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You Asked for More Emails Right?

Posted by Jeff Id on January 14, 2010

Judicial watch has received by FOI, emails from the team regarding Steve McIntyre’s location of the error in the GISS data.

4 Responses to “You Asked for More Emails Right?”

  1. […] Judicial watch uncovers NASA’s climategate, Comments at air vent, […]

  2. I saw this with much interest – I’m now anticipating the UK side of the equation to comply with pending FOIA requests. If they don’t all well and good as either way it substantiates a case for intentional evidence destruction (spoliation). This means ‘checkmate’ in all civil proceedings as per the adverse inference instruction – no matter how the respective US and UK governments twist or stymie criminal proceedings.

  3. Ed Darrell said

    Judicial Watch, the black fly swarm of political events.

    Meanwhile, in the research labs, what results do you have?

  4. Jeff, you gotta look at this one. Worth a post from you. ClimateGagaGate hehe.

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