your a light. Have a great new year and best wishes for 2010.

    Cheers Graeme.

  10. plazaeme said

    Well done!

    It’s not only the work with data (and the teaching), but the whole lot. Not at all easy.


  11. De Vivar. said

    Just a good site and searing truth seeking, sham merchants, scamsters and BSers, beware Jeff is waiting…….. .
    Great Blog, warmest wishes for the New Year!

  12. Mark said

    Like Motorhead – never came across your site until Climategate – so I have only just now read the bio diesel analysis – amazing.

    Makes you wonder if anyone in gov’t actually runs the numbers before they start pouring money in —

    OK – we know they don’t, but still… this isn’t even close!

    Happy New Year

  13. TonyB said


    Great work during the year. None of us saw climategae coming. I wonder what will have astonished us by this time next year?


  14. Feedback said

    King Harald of Norway held his New Year’s speech on TV tonight, and it just HAD to be there (guess once what “it” is). And yes of course, our Planet and our Grandchildren etc etc…

    The King of Norway (or his speech writer) obviously doesn’t read The Air Vent, WattsUpWithThat, ClimateAudit and other such interesting and informative sites – not even in these extraordinarily eventful times.

    But I do 🙂

    Thanks for an interesting site and a Happy New Year to all the IDs!

    I’m looking forward to an interesting new year and fascinating times and posts to come,
    Greatings from (a cold) Norway.

  15. Jeff Id said

    Thanks for all the kind words. I wonder what the team will do next year. My guess is that they’re too cocky to change direction. A second guess is that even with widespread media support, we’ll see the decline of the Duma consensus.

  16. AEGeneral said

    Happy New Year, Jeff. Cheers.

  17. rephelan said

    Jeff: It’s been a fascinating, surprising year. I’ve learned a lot from your site: not just the science or the statistics, but that individuals can make a difference. You’ve made a difference.

    It’s the end of the year, but this is just the beginning. There is a lot more to do yet…. If I can help, you’ve got my e-mail address. Best wishes.

  18. Sera said

    Best to you and your family,

    Happy New Year!

  19. […] Nova, 2009 science review, […]

  20. John F. Pittman said

    Happy New Year Jeff. Been with kids and family, too. “May the sun shine warm upon your face.” Irish well wish.

  21. Tony Hansen said

    May your chickens turn into emus and…lay bigger eggs than you expected.

  22. curious said

    Happy New Year Jeff – thanks to you, Ryan et al for reawakening my interest in science – text books on order from Santa 🙂

  23. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said

    Hey hey hey…… injoy the new year and code from CRU… should keep you from mischief for a time…….

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