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Winner Of Prestigious 2009 Air Vent Climate Quote Award

Posted by Jeff Id on January 26, 2010

Doctor James Hansen with 76 percent of the vote handily defeated the comeback kid Gavin Schmidt. Today at the Air Vent we are privileged to announce an exclusive interview with the good doctor on his incredible victory.

Id: Doctor, first we would all like to congratulate you on your incredible victory.

Hansen: Thank you, thank you very much. It’s been a long road.

Id: Really though, how did you do it. I mean, four years to save the world, What was the thought process that led you to such a decisive and powerful statement?

Hansen: Well it wasn’t easy, I wanted to, you know, make a point and send a message to the competition. Something that the average public would understand, they’re not as smart as climatologists you know. But I knew to take the award, it had to be something truly special. I mean, look at all those who competed so well. There were some great names on that list.

Id: I notice you made several entries. I mean four years to save the world is a good one but you had several other quotes which nearly took top honors as well.

Hansen: Well it was a public vote, and you can’t always tell which message will resonate with the ignorant hoard. It seemed like the best option to make several attempts. Especially with guys like Gavin Schmidt out there, I mean wow, he was great… I didn’t think I would win, my wife and kids voted for me though, that helped.

Id: Well Doctor, we know how competitive and brilliant you are. I wonder if you’ve been working on anything for 2010 yet.

Hansen: Oh yeah, you bet I’ve been working on it.

Id: Any hints Doc?

Hansen: I don’t know if I should, I mean Gavin might read it.

Id: Well let me guess, does it include the word three.

Hansen: Nope, no, absolutely not. See that’s the problem with the public. They just aren’t smart enough to understand the intricacies of climate science. There are probabilities and uncertainty involved. I was very clear about that in my statement.

Id: Well um, I see….. Thank you Doctor and good luck next year.

Hansen: Your welcome…. um I mean Thank you, and God Bless the UN.

14 Responses to “Winner Of Prestigious 2009 Air Vent Climate Quote Award”

  1. Kenneth Fritsch said

    That was a great interview, ID, with JH. Now how about one with the runner up, GS.

  2. Frank K. said

    Nice, Jeff, but…is this result ROBUST ??

  3. Phillip Bratby said

    This would be better without the second photo. Unavoidable I suppose.

    Yes please, I too would like to hear the interview with the runner up.

  4. Tonyb said

    A journo once described Hansens’ office as ‘comically cluttered’. He phoned them and said in a hurt tone ‘It’s much better than it used to be!’

    I suspect his temperature datasets are as comically cluttered as his office, but more to the point, surely he won’t be able to find space on his desk for this wonderful award?

    Can you supply a bracket so it can be placed on his wall?


  5. Hoi Polloi said

    “Nice, Jeff, but…is this result ROBUST ??”

    Naah… it’s robusted.

  6. jknapp said

    nit pick

    “congradulate” should be congratulate

    Fun post. Thanks

  7. mrpkw said

    Outstanding !!!!

  8. Jeff Id said

    I’m not sure if Gavin will consent to an interview. When tAV attempted to contact him on this he said the results were fixed by big oil and besides that he had no comment.

  9. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said


  10. RomanM said

    #8 Jeff:

    I don’t see what the difficulty is. You are obviously NOT a good climate scientist.

    All you need is a GIM (Gavin Interview Model). It’s better (and more accurate) than the real thing. You can run it several times and average the result. Guaranteed not to be significantly different from Gavin’s own words.

  11. Anthony Watts said

    “A journo once described Hansens’ office as ‘comically cluttered’. ”

    No worries, he has Sherpas to fetch papers from the summit.

  12. Steve Fitzpatrick said

    Like homer Simpson… but arrogant.

  13. “Well, it seems that you completely caught the wholehearted nitty-gritty of the situation for the moment. While others seem to have obscured the central concept of the whole thing, what is stated higher up is prima facie and consice. Clearly I don””t enunciating that I concur along every one of the details; however, I admit that you have granted me reason to reconsider numerous of the tips that I reckoned that I carried as unfluctuating opinions in that attentivenesses. Convincingly said, and it is now for me to ponder a bit more along more of your outstanding points. All At Once I would state I must compliment you for you have done an excellant job.”

  14. […] is just an accusation, but the godfather of the extremist claims and winner of the Air Vent’s most extreme quote of 2009 contest James Hansen potentially made just a tiny little profit for his work.  I know it will surprise you […]

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