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Climatequote, 2009 – Final

Posted by Jeff Id on January 17, 2010

For all the marbles!


After about 1750 votes in the first round, the competition was stiff. While James Hansen could be declared the winner for taking 29% of the vote across his many entries, we’re going to 50% and Dr. Gavin Schmidt jumped in with a stunning last minute entry from Real Climate. While the quote is slightly out of context, it nevertheless demonstrates the mindset of climatology and has earned the wrath of the readers.

It seems, Gavin just couldn’t let Hansen take all the marbles without any competition. From Climategate, we learned that if nothing else these guys are a competitive bunch. Think about how everything was tied up for Hansen as he threw one crazy quote after another all year, Gavin sneakily hides in the background waiting for a carefully chosen end of year moment to jump in and take a run at the trophy. Originally I was thinking there might be 3 quotes in this round, but these two fierce competitors stood out well in front of the pack.

History and verification of these quotes can be found at the link in the headerbar above or at the links below,

Dr Schmidt

Dr. Hansen

With out further ado, let’s take our lead from these powerful and brilliant men. It’s time for the final runoff vote for most extreme climate quote of 2009!!


52 Responses to “Climatequote, 2009 – Final”

  1. cbullitt said

    Well, since we heard so many examples of people moving the Thermageddon goal posts in the hysterical run up to Jokenhagen, one more from Hansen is not astounding. So, I will have to go with Gavin.
    Though I still have a soft spot for Harry Reid and his “the ice caps are evaporating” quote–it won over at Daily Bayonet.

  2. hunter said

    That Schmidt is reduced to betting the marbles that 2010 is a hot year is vindication of the claim that AGW promoters are really all about hyping weather events.
    As for Hansen’s latest prediction, how many AGW promoters have said we only have ‘fill-in-the-blank’ amount of time left to save the world, only to have that deadline pass, and they are never held accoutnable for being wrong?
    Hansen claimed that Manhattan, due to AGW, would be flooding by now, and seeing distinctive changes in what grows there.
    Neither are remotely happening.
    These guys have have accrued fortunes and great social status by selling an apocalypse that has in no way become more likely. Why are they even considered serious people at all?

  3. jeroen said

    Pretty weird that Smith allready knows what 2010 temps are going to be.

  4. Retired Engineer said

    #3 Well, obviously. That’s what “adjustments” are for. First draw the graph, then plot the data.

  5. Jeff Id said

    I wonder who Gavin will vote for.

  6. JAE said

    No-brainer. Gavin doesn’t have a chance.

  7. Jeff Id said

    #6, I have it on good authority that California is a heavy supporter of Gavin so when they wake up and read this, there could be a pretty big run toward Gavin.

  8. Magnus A said

    Is “extreme” the right word? I laugh out loud when I see these statements, but are flat out lies extreme? I think they’re just funny.

    But “funny” folks with power has been bad in history, so politicians and the society have to abandon this network/gang of political-natural-science. They must inform themselves — now about bias recently presented by e g Michael Smith, and Joseph D’Aleo — and get to the point where these people are dismissed.

    There’s a need for general shift in paradigm, where strength to goo against this environmentist (political) movement dressed up as science is needed.

  9. TerryMN said

    Jeff, #5 – Made me lol.

  10. greg2213 said

    I dunno… seems to me that “4 yrs left…” is more definite, more predicting of “The End Is Near” than is “Never be talked about…”

    I think that Hansen makes Schmidt seem almost reasonable, at times. Jeff’s remark (#7) is pretty funny, too.

  11. Viv Evans said

    Regardless of who will be the winner – that’s a lovely photo of marbles!

  12. NoMoreGore said

    Whichever one is first to claim that the sky will explode, vaporize the oceans, and rain fire down upon us is my pick. I’m betting on Jimmy, but Gavin’s got those beady little eyes, so you never know….

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  14. Chris Fay said

    Hansen’s comment is merely stupid and so over the top that nobody takes it seriously, even AGW believers.

    So it’s Gavin for me

  15. Jason said

    Nobody, and I mean nobody beats James “I got arrested” Hanson. Schmidt is just a little punk with a Napoleon-complex.

  16. Ron H. said

    I still had to cast my runoff vote for Jimmie. He not only makes the (most outrageous) comments, he also makes the most (outrageous comments).

    Jeff #7. You are right. Many of us in California believe Gavin deserves the coveted MOST OUTRAGEOUS prize. He is a really strong competitor, as he hates to lose. Egos that big can’t help but compete even in a race like this one.

  17. TGSG said

    Is it wrong that I LOL’d at #5?

  18. Craigo said

    #4 “Draw the graph and then plot the data”

    I just never realised that it was jargon for a sophisticated method of data analysis.

    Small doses of Gavin should carry a health warning but Hansen should be escorted by men in white coats (do they stil wear white coats?).

  19. kuhnkat said

    I’m with Greg2213, cooling never talked about again is just a bit too nebulous of the two nebuli. Only 4 years to save the earth is much more immediate and dramatic even though we have no idea what it is to be saved from!!

  20. jorgekafkazar said

    Only 4 years to save the Earth before it saves itself.

  21. Sera said

    Schidt used a caveat- so I’m going with Hansen.

  22. RomanM said

    The problem with Gavin’s statement “may break a record” is that the “record” is not overtly specified. If he wins, we may have to spend a week or longer listening to Norbert expound on what he may have meant, that he was correct in that some record had indeed been broken and therefore it was the one that Gavin would have specified if he had wanted to specify a record, but he did not have to because it was a priori obvious that this one was the one he meant to specify … or something like that.

    No, it’s better that the richly deserving Dr. Hansen win hands down.

  23. Duster said

    I have to vote for Hansen. Gavin is obviously sensitive to embarrassing situations. Otherwise he would never have waffled so much. That qualification goes a long way toward implying a distrust of models. Hansen in contrast is clearly immune to embarrassment and quite convinced of his own rightness. Hansen it has to be. BTW, I’m in California.

  24. Peter Whale said

    Marbles!! I thought they were warmist brain cells.

  25. Maurice J said

    All jokes aside, Climate Fraud of the AGW (Al Gore’s Wrangle) magnitude needs and requires the full weight of the law to punish the perpetrators.
    Cannot happen too soon in my book.

  26. Tom Forrester-Paton said

    Jeff, this could be the start of something big!

    How about separate runoffs for the most:

    1 Condescending, this-is-for-your-own-good explanation of AGW and its supposed implications;

    2 Pious, I’ve-seen-the-light-why-can’t-you? exhortation to worry about, and spend other people’s money on, climate. Look for, and award points for extensive use of the “pharisaical we”, as in “we must learn to live in harmony….bleeeaaaghhh”. “We” in this usage means “You should, I already do”;

    3 Extravagant proposals for punishment of deniers.

    Any other categories?

    And now I must away to Google – er, make that Bing – to source my entries.

  27. Tom Forrester-Paton said

    Hansen’s quote is a mere variant, and a drab one at that, of a template, and unworthy of serious consideration. Schmidt’s quote, on the other hand, with its distracting rhetorical ornamentation “will never be talked about again”, reeks of the creativity of a true scam-artist. This man knows his business. He gets my vote – and my respect.

  28. Tom Forrester-Paton said

    OK I know this is going to raise hackles on the other side of the Atlantic, and I’m Australian, so I’m not taking sides, but this really is looking like a shoo-in for George Monbiot (aka Moonbat) of the Guardian, in all categories. I’m researching Moonbat’s contributions to the categories of “condecending nannying” and “extravagant punishment of deniers”, but these are astonishingly numerous, and George is such a consummate, thoroughgoing, deep-sea, copper-bottomed, first-rate prat that it may take some time to select the best. These things demand care. Meanwhile here’s his entry in my 2nd category – “pious cant”:

    This, I submit, is sanctimony of heroic proportions, and must surely be immune to transatlantic challenge. But come on, Yanks and Canucks, what have you got? And fellow Australians, where are own virtuosi? We’ve got plenty of useful idiots, like the entire staff of the Fairfax Press, including the office goldfish, and plenty of poor schmucks like Turnballs who are clearly up to their ears in carbon credits and bricking it because it’s turning into confetti, but where are our truly creative climate liars, now, when our nation’s honour is at stake?

  29. BraudRP said


    Winner gets all the marbles… or a representation of how many of the entrants marbles were left on the floor for JeffID to pick up.

  30. Schmidt — he’s on to something. Got to remember: CRU(d), GISS, etc — they’re like ACORN and the Dems. You know they’re gonna cheat. If it’s close, they win. If you think they’ve learned anything from CRU(d)Gate, think again.

  31. Greg F said

    Four more years left? Must be that is that when Hansen is retiring.

  32. hunter said

    Tom Forrester-Paton is right. Hansen’s latest silliness is not original.
    Schmidt, like Monbiot, has achievied level of cynical huckster, as reflected in his quote.

  33. boballab said

    What you need to ask is which canidate the Chicago Machine is backing. If Gavin has Chicago backing him expect a last minute ballot stuffing to put him a few over the top.

  34. Ryan O said

    I voted . . .

    . . . HANSEN!


  35. Phil Howerton said

    Hansen doesn’t even buy green bananas.

  36. DeWitt Payne said

    Re: Tom Forrester-Paton (Jan 18 09:20),

    I nominate Joe Romm of Climate Progress for the US.

  37. Ken Harvey said

    My vote has gone to Gavin – on the basis that he has already won. He has been proved wrong already. James was more clever – by the time that he is proved wrong, most people will have forgotten what he said.

  38. Ollie said

    Hansen forgot to preface his prediction with “Flash, Flash, I love you… but”

  39. MikeN said

    GISS’ 2008 summary predicted a new record in either 2009 or 2010, so Gavin has ground to stand on.
    Plus they will still claim it is getting warmer up until the point that temperatures drop below the long term mean.

  40. Mescalero said

    I’ve been trying to locate the temperature data under discussion in this thread but have been unsuccessful. Can anyone point me in the right direction or point out the website where this information is available. Just got some new statistical analysis software and am anxious to try it out!

  41. […] Climatequote, 2009 – Final . After about 1750 votes in the first round, the competition was stiff. While James Hansen could be declared the winner […] […]

  42. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said

    i voted gavin cuz he my hero!!!!


  43. JAE said

    Please do a new poll: Is BH Obama (and all his over-reaching socialistic bullshit) dead meat after tomorrow’s Massachusetts Massacre? My vote is YES! LOL!

  44. John Norris said

    Hansen’s quote was a year ago. We are down to three years!!!

  45. Paul Callander said

    After reading as much as I could stomach of the link to Monbiot from Tom Forrester-Paton, I propose that Monbiot win that category by acclamation. How could anyone top that?
    Despite being an Aussie I don’t think we can match it in this regard except perhaps for Clive Hamilton.

  46. G Howe said

    Heil Monbiot!

  47. lookatthecode said

    Personally I thought this should be number one, especially with the south park (man bear pig – al gore – south park episode coincednece)

    “… Although I have yet to see any evidence that climate change is a sign of Christ’s imminent return, human pollution is clearly another of the birth pangs of creation, as it eagerly awaits being delivered from the bondage of corruption (Romans. 19-22).

    Tim Mitchell works at the Climactic Research Unit, UEA, Norwich, and is a member of SOUTH PARK Evangelical Church”

    Tim Mitchell – Yes Tim who WROTE the code that Harry is dealing with in Harry_Read_me.txt

    need to think about the implications/links with CRU to appreciate the above.

  48. derek said

    What the heck am i going to do with all this SPF 100 sunscreen?

  49. Phil A said

    Surely compared to Copenhagen’s assorted “50 days to save the world”, “12 days to save the world” and even “10 days to save the world” [just google “copenhegen days to save the world”!], Hansen’s comment is not so much an extreme prediction as damning with faint concern?

    Meanwhile I’m amused that Gavin thinks decadal trends in climate can be deduced from one year’s temperatures – indeed I wonder if there’s a quote from him somewhere on RC saying that only deniers do things like that…

  50. Tom Forrester-Paton said

    I believe Moonbat has advocated the prosecution of AGW deniers, which surely means he aces the “extravagant punishment” category, but I’m having trouble sourcing the quote – anyone help?

  51. JAE said

    I have to gloat: BHO has now been shown to be a socialist MF, not a Democrat. An extremely big nuance, LOL.

  52. lookatthecode said

    How about this one radio interview – program uk (would love to find a transcript)
    Ed Miliband – Minister of State – Energy and climate change

    found in the comments section of a BBC website:

    “Did anyone hear Milliband on Simon Mayo yesterday (Radio 5Live)?

    First caller, first question, “As a percentage, how much greenhouse gas is man made?”

    Milliband: “Well, er… um… the science is in”.
    Caller: “You must’ve discussed it, as a percentage, how much greenhouse gas is man made?”
    Milliband: “Well… um… All of the C02, all of the CO2 is man made.”

    The guy knows nothing, think about that for a while…

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